Custom built luxury home in kelowna apchin design
Apchin Design Kelowna Home Builder And Modern Home Design

Apchin Design Kelowna Home Builder And Modern Home Design Apchin Design Kelowna Home Builder And Modern Home Design

The latest homes, thoughts, advice and home design trends from the team at Apchin Design Corp. Check out our blog and learn more about what goes into our design-build projects, our site specific design philosophy and more!

We have worked with Apchin Design Corp. on many projects and have consistently been impressed with his professionalism, organization and over the top quality of workmanship. We recommend that anyone looking for a Design Builder contacts Denis, they will be amazed by the creativity that he brings in creating their next dream home. Colin H

I have been active as an Appraiser in Kelowna, B.C. since 1980 and have appraised several custom homes that have been built under the supervision and design of Dennis Apchin. His projects incorporate unique and attractive design features and have extremely high quality materials and finishing. Some of his trades work almost exclusively on his projects insuring high quality workmanship. Fred Lindsay AACI P.App., Dipl.T.,R.I. a1appraisals

We look forward to the building of our home with Denis, as he is as excited about it as we are. The best thing about working with Denis is that he is patient, understanding and most of all cares. grandbois

We believe in the design-build model for our homes, which allows the homeowner to be involved with the same team for conception to construction. With design-build, Apchin Design Corp. is the home designer and the home builder!

Our design-build process streamlines the design and construction process, helping to eliminate unnecessary delays.

We had an excellent experience working with Denis Apchin. His creativity in managing/solving issues with our building site brought us the home design and finish we wanted. Denis’ ability to understand what we were asking for provided a smooth delivery of plans and transition to the builder. Were we not restricted in choosing our builder, Denis would have been hired to take the project through completion. Additionally, Denis is up to date on all facets of the building process, design through choice of construction materials. Should you choose to engage his services, you will, in the end, have a home that captures all of what you are wanting. hbhamilton

As the owner of a cabinet and millwork shop I have worked closely with Denis Apchin of Apchin Design for close to 30 years. Denis Apchin is an incredibly gifted designer who started out, like many, designing and drafting renovations, storefronts and smaller custom homes. The career path of Apchin Design has been simply continuous upward mobility with his home designs becoming increasingly more complex and beautiful with every project. Denis works closely with his clients to develop their house vision into exactly what they desire, somehow making each design a bit more amazing than the last! Our shop has grown on all levels along with Denis, perfecting techniques, developing new methods and improving equipment and staff to meet the growing needs of Apchin Design. Our motto is “if Denis can draw it, we WILL build it!” 

Denis designed and built a “signature” home for a small subdivision in Summerland BC. It sold because of the quality of design and finishing detail.  Happy customers!  A second Apchin designed home is underway. Both homes feature designs to maximize beautiful Okanagan views.  Very happy to recommend Apchin Design Corp, and Denis personally.  Jamie Browne  Development Manager, Summerland Sky.

Apchin Design Corp. is a full-service home design and construction firm, streamlining the Kelowna home building process and saving you time and money. Our skilled and experienced team creates site-specific designs that lay the foundations for a home that is truly custom. Our Kelowna home builders bring our home designs to life, carefully recreating the details we’ve discussed during planning and design. One team, one point of contact, and a home that meets the needs of your modern life.

Denis Apchin did a terrific job designing a home that has been both a great family home, as well as a stunning attraction for dozens of on-lookers cruising by our driveway every year. The Malibu beach house style is a perfect reflection of our lifestyle and sits proudly on our lakefront lot. Denis worked through all construction issues diligently and has continued to provide service as needed up to the present, which is 7 years after we moved in.

Importantly, there is nothing cookie-cutter about a single home that Denis designs, which is obvious when merely perusing his portfolio. Less obvious, though, is just how much thought Denis puts into sizing-up the home’s plot: its ultimate available footprint, its typography, its location, and the surrounding community. With Crescendo, for example, Denis harmonized contemporary ingenuity/elegance with nature’s raw beauty. The home’s structure was intentionally engineered to follow the mountain’s natural contour, with decks that step right out onto the slopes at their expected levels. Also, while Denis may not be credited for creating the Monashee Mountains, in Crescendo he certainly should be credited for capturing it. drchaosca

Denis is currently contracted to design our new home and he has been wonderful to work with. Not only is he knowledgeable and innovative, but he is very organised, timely and approachable. A true professional in our community! We are lucky to have him! Lora M

To say that Denis is an incredibly talented designer would be an understatement. Few home designers, in fact, are Gifted to that degree. Perhaps that’s why one recent guest wrote, in their review of Crescendo (our ski home), “Have sent the architectural plans to St Peter, so when I get to heaven he will already have a start on my dream chalet.”

His timely efforts and excellent design skills were greatly appreciated. pdooley

One point of contact and one team means that you don’t have to relay messages between different parties.

We recently were fortunate enough to acquire property in an oceanfront development in Panama. We hired Denis to design our “casa in the sun” and he did a remarkable job! Denis compiled all of the elements…..the movement of the sun, the view, the terrain, privacy from neighboring houses, street traffic and went to work with our few ideas. The house is fabulous!! We adore our house, our builder adored the house and the feedback from visitors has been simply “glowing”! We love to spend our valuable vacation time there when we can and look forward to our next trip! murfenwick  

We bought a house designed by Denis Apchin in the Okanagan and totally appreciate the design. Coming from a traditional mountain home in the Rockies to this modern design it was easy to adjust as the house is built to respect the environment. From every angle we can admire nature and are very happy. The house preserves our privacy in unimaginable ways while giving us great and different views of our surroundings. Brilliant! mival1

We gave him a list of what was important to us and he took it from there. It is in Denis’ attention to detail that gave him the insight to create a home that would fit in our aging neighborhood yet with a modern flair. He was very open to the changes we requested and at times questioned our changes, we believe, to ensure that we knew exactly why we wanted the change to be made. He has created a home for the two us, yet one that could easily be perfect for a family with children.

Denis has designed 4 homes for us over the past 20 years. Each home has been unique with great architectural thought and distinction. We would not hesitate to have Denis design our next home. blue22222

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I hired Apchin design Corp to design and build my family’s luxury home. I had no experience in the field of home design or construction and was looking for a company that would be willing and able to build a home in a remote isolated community, independently from me. Denis eagerly took on the project. Denis’s design incorporated all of my family’s needs into a wonderful and functional home that fit nicely into the surrounding area. Due to time constraints on my part, I opted for a winter build. We get up to 15 feet of snow and minus 30 plus weather, and Denis worked to come up with innovative ideas to overcome extreme weather conditions and reduce weather related costs. Denis is very open to ideas and input and provides honest advice to help keep the project within budget. I would not hesitate to hire Apchin Design again. The entire team took away any stress and made the home building process an enjoyable experience. loanexpress

It was a pleasure working with Denis through the renovation of our home. He brought creative ideas to the table that we would not have thought about on our own. His attention to detail throughout the project was impressive. Any issues that came up were communicated to us and dealt with quickly. He takes pride in his work and the work of his contractors. We would highly recommend Denis for a new build or a renovation. lorieshom1

Denis designed and built our house. He was able to realize, in the design, what I had envisioned, and had great ideas to resolve some problem issues that I had during the design and construction – I still get compliments about the house. He was easy to work with, and I appreciated his relaxed attitude and demeanor. As with any project, there were some delays and miscommunication (between the trades primarily, and not between Denis and us), but Denis resolved them to our satisfaction, and took responsibility. In short, I would work with Denis again on another building project. djwk

We asked Denis to have a look at a lot we were interested in buying and give us his feedback regarding building a home on it. He had very positive feedback and we asked him to design what he saw in his head…he did…and what a home he designed. Denis was open to feedback, as he likes to describe it – “the push and pull of the project!” We offered some concepts and ideas that he incorporated into the overall design but at the end of the day, it’s an Apchin Design – and we love it! Denis has a truly unique gift as a designer and he is also a builder so he knows what can and can not be done. He makes things work. What a concept! 0712

When it comes to this Italian villa in West Kelowna, the devil is in the detail. Reclaimed Chicago brick, copper gutters, salvaged wood beams, and striking woodwork make this luxurious home as beautiful as the view.

Apchin Design Corp. designed our new home for my wife and i. Denis met every need that we could ever imagine incorporating all of our wishes and more by adding the professional touches that we would never had thought of. From the positioning of the structure to the placement of the lighting every thing worked out perfect.

Our landscape firm specializes in custom design, build and maintain projects and has been working with Apchin Design for the past two years. We have truly appreciated Denis’ ability to involve our team and to see the BIG picture in great detail. His efforts to build relationships with everyone involved shows us that he cares and is there for the same reason we all are – to serve the client. The goal is to help them have not only the best product, but a great experience along the way. His home designs are truly beautiful and a tough act to follow! Creative Roots is proud to be part of your team Denis, and we look forward to a long-lasting relationship. Creative Roots Landscaping

We are constantly evolving our process, including the addition of a new and innovative budget management program that helps ensure stronger cost management than construction alone.

I would highly recommend Denis for anyone considering a custom built home. plocktis

For 16 years we have watched Denis design and build beautiful homes, so when it came time for us we knew exactly who to call to design and build our new home.

After knowing Dennis for many years we asked he to design our home for us. With his expertise in design and with our wants and needs we ended up with a beautiful home that we love. Every inch of our home is well thougth out and well used. His style and creativity added a look that is unique to our home. We would definetly use Dennis again for any project we have. First class and very Professional! Brad and Cydnee K

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