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Student life is fulfilling and you cannot avoid making friends from all over the world. Come and study with us in sunny Spain and enjoy the best time of your life. We offer lovely surroundings, with great design programmes taught in English. Students live in really wonderful, furnished apartments from only 250 euros per month and day to day living costs are especially low in Spain.

In our programme a great deal of attention is paid to the study of modern technologies, construction and materials through the use of manual techniques oriented towards interaction between design consciousness and architectural skills.

The ‘open-studio’ policy provides our students with access to our BHSAD photo studio for digital and analogue photo/video shoots, a screen printing and etchings workshop and the ceramics and sculpture workshop — all of which are designed to expand students’ creative vision.

The Interior Architecture and Design programme centres on the creative improvement of existing and new buildings and spaces. Students learn about how the objects and spaces that make up our everyday landscapes provide pleasure, give meaning to and can enhance the quality of people’s lives. Students develop an understanding of how people and activities interact with the material, environmental, sensory, emotional, functional and cultural qualities of a specific space and situation and how interior architects can design better places.

INT41 – Fundamentals of Design (40 Credits) Fundamentals of Creative Design History of Art History of Interior Architecture I Fundamentals of Interior Design Basic Building Construction INT42 – Communicating Design (30 Credits) Freehand Drawing Photoshop I AutoCAD I 3D Studio MAX 1 Indesign I

360 CORE CREDITS (UK) = 180 ECTS Points (60 ECTS points per academic year)

The first year is finalized with a semester-long design project and exploration, where all previous primary experiences expand and fuse together into a comprehensive understanding of space as an entity more complex than mere volumetric definition (Serious Play). 

INT61 – Interior Architecture Practices (30 Credits) Project Management Theory History of Interior Architecture and Design 3D Studio MAX III Sustainability and Ethics

3rd Year, 1200 hours incl: lectures, direct, independent study – 120 CORE CREDITS

Marbella Design Academy is one of the top design schools in the world. Students receive excellent training, and after three years of study, our graduates  are fully prepared to start their career as self-employed designers, or easily gain employment in companies worldwide. The employment rate among our graduates is outstanding as nearly 100% enjoy a successful career as professional Interior Architects.

All books can be found used but at a slightly cheaper price through, just make sure the vendor ships internationally.

Duration: 3 Years 6 Hours daily (Monday to Friday) From 09:00 to 16:00

The course regularly invites well-known Russian and foreign experts in the field of architecture and interior design. These meetings take place in a variety of formats — from one-off lectures and round tables to series of workshops with practical activities and tasks.

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120 Credits = 60 ECTS points. In total for all 3 years of study: 360 CORE CREDITS (UK) = 180 ECTS Points (60 ECTS points per academic year)

COURSE OUTLINE  We focus on studio-based design projects supported by Critical and Cultural Studies. It enables students to learn design through a dynamic process of investigation and analysis, ideas exploration, experimentation, testing and development, realisation and communication.

As the programme moves from level 4 to 6, students develop their own ideas through a self-directed design approach. Students increasingly consider some of the key contemporary issues for interior architects, such as the importance of place and site specificity, the role of the architect, sustainable design and the significance of traditional and new materials and traditional and contemporary building techniques on design and construction.

Students are also tasked with exploring how buildings are made and how to use and join materials at real scale (1:1). This process engages the students with the process of construction and equips them with the knowledge and understanding of the processes involved in realizing built work.

Overall, we aim to cultivate a learning environment to enable the development of independent, innovative and responsible designers with a thoughtful and imaginative approach to existing and new buildings and space making.

The teaching team consists of experienced architects from various European countries, including Russia, with a varied vision and rich professional experience in reputable design offices internationally.

Importantly all teaching staff continue to practice and are regularly invited by some of the best European Architecture and Design Universities as guest lecturers and critics through the academic year.

LEARNING OUTCOMES On successful completion of the programme, students will typically: have a Knowledge and Understanding of: – key aspects of the discipline, including current developments and debates in the field of Interior Architecture and Design; – cultural, historical and professional contexts; – visual languages, materials and techniques of the practice of Interior Architecture and Design; – a process of idea development and design realisation to relevant levels of professional competence; – audiences, markets and requirements of professional practice in the design industries.

Intellectual Skills – be able to: – exercise, in a creative design process, analysis, selection and judgement;  – demonstrate a willingness to explore visual languages, materials and techniques; – generate ideas, present arguments and draw conclusions independently; – present a range of solutions to design problems in critical response to set briefs and/or self-determined projects.

Practical Skills – be able to: – produce interior / spatial designs using a range of materials for various professional/audience contexts, using safe working practices; – demonstrate relevant levels of professional competence in the realisation, presentation and communication of design ideas in a field of Interior Architecture and Design; – make aesthetic and functional judgements in the realisation of design ideas.

Transferable Skills – be able to: – research, critically evaluate, organise and present information to a range of audiences; – retrieve and present information digitally; – demonstrate personal responsibility and initiative in the management of own learning; – identify personal strengths and learning needs; – demonstrate effective communication skills through considered use of English language, both orally and in writing; – work effectively within a team; – respond flexibly to change.

Applicants who apply for Year 1 of British higher education courses, need to sit the following:- English exam – Portfolio assessment – Entry interviewDuring the admission exams, the admissions staff will arrange a convenient date and time for demonstration of portfolio and interview, after that, the matriculant will be allowed to pass the English test.

 English test is not required for students from English-speaking countries or if an IELTS or equivalent certificate is produced. For international students we can organise skype entry interviews. In such cases the portfolio can be sent via email.

Study Interior Architecture & Design at Marbella Design Academy in sunny Spain and be awarded an official Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Architecture & Design by University of Bedfordshire in London – United Kingdom.

Bachelor of Arts – BA (Hons) Validated Programme in Interior Architecture & Design

Core modules: – Design Studio 1 L4 A: Anatomy of Space (15 credits) – Communication 1 L4 A: Representing Space (15 credits)  – Technology 1 L4 A: Introducing Materiality (15 credits)  – Critical and Cultural Studies L4 A: Design (30 credits)  – Design Studio 2 L4 B: Serious Play (30 credits)  – Communication 2 L4 B: Digital Skills (15 credits) 

In total for all 3 years of study: Approx. 3.600 hours incl. lectures, direct and independent study:

Adobe Master Collection CC2018 with manual from Adobe Microsoft Office – student version 3D Studio Max – latest version from Autodesk AutoCAD – latest version from Autodesk


All the computers in our digital design labs have access to Adobe Creative Cloud, which gives students the opportunity to learn and use key industry standard applications like InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and AfterEffects.

Specialist technicians, including qualified Adobe Certified Instructors, are available to support the students in making the most of the software.

Computer help for students: Should you have a problem with your computer, then we can strongly recommend using WEBCOMUNICA in Monda. JJ (the owner) is a genius when it comes to fixing computer problems. JJ can help students with their PC or MAC problems for a special Marbella Design Academy student price. You can call JJ any time on: +34 686515 371 or you can pass by his shop in Monda in Calle Hospital 6, 29110 Monda.

Marbella Design Academy is more than a place of education, it is an all-round experience. There is an amazing atmosphere surrounding you, putting you into a creative place that inspires you to get on with your work. As we are in a family like environment it is easy to get to know every student and I have made friendships at the Academy that I know I will keep a long time into the future. To me Marbella Design Academy is not only a college, we are a family. 

Fee per academic year: 10.800Euros, Starts twice per year, in September and in January.

STUDY PLAN – 1ST YEAR BA Validated Interior Architecture Programme

Students are given the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through a six-weeks work placement in a real world environment during the third year of study.

Please make sure you get the programmes in the same format as your laptop (for example a Mac formatted program will not work on a PC).

School of ArtsSchool of Healthcare and Medical SciencesSchool of HospitalitySchool of Mathematical SciencesSchool of Science & TechnologySunway University Business SchoolCenter for American EducationCentre for English Language Studies

INT63 – Final Major Project (50 Credits) Work Experience & EVO (Educational Vocational Orientation) Final Major Project and Portfolio

Digital SLR Camera Preferably with a manual mode (meaning you can control the exposure).

Prospective students will be asked questions regarding their education and professional background in order to make a final decision about admission on to the course. Please be ready to tell the interview panel about yourself, your design experience and projects in your portfolio.

 You may be asked about the history of creation of a particular work and the context of its creation. The panel may ask you about well-known designers to learn about the influence of creative activities of other designers and artists on you, the reason why you follow them and the main incentive for your development in terms of your occupation.

1st Year, 1200 hours incl: lectures, direct, independent study – 120 CORE CREDITS

1 Set square 45 x 45 (not the smallest) 1 Set square 30 x 60 (not the smallest) 1 Circles template 1 Protractor 1 ruler (triangular) with scale: 1:50, 1:25 etc. 1 measuring tape in cm. (if possible, cm and inches) 1 ‘propelling’ pencil, 0,7mm with leads HB.

(Good quality recommended) 3 ink pens. 0,1 +0,2+0,3. Black 3 soft, freehand drawing pencils. 2B, 3B and 4B. 1 pair of compasses (with attachment for holding your ink pens) 1 eraser 1 role of masking tape 10 sheets of transparent drawing paper, 60 x 85 cm 1 small box of professional watercolors.

3 brushes, small, medium and large. 1 Set of colored pencils 1 Water color pad 1 A4 Notebook 1 Table brush, (to dust off your drawing board) 1 Portfolio wallet to fit to paper seizes 50x70cm. Included 10 plastic Sheets.

1 Sketchbook A3 (130gm.sq.m paper)

Green Screen Technology: Marbella Design Academy has its very own green screen for video effects. Through the magic of motion video and green screen technology our students are now able to create amazing motion graphics. Interior students can be scaled and transported into their own rendered scenes for video presentations. Fashion students can take their fashion shoots to exotic places and superimpose any digital or virtual background behind the models in their videos. Graphics students can create Hollywood style visual effects for their projects. Marbella Design Academy’s new green screen uses a technology known as ‘Chroma Keying’. This is the process of isolating a single colour in an electronic image and using software to make that value transparent, allowing another image or background to show through instead. If the colour of the subject matches the green background too closely, those areas will also be removed, making a hole through which the background will show. For this reason bright green is used in the film industry as it is not a colour traditionally worn by TV or Movie personalities.

The course strikes a balance between teaching students to think within an international context whilst also focusing on the locality within which they are based. Students will be challenged with projects that respond to real local problems and conditions whilst being asked to adhere to international standards and practices.

What an amazing vocation it is to be a professional Interior Architect. Projects are endless and you can open many different “doors” as a professional Interior Architect. Your creative expression is only limited by your own imagination. Our highly educated and professional tutors nurture our students to be individuals, to dare to think out of the box. Students are encouraged to solve their projects in innovative ways starting each new project brain-storming and doing their research. The students creative expression is highly respected.

Evgenia Frolova. Material prototypes Sergey Nadtochiy Student work Student work Student work Student work Student work Student work Student work Student work Student work Elizaveta Lartseva Evgenia Kashimova Evgenia Kashimova Alexandra Ushakova Alina Nezhivets.

Models exploring composition of the space-defining elements Elizaveta Timofeeva. Studies for the theatrical space of ZIL cultural center in Moscow Elena Kornilova Московский комбинат игрушек

In addition to the core curriculum, our students have additional opportunities to travel abroad with their tutors — to interact directly with cities, their environment and buildings, plus study the socio-cultural ties that help one to better understand the features of individual countries and regions.

This allows students to gain a deeper understanding of the motivations of an architect and to create their own innovative and unpredictable designs.

INT62 – Design Projects III (40 Credits) Rehabilitations and Reforms Project I

IELTS band 6.0 (or equivalent certificate). Along with the IELTS results, the following certificates are also accepted:- CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) grade C or above; – FCE (First Certificate in English) grade A.

If a prospective student does not have an IELTS certificate of the required level but successfully passed BHSAD English test as part of BHSAD entrance exams, he/she needs to obtain an IELTS certificate before the start of the first semester on Year 1.

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design program is validated by University of Hertfordshire.

Alina Nezhivets. Models exploring composition of the space-defining elements

INT51 – Fundamentals of Design (10 Credits) History of Architecture and Environmental Influence Conceptual Principals of Interior Decoration INT52 – Communicating Design (40 Credits) Freehand Drawing II Indesign II Photoshop II Photography AutoCAD II 3D Studio MAX II INT53 – Construction Systems (20 Credits) Furniture Design Technology and Construction Systems Measuring, Quotation and Project Planning INT54 – Design Projects (50 Credits) Group Project Project I Final Project and Portfolio

2nd Year, 1200 hours incl: lectures, direct, independent study – 120 CORE CREDITS

*Marbella Design academy´s Institutional Approval by Bedfordshire University obtained on 20th June 2017. Memorandum of Agreement between the University of Bedfordshire and Marbella Design Academy obtained 13th November 2017.

Course validation by the University of Bedfordshire before September 2018.

Starting with the redefinition of our understanding of space as a phenomenon and acquisition of techniques that help us measure and visualize it (Representing Space), we then move through a set of projects that develop knowledge about materials and their characteristics (Introducing Materiality), to more complex design exercises in spatial composition and our physical relationship to it (Anatomy of Space).

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Total – days – hours and CORE credits during the 3 years of study (Holidays are not included in this calculation).

This three-year Bachelor of Arts validated Interior Architecture & Design programme offered to our students is developed, delivered and assessed by Marbella Design Academy and validated by University of Bedfordshire.* When awarded your undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree by University of Bedfordshire, you can apply for a Master’s degree at any university of your choice.

The third year begins with two self-directed research projects with students taking increasing responsibility for their own learning, with close support and guidance from specialist teaching staff: First, a study of modern design methodologies, digital tools and production techniques (Contemporary Technologies).

Second, a detailed research report relating to a particular building or space that could act as a host or catalyst for a student-generated complex design brief that addresses a theme shared by all members of the design studio (Generator).

These investigations act as the foundation upon which the major design project in the second semester is based (Augment).  This forms the central component of the portfolio of work completed over the three year Bachelor (Hons) programme.

STUDY PLAN – 3RD YEAR BA Validated Interior Architecture Programme

INT43 – Design Projects (50 Credits) Group Project Project I Final Project and Portfolio

Elizaveta Timofeeva. Studies for the theatrical space of ZIL cultural center in Moscow

Duration & CORE CreditsFirst YearSecond YearThird YearMaterials List

During the program, our students regularly participate in projects for well-respected clients, including: the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, the Moscow Department of Culture, the State Library of Foreign Literature, Cinema Illusion, the Winzavod Centre for Contemporary Art, Flacon Design Centre, Artplay Design Centre and others.

The resulting works are annually exhibited at well-regarded exhibitions such as Mosbuild and ARCH Moscow.

Marbella Design Academy´s Bachelor of Arts validated Interior Architecture & Design programme provides you with the highest caliber of education in the interior architecture/design industry. Our students are provided with plenty of personal one-to-one attention to help cultivate their interior architecture and design skills.

You can purchase them all at Marbella Design Academy piece by piece as you need them.

Each student is allocated a private workspace in one of our spacious art studios for the duration of their studies, where they can experiment with design and the creation of large and small structures.

We believe that our students’ imaginations should be allowed to run free — unrestricted by the constraints of physical space.

I’m studying Interior Architecture, about to finish my First Year. For me, choosing Marbella Design Academy was definitely not hard. I fell in love with the University the first day I looked at their website and even went visiting it but the location, Spain was another good point for me. Being part of this University, is like having a family far away from home. The administration, the Professors and the students here at Marbella Design Academy are very friendly, they make you feel loved, and know exactly who you are and what type of personality you’ve got. Marbella Design Academy is more than just a university, it is your second home, you don’t even want to leave the place until late in the afternoon. They just make you gain so much experience. I live in Monda near the Academy. People are friendly, almost all the students live there. There are places in Monda, you just have to explore. There are perfect walks to let loose and get inspire, for any course. I love it. 

The range of work in your portfolio should cover a broad spectrum of media, materials and approaches. Projects may be submitted in different disciplines including but not limited to graphics, drawing, painting, textile, photography, decorative art, design, web-design, animation.

 First of all, the admission committee would like to see how you can generate and develop your ideas; that is why, besides finished projects, the portfolio should also include notebooks with sketches, sketchbooks, written works (articles, essays, if any).

Please try to present examples of the best and most recent projects which reflect your creative abilities.Your portfolio needs to be printed (А3 format or larger). Animation and CG works should be presented on CDs or memory sticks.

It advisable to show photographs of large works which otherwise would be difficult to transport.

Core modules: – Design Studio L6 A: Generator (15 credits)  – Technology 3 L6 A: Contemporary Technologies (15 credits)  – Critical and Cultural Studies L6 A: Degree Essay/Report (30 credits)  – Design Studio 6 L6 B: Augment (45 credits)  – Professional Development 2 L6 B: Professional Practice and Employability (15 credits) 

Online Application Form Online Enquiry Download the brochure Student works Jobs at School Contact us

We recommend you to buy a Lap Top with sufficient RAM memory and a powerful graphic card. We also recommend a 15” screen. When you have purchased your computer, please practice working on it prior to start.

Tuition Language: English The Programme begin twice per year: 2018 Starting on: 15th January 2018 17th September 2018 2019 Starting on: 14th January 2019 16th September 2019

Core modules: – Design Studio 3 L5 A: Close Up (15 credits)  – Communication 3 L5 A: Digital Skills (15 credits)  – Technology 2 L5 A: Detail (15 credits)  – Critical & Cultural Studies L5 B: Design (30 credits)  – Design Studio 4 L5 B: Inside Out (30 credits)  – Professional Development 1 L5 B: Preparing for Industry (15 credits) 

When satisfactory completed the Bachelor of Arts Validated programme in Interior Architecture & Design and graduated from Marbella Design Academy you are awarded a BA (Hons) degree by University of Bedfordshire and you can apply for a Master’s degree at any university of you choice.

BHSAD graduates will receive a University of Hertfordshire Diploma that will allow them to continue studies or work anywhere in the world.

The Learning Resources Centre at BHSAD is the perfect place to study. It offers access to a broad range of specialist books and journals, DVDs, videos, slides, and all the electronic resources hosted by the University of Hertfordshire library including image and article databases, electronic books, and more.

We use 3D printers: 3D Printing is an additive manufacturing process that creates a physical object from a digital design. Every 3D print starts as a digital 3D design file – like a blueprint – for a physical object. Trying to print without a design file is like trying to print a document on a sheet of paper without a text file. This design file is sliced into thin layers which are then sent to the 3D printer. Our 3D printer allows us to print in two different materials: ABS and PLA. Here you are some examples:

Ian Higgins (2015), Spatial strategies for Interior Design. Laurence King Publishing. John Coles (2015), Fundamentals of Interior Architecture. Bloomsbury. Greme Brooker (2013), Key Interiors Since 1900. Laurence King Publishing.

The second year is devoted to further development of an understanding of the discipline in relation to the built fabric, cultural and social context in parallel to technological elements of the design process.

Students are expected to work with greater confidence and initiative at an increasing level of intricacy and scale. This is achieved through comprehensive contextual analysis and investigations into the composition of spaces to facilitate the coherent application of complex design vocabularies.

Importantly the design briefs (Close Up and Inside Out) are located in real public buildings in Moscow, with unique and particular problems that need to be identified and successfully analysed.  We believe that a genuine understanding of context leads to progressive and nuanced design proposals.

From the first year of study, you will have top-class training and gain experience using the latest technologies, such as AutoCad, PhotoShop, Illustrator and Indesign. 3D Studio MAX, is introduced in the second year of the programme.  This training will further enhance your employability once you graduate. We teach our students to be self-confident and to present themselves and their projects professionally in front of an audience; skills that are essential when they present their future projects as professional Interior Architects.

STUDY PLAN – 2ND YEAR BA Validated Interior Architecture Programme

Admissions for the 2018-2019 academic year are open.To enrol on the course, applicants have to present a portfolio of their work and evidence of their English language competence. A grade 6.0 or higher on the IELTS scale is acceptable and the CAE and FCE qualifications are considered.

If the applicant cannot produce a certificate, their English is tested together with prospective students who are applying for the Foundation Art & Design Course. However, the applicant must provide the IELTS certificate later on, by particular deadline.

Enrollment is based on the results of a portfolio assessment and an interview with one of the tutors. The applicant’s knowledge and skills reflected in their work should be comparable to the knowledge and skills students acquire at Foundation level.

Interviews and portfolio assessments are usually scheduled in the 3 days followed by the language test.Transfer to Year 2 will be possible only if a student attended a higher education institution which uses a credit-based system.

For these purposes, the number of previously received credits is compared with the number of credits which is necessary for transfer to the relevant stage of a British undergraduate course. Period of study Full-time — 3 years Part-time — 6 years   Tuition fees Full-time: GBP 6,650 / year* Part-time: GBP 4,200 / year*Students as a rule pay their tuition fees once a semester, that is, twice a year, but at their request can choose to pay on a monthly basis.

* This proposal does not constitute an offer, the prices are subject to change. Cost of services and conditions of their provision will be specified in the contract. Required documents – Online application form – Copy of previous education certificates and academic qualifications.

The following documents can be submitted: high school diploma, college degree diploma, higher education or BA diploma – 2 photos 3х4 cm – Copy of your passport – Personal statement

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2nd hand MAC computers can be bought via this website:

Remember to buy the original student version as they are much cheaper. Also ask for the latest version.

You must choose a convenient round of entrance tests.The date and time of the interview within the selected round are appointed individually, not later than a week before the start of the round.1 round (21.

05.2018 – 27.05.2018) 2 round (11.06.2018 – 17.06.2018) 3 round (16.07.2018 – 22.07.2018) 4 round (13.08.2018 – 19.08.2018)

The Centre is equipped with advanced equipment to work with metal, wood and plastic. We have facilities for turning, milling, drilling, grinding and more. We also have professional hand tools, a 3D printer, a spray booth and powerful computer stations, which allow our student to progress through all the stages of industrial design: from sketching and 3D visualization to prototype manufacturing.

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Car paint or wallpaper your bookcases. This instant pop regarding color will brighten plus re-energize any room! Is actually amazing how something consequently simple as a cover of colorful paint could instantly energize and enhance your space. This pre-installed bookcase would be easy and ordinary with no shiny blue interior. Possibly the most basic and most inexpensive solution to transform a boring place is usually to apply a cover of paint somewhere unpredicted . Bookcases are an excellent place to start as you don`t need to coloring a large area. Additional fun places to include a new pop of color consist of painting fireplace mantels, typically the insides of closets, hallways and ceilings.

Make use of area rugs to ease hardwood floors. Throw carpets give warmth and may add great texture, colour and personality to the living space. Hardwood flooring surfaces are beautiful and quick to keep but they general shortage the comfort that carpeted floors offer, particularly within the cooler months. Region rugs can also put fun and functionality in order to your living area . Use many of varying patterns in addition to fabrics together to highlight your character. Or include several rugs of typically the identical pattern and cloth , or different textures yet the same color. Typically the possibilities are endless. A person can change your place rugs to reflect typically the seasons using warmer shades and fabrics for much cooler months and lighter kinds for the warmer instances of the year. Right now there are many lovely 100 % cotton , washable area rugs which in turn are perfect for those properties with children. There genuinely is no reason the reason why a property with young youngsters cannot end up being a fashionable one.

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No matter if you`ve just moved and looking for a rapid , little home pick-me-up, or perhaps perhaps something better, right now there are some well-known interior design tricks that designers utilize that you simply too can quickly do with minimal hard work and cost. Sometimes the particular smallest things associated with very best impact. It could end up being digging in a hand mirror , a painting, a lamp fixture or even a flower. You want to ease your walls, brighten a new room, or exercise . warmness to your living place. Have a look at these clever style as well as notice how they can motivate you!

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