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70 Living Room Design Ideas To Welcome You Home Recommend My

70 Living Room Design Ideas To Welcome You Home Recommend My 70 Living Room Design Ideas To Welcome You Home Recommend My

This brightly coloured room carries a chic vibe with the bright orange sectional sofa being the focal point of the room. The design maximizes on the immense natural light to keep the room bright. The artistic meshed lights add a bohemian style look to this modern living room.

The bright wooden furniture in this condominium adds some colour to this minimalistic room. The pendant lights shine down yellow light which appears to be sufficient for one to enjoy a hearty meal on this artistic dining table. The couch is strategically placed near the window so you can look out into the beautiful surrounding.

The purple upholstered seats and the high ceilings give this room a loyalty ambience. The tinted furniture adds brightness to the room while the brown colour palette adds warmth. The large potted plants bring this living room to life. Overall this modern transitional living room looks beautiful due to the velvet lined furniture.

Leather seats always add a classy look to a living room, and the leather sectional sofa is the focal point in this modern room. The polished black colour palette adds to the classy appearance while the plush carpet makes the large space look occupied.

What we like: Did we mention there’s a jacuzzi. In the master bedroom?

Brown colour always brings out a warm feeling and the patterned wooden wall brings the warmth to this modern room. The black wavy patterns add a classic styling to the wall. The neatly arranged pictures also look like a work of art due to their properly aligned arrangement. The green tufted sectional sofa looks firm and sleek, enhancing the modern design.

This condominium presents an excellent blend of contemporary, artistic, and antique design. The brown leather seat coupled with the wooden coffee table give the room a classic look. However, the black carpet and the white sofa balance the décor by providing a contemporary appearance with the paintings adding more vibrant color to the room.

More than just creating a style for your living room, an interior designer can help you with space planning, lighting, and help you select the right materials to create the space that works for you.

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This living room appears cosy and has a minimalistic design enhancing its clean and sleek appearance. The recliner seat looks comfortable and blends in with the rest of the transitional colour palettes. It looks like a great way to relax after tiring from working on the office setup at the back. The potted centrepiece adds life to this room while the black glossy table makes it look artistic.

The lime green sofas are the main attention grabbers in this room as they give it a tropical look. The black glossy table adds light to the room while also blending in with the black wall. The large windows let in plenty of light during day time and are an excellent way to brighten this room.

The designer of this living room opted for a light gray pallet theme as the main color for the décor. The room looks magnificent under the subtle lighting that brightens the room making it appear as if it is daytime. The artistic wooden poles near the stairs are a creative way to make the house safer while also maintaining the room’s artistic nature.

“I met Steven from Q1 Interior for the interior design work of my house in Mont Kiara. He had very interesting ideas for the transformation of my kitchen to an open-plan concept, and had a very good grasp of the practical details as well.” – review of Q1 Interior Concept at Recommend.my

The black and white colour schemes in this living room complement each other to give it a warm and relaxing feeling. The bright white uneven lighting makes this space look classy while the textured upholstery on the modern sofas enhances the warm ambience. The polished oval table completes this classy look while the natural lighting gives you the feeling of a sunny morning.

What we like: Glass door to the walk-in wardrobe lets you plan your outfit, while steam and moisture from the bathroom won’t affect your clothes

This bungalow has an all-white theme with a futuristic design concept. The gauzed white wall near the windows is meant to preserve the room’s white theme while also letting in natural light. The patterned upholstery on the round sofa is also made to match the patterns on the white and brown wall.

This concept room has a classic theme to it with the brown colour being the main theme for the décor. Wood plays a major part in making this room feel like a part of nature. The wood patterns on the carpet and the wooden coffee table give the room an antique appearance.

Instead of replacing furniture, reposition them in new arrangements to give your space a new look.

The rich colour palette with modern golden lights makes this space contemporary and warm. The green textured sectional sofa coupled with the neatly arranged throw pillows add to the warmth and comfort of this space. The form-pressed chairs and egg-shaped tables enhance the contemporary nature of this design.

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Although this house looks cluttered, the living room looks minimalistic in comparison. The designer opted for a mid-century modern design which is brought out by the velvet lined sofa coupled with the wooden coffee table. The glass doored fridge adds colour and a quirkiness to the room making it feel vibrant.

What we like: A room that perfectly balances between boys’ and girls’ themes, just right for the 2-year old twins who live there (one boy one girl)

This antique and classy looking room spots a traditional design with a well-planned colour palette. The brown palette shades give the room a classy look which is further emphasized by the antique camelback chairs. The shag Saxony carpet matches well with the brown chandelier to give the room a warm feeling.

The grey and white neutral colour palettes give this room a relaxed feeling and bring out its modern design. The sectional sofa fits perfectly in the room to maximize the sitting space while the clear glass table makes the room look spacious and feel airy. The white shelves on the wall are a clean way to provide storage area without cluttering the room.

This brightly coloured room mixes beige and blue colour palettes to give it a cool and relaxing vibe. The throw pillows on the floor are a creative way to occupy space and make the room feel cosy. There is also a tropical oceanic vibe to the room that is emphasized by the white and blue carpet together with the potted green plants.

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10. Get see-through lights and furniture to keep the space open

The seats in this room give the décor a seamless transition from the dull colored curtains to the brighter floor. The use of glass on the stairs makes the room appear to have more space while the brown stairs and carpet give the room a Savanna artistic vibe.

This modern styled room uses textured surfaces as its central theme. The brown textured wall gives the room a warm and artistic vibe and blends seamlessly to the wooden floor. The grey textured sofa looks comfortable and plush while the brocade fabric on the throw pillows adds brightness to the room.

Here are some gorgeous transformations from our interior designers and architects. See how they’ve managed to add interesting qualities to each space; from condos to bungalows. These Malaysian homes are now anything but typical!

This modern styled living room feels cool under the black themed décor. The modern cabriole seats fit nicely into the room while the black and white retro artwork on the wall gives the room a classic hint. The coloured throw pillows have toned colour patterns maintaining the room’s classy look.

This room looks snug and comfy with a mid-century modern design style. The floor lamp combined with the patterned carpet give the room a warm feeling. The butterfly decorations are a creative way to spice up a wall without going for the conventional hanging painting style. The cosy loveseat is also a good fit for the room.

This room spots a modern look with glossy furniture that makes it look stylish. The sleek metallic dining table accentuates this modern and classy look. The plush black leather seats look comfortable and in-style while the copper brown throw pillows add a hint of colour to this space. The yellow lighting makes the house look warm and relaxing.

Or, if you want more expert advice, you can enlist the help of reliable interior designers on Recommend.my and receive free instant quotes for your project.

What we like: Achieve a high-ceiling effect to give your kitchen an airy feel.

Whether you have just moved in or have stayed for a while, every home could do with an update. A small change in any one of your rooms can drastically improve the way the space is used, and have your guests talking about it for years to come!

This room has a contemporary, futuristic look due to its oval-shaped items. The wingback seats add a contemporary style to the egg chair while the oval plush rug blends into the décor. The rounded sectional sofa also appears to fit into this space naturally. The room is also not cluttered with artificial lighting due to take advantage of the immense natural light from the glass wall.

What we like: The way the walls, floor and even ceiling creates a “tunnel” effect into the living room

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Here are some recent living room design ideas and completed works from professional interior designers in Malaysia. All designers can be contacted for a quote at Recommend.my

What we like: With a kitchen like this, your guests have to take your food seriously

The designer of this room opted for a mid-century modern look with a hint of transition from the glass table. The room feels warm due to the use of beige and yellowish colour palettes. The potted plants bring the cool fresh outside of this living room.

Having a recliner seat signals the epitome of comfort. The black themed room is clean and uncluttered making it classy and modern. The minimalistic greenery at the center of the room adds vitality to this simple living room.

The custom wooden pole wall adds an antique sensation to the room. The yellow backlighting also makes you feel as if you are in the theatres. Gray and black dominate this room’s colour palette and the clear glass table works well with this theme since it does not cause any colour confusion. Light from the large windows brightens the otherwise dull coloured room.

We all want our homes to look unique and stylish, but the budget is always a factor.

Repainting your walls will give the biggest impact at lowest cost. Add some textured effects to really give your room a refreshing new look.

This condominium has an elegant and modern look. The gray sofa, which matches the curtains, is the focal point of this room. The sofa has high backrests making it comfortable and relaxing. The designer’s theme of using dull colors evens out with the immense light from the windows making the room feel peaceful.

What we like: How the ceiling stripes match the orientation of the flooring. A great look for this cozy 1000 sq ft apartment.

Plants are generally inexpensive and they add colour to your house. And, they can help reduce stress and improve air quality.

In this concept condo, the designers opted for a warm, homey feeling with the rugged carpet and the sofa fabric blending well to enhance this feeling. Hanging painting and the potted plant fill the room with a relaxing mood.

The contemporary ceiling design looks like the inside of a mechanical watch, and this look is accentuated by the hanging lights. The leather upholstered sofa looks comfortable and plush while the floral patterned rug adds warmth to this space. The white and brown coffee table presents a beautiful blend of colours.

What we like: The cascading pools provide tranquil background sound, and look beautiful!

This bungalow spots a contemporary and minimalistic look. The monochromatic colour palette adds to the minimalism while the clear glass table makes this space feel airy. The plush sectional sofas add to comfort while the brightly coloured flowers bring the feeling of nature to this room.

This living room has a sleek contemporary design with a serene neutral colour palette. The organically curved chairs bring a relaxing feeling while the grey coloured sectional sofa blends in well with the rest of the décor. The neutral toned carpet appears to be camouflaged in its space making the colour blending in this house magnificent.

What we like: The matching floral patterns of the dining lights and chairs

This beautiful living room has a contemporary design and proves that mixing various colour palettes can produce magnificent results. The yellow curtains bring the warmth in this house while the flowers make it look fresh. The modern sofas look plush and comfortable, and the glossy patterned table adds a hint of antique-ness.

This bungalow is full of colour with the fluffy red carpet being the focal point of the room. The clear glass table makes the room look spacious while the two corner seats make it appear like a high-class lounge area with the numerous windows providing plenty of light.

The minimalistic essence of this living room makes it look spacious and airy. The warm beige colour palette prevents the room from appearing cold. The glass table further adds to the classy look while the purple centrepiece makes the setting more vibrant.

This room has a mid-century modern design with a toned colour palette. The rocky wall provides a beautiful artistic backdrop for the living room. The upholstered sofas and the carpet work together to foster a warm ambience while the greenery adds a fresh colour to the room.

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The coastal design of this room overshadows its contemporary nature. The blue and green shades give the room a fresh and relaxing vibe while the yellow lighting and the brown sculptures and artworks bring back the warmth. The neutral grey sofas and white curtains almost look like a background setting for the coastal theme.

This living room looks vibrant with the mixed rich and bold colour palettes. The all-brown living room gives it a classic look that is further emphasised by the red wallpaper with the white polka dots. The industrial styled ceiling extends graciously to form a bookshelf that makes the place look spacious.

What we like: Water feature, bird cage, easy chair, and more. From an open space, this area has now become a central area for family time.

The designer opted to keep this space minimalistic and airy. The modern décor has a neutral colour making it feel warm. The coloured throw pillows add an exciting ambience to the room while the shag carpet sections the space making the room appear occupied.

Therefore, as you renovate your home, consider bringing in an interior designer for a discussion, and to get living room design ideas.

The red colour palette blends well with the room’s antique furniture to bring out a classic look. The shag carpet also gives the room a vibrant feeling while the arch wall patterns enhance the classic, classy look of this bungalow. The round golden throw pillows also enhance this classic style.

The neutral colour palette and sharp edges give this condominium a modern look. It also looks airy and spacious. The green potted plant adds a vibrant colour to this space and makes it look lively.

This modern design living room profits from the textured sofa upholstery which feels pleasant to the touch. The neutral colour palette makes the house look fresh while its minimalistic design makes it appear airy and spacious. The potted plants provide a nice colour touch to the setting without being too contrasting.

What we like: Using the same brick surface, the designers managed to transition from cool living room to warm dining area, just by changing the lighting and fixtures

12. Add some gloss and stainless steel for that industrial kitchen look

Fill in a few simple details about your requirements, and a list of interior designers will respond with free quotes.

As Lakar Design Builder explains, “The client wanted a breakfast porch at the side of their home. From an open area, we created a simple structure that blocked off the daytime heat from the West, allowing the porch to stay cool throughout the day. We made sure that our designs are highly functional, and look better with more use and time.”

You can use a carpet as the focal point of your living room, or as a psychological divider between the living and dining area.

Using a bold colour palette is not a move seen in many living room designs. However, this concept room uses a yellow colour palette to make it look warm. The neutral background colours also ensure that the rich coloured items are visible to bring out their beauty. The textured fabric on the sofa also enhances the warm ambience in this living room.

There’s nothing better than to chill out in a comfortable living room at the end of the day.

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This condominium is neatly organized without many items on the floor. The shelf on the wall behind the couch is a creative and functional idea and a great replacement for a coffee table. The brown leather sofa gives the room an antique musky look, but the large screen television evens it out.

This modern designed living room makes use a mixed colour palette to make it exciting and cosy. The modern design makes it airy while the floor lamp adds a warm feeling. The modern sofa blends well with the room’s colour palette making the room look spacious.

The black glossy hexagonal decorations on the wall are the focal point of this living room and give it a futuristic look. The white sectional sofa gives the room a luxurious feeling while the brown rug coupled with the animal print throw pillows adds warmth to this room.

Whether if you prefer the uncluttered and simplistic look of a Scandinavian design or if you like the versatility of a contemporary design, tell us your requirements and our interior designers will be in touch.

What we like: Strategically-placed rafters means that sunlight gives the bathtub area a lovely warmth

Mixing design styles appear to work for this living room leaving it looking cosy and inviting. The industrial style brick wall gives the space an artistic ambience which blends well with the traditional coffee table. The thick cushioned seats make this space look warm and comfortable.

The grey shag carpet seems to be the focal point of this room, and it provides a warm feeling to the neutral coloured room. The contemporary design merges elegant sectional furniture with a curved egg-shaped glass table to give the room relaxed vibe. The black sectional wall is a great idea for dividing up space while also maintaining an open plan design.

Textured colour palettes appear to work for this house, and the designer uses a variety of them in as many surfaces as possible. The meshed industrial-style shelf looks like an excellent way to make a room appear spacious. It also adds a grasslands vibe to the décor which is accentuated by the animal carvings. The black leather chairs look comfortable while also maintaining that industrial style.

The cascading crystal chandelier merges well with the light coloured surrounding to give the room a cool ambience. The copper brown table also acts as an artistic centrepiece making the living room look minimalistic. The textured carpet provides a great transitional backdrop between various colour palettes while also matching the textured fabric on the sofa.

And for small condos and apartments, the living room does double duty as a study area, reading area or even a dining area.

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What we like: The way the feature wall is broken by a lightbox, letting you feel the depth of the stone slabs

The neutral colours in this house compliment each other to balance the brightness of the room. The sleek design of this contemporary living area is brought out by the sharp-edged décor and the organically curved decorations. The neutral tone of the throw pillows makes this space look neat.

This house has a modern design with a black and white colour palette. The black clear glass table blends with the rest of the décor and prevents this spacious room from looking empty. The patterned textured carpet also enhances this colour pallet while adding a bit of style to the room. The green and white flowers add life to this modern condominium.

The mix of neutral light and dark color palettes makes this room airy while also adding a lively feeling. The black shag carpet blends with the black throw pillows to balance the otherwise brightly colored room. The arched floor lamp completes this contemporary design.

What we like: Floor-to-ceiling streaked marble tiles, with reversed tiles in the shower area

This terrace house has a modern design with a mixture of neutral colour schemes. The blue colours make this space feel cool and relaxing. The decorative artefacts in the sectional wall add beauty to this space while the brown colour of the wall adds warmth to the room. The glass table makes the room feel airy.

The plush sofas and bright colour palettes bring out a Hollywood Glam design in this room. The white threading on the black chairs makes them stand out from the rest of the neutral shade sofas. Adding vibrant colours in a space bring out a happy feeling and the orange throw pillows function perfectly in this room. The potted centrepiece adds life to this magnificent room.

The green coloured décor in this room makes it feel calm and relaxing. The curved floor lamp further articulates this natural ambience. The pool table balls add to the relaxing ambience while the white coloured walls provide a good background for this contemporary living room.

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Warmth and comfort are the main ideas behind the design of this room. The designer fuses a modern design accentuated by the metallic floor baskets with a traditional style of the wingback chairs. The mix of various warm toned down colours makes this space feel relaxing. The tufted coffee table presents a creative way of maintaining the trend of warm textured fabrics.

Thankfully, there are ways to give your home a facelift without breaking the bank. Most of these projects can be done on your own, but you can hire a handyman to help with the more complex tasks.

Valarie Heng of Bonnieblue Furniture & Interiors explains, “Almost every design element you see in the room can be a do-it-yourself project. From the chest of drawers, pictures, monograms, curtains and even lampshades. The best part for me is the striped walls where many people thought were wallpapered but it is actually paint!”

Duplex condo in Persiaran KLCC by Bonnieblue Furniture & Interiors

This contemporary house mixes dull and bright colour shades. The colourful elements in the room look magnificent when lying on a neutral background. The potted plants make the room lively while the curved floor lamp adds a classy vibe.

This kitsch industrial living room has a great mix of bright and dull colours. The azure coloured sofa brightens the room and gives it a cool feeling. The neutrally toned throw pillows balance the brightness of the couch and help it blend with the rest of the décor.

Mixing colours in a neutral themed home does not always have to be an eyesore as shown in this beautiful home. The designer blends the neutral grey and blue colours to give the home a lively feeling while also keeping it cool. The plush sofa and curved seat indicate comfort. The artistic toy decorations of vintage cars appear naturally in place against the backdrop of a dark coloured wood shelf.

What we like: How the bedside lamps and bed linen all work together with the wallpaper

Whether it’s for watching movies, entertaining guests, or catching up with family, the living room is the place where most daytime activity takes place.

20 of the Most Beautiful Places to Take Your Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot in Malaysia

The beige throw pillows help to merge the dark brown sectional sofa to the rest of the décor. The light coloured curtains make the room feel fresh. Blending the dark brown sofa with the bright colour palettes makes the room resemble a chocolate cookie giving it a cool and homey ambience.

15. Sliding doors to convert an indoor space to an outdoor space

What we like: Completely enclosed to completely open garden view, with no pillars or columns in the way

Needed a roofing/awning contractor… 6 hours later I received 3 different recommendations and basic quotes!” – Daniel Yap “I requested for a photographer for my son’s first birthday party. Quotes and contacts came very quickly!” – Praveen Gill “Very good service.

. sent in request and got reply very quick.” – Elaine Loh

Spread these tasks out over a few long weekends, and by the end of the year, your home will look totally different without you realising it!

Adding more storage in hidden places, or up the walls will help reduce clutter and give your room cleaner lines.

Condo interior design in Cheras by Meridian Inspiration 8 Budget Interior Design Ideas

The black and white colour palette in this house makes it look modern and clean. The reflective surface of the kitchen countertop makes the room look more spacious while the artistic wooden framed pendant lights look like part of the dining table. The black plush sofa enhances the modern vibe and makes the room look comfy.

This contemporary living room looks airy due to the neutral colour tones and the high ceiling. The smoothly curved chairs look comfortable and warm due to their textured upholstery. The grey velvet love seats provide the perfect background to the patterned throw pillows.

For an even more dramatic transformation, you can schedule a discussion with an interior designers at Recommend.my. Our pros will help you with your practical and visual requirements and give your home the facelift you need.

The large wingback chairs grab the attention in this contemporary design. The contemporary cabriole sofa also blends with the wingback seats to present an antique style in a modern way. The coloured throw pillows add colour to this room without being an eyesore while the greenery centrepieces bring this living room to life.

This royalty looking house has a traditional design with mixed neutral and bold colour palette. It is hard to ignore the red velvet curtains that add a great colour contrast to the room. The grey frieze carpet also matches well with the rest of the décor while the golden throw pillows add a regal touch to the Chesterfield furniture.

This room has a modern design that is emphasized by the sharp-edged décor. The textured fabric seats blend with the brown colour palette to give the room a warm and artistic ambience. The sleek metallic curved floor lamp adds glamour to this living room.

Fusing modern and traditional looks is usually not an easy feat, but this designer seems to have discovered the perfect way to blend the two styles. The bright colour palette brings a vibrant look while also making the room look fresh. The tufted modern wingback seats blend well with the Chesterfield sofa to give the room a hint of antiqueness.

The designer of this room proves that it is also possible to style small spaces and make them look magnificent. The orange leather love seat is a great fit for this space and adds warmth to it. The bright white drawer and glass tables make this space feel airy while the potted greenery makes the room feel spacious and cool. The plush carpet provides an excellent dark-coloured backdrop that enhances the visibility of the bright white furniture.

Cleverly placed floor lamps or a new pendant light on the ceiling will help to bring your room to new heights by giving different layers of mood and tone.

The good thing about adding wallpaper (apart from being relatively inexpensive) is that they come in different textures and designs. For instance, you could add striped wallpaper to one wall to create an illusion of added height and depth.

Another fusion of classic and contemporary, the designer of this condominium uses subtle furniture to modernize this living space. The standing arch lamp gives the room an artistic look while the white shelf board transforms the wooden wall to an artistic storage space.

The high ceilings make the room feel spacious, but the furniture arrangement reduces the feeling of emptiness. The patterned carpet is a god fit for the room and matches with the grey shaded furniture. The clear glass table preserves the airy vibe while also being a part of the modern décor.

This room has a contemporary look with the plush sectional sofa making the room feel comfortable. The shiny grey colour also makes it look classy. The brown rug makes the room feel warm while the shelf decorations add beauty and freshness to this area.

A large wall mounted or floor standing mirror instantly adds the illusion of depth to any room and makes it look bigger.

“Thank you Valarie and assistant for such a fantastic job on my kitchen cabinets!! Valarie is a definitely a perfectionist, and that translated into top quality workmanship. She’s a joy to communicate with and is always present with a smile.

Thanks so much Valarie for making my white kitchen come true 🙂 Cheers!” – Review of Bonniblue at Recommend.my

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