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Decorated bedroom with a walnut stained diy wood plank accent wall
65 Lovely Girls Bedroom Design Ideas For 20 Home Stratosphere

65 Lovely Girls Bedroom Design Ideas For 20 Home Stratosphere 65 Lovely Girls Bedroom Design Ideas For 20 Home Stratosphere

If there’s a desk in the room, add a study light. And, of course, a nightlight is essential, especially for younger children. Make sure the light is dim so that it doesn’t interfere with sleep. You’ll find lighting that is both gender and age-specific. But remember to keep the lifespan in mind. That cute princess light might become dated. A more economical option is to swap out lampshades instead.

But, now that our computing technology is much more mobile with tablets, smartphones and high-powered laptops, we can handle our computing needs anywhere. We don’t need a dedicated room.

The bedroom’s theme will have a limited lifespan. The pink-colored walls your daughter adored as a youngster may seem childish as she grows older. Be prepared to make changes in the design. Sticking with neutral-colored walls can help the transition to a new look or must-have. Keep the same consideration in mind when choosing a gender or age-specific bed.

You can use whatever option you pick to add color or to create a focal point for her room. After all, switching out curtains is a lot easier—and cheaper—than redoing an entire room.

I’m not a drinker so I don’t really see the appeal of a home bar, but for households that entertain frequently, I guess it could be a place where people can gather.  The trouble is home bars are often in the basement which isn’t where adults congregate.  All parities I go to end up in the kitchen/living room areas.  Nobody ever ventures into the basement.

That’s why you’ll see that new homes have three or more bedrooms. Planning and decorating a kid’s room involves extra attention to details unique to this type. Their space, after all, is part of their identity. There are also special considerations you need to take into account no matter if it is a boy or a girl’s bedroom. Let’s review some design ideas.

Our great rooms design gallery showcases hundreds of fabulous open concept designs, layouts and ideas.

Bathrooms are the second most expensive room to renovate when assessed on a dollar per square foot.  If you go full on luxurious, it can cost more per square foot than a kitchen.

Our massive interior design ideas for bedrooms photo gallery showcases these new sumptuous bedrooms.  Moreover, we feature bedroom design ideas for all bedroom types.  Check them out:

I love sunrooms because you get to enjoy the outdoors and plenty of light in a temperature controlled environment. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer sitting outside when weather is comfortable or even a bit warm, but in many areas, much of the year is either too hot or too cold for outdoor enjoyment.

They’ll often include features like a chest of drawers or wardrobe to optimize the use of space. It’s an excellent option for small bedrooms or if you have a limited budget.

Despite the growth in open concept living spaces, the dining room is still an important room for design inspiration.  After all, even if you place your dining area in a great room, you still need to consider many design elements, especially in tying it together with the adjacent living room and kitchen.

It’s essential to remember that these rooms will serve multiple functions which can influence how you decorate it and what furniture you choose. They’ll likely be a playroom and study area too. That can make the arrangement tricky in a small space.

My love of closets shows.  This site publishes several closet galleries.  They are as follows:

Storage will likely make up most of the other furniture in your child’s bedroom. They’ll need space to store toys and other playthings. You might want to consider adding a dual-function piece like a reading nook if there’s room. It’s a subtle but effective way to encourage your daughter to explore books and other educational materials.

The design elements and principles of design that help you decorate a master bedroom may not rank as high with the types of girls bedrooms. It’s all about pleasing your daughter. There are two things to remember. First, adequate space is essential. Leave at least three feet of space around the bed if room allows. Second, comfort is king. The room should help your child sleep.

We have a massive foyer photo gallery as well as a dedicated staircase gallery and landings gallery.  Click the button above to see hundreds of different foyer interior design ideas.

Master bedrooms Guest bedrooms Kids bedrooms Boys bedrooms Girls bedrooms Baby nurseries 4. Bathroom Design Ideas

On the flip side, if more people start working from home, that may continue growth of home office popularity. That said, the onslaught of people working at home never really materialized.  Yes, it’s more common now than 25 years ago, but it’s not as if everyone works from home.

If you’re looking for bathroom interior design styles, check out our epic bathroom galleries.  In fact, we showcase both master bathrooms and powder rooms.

A pink background with beautiful, varied butterflies is the perfect decoration for a little girl’s room. CEILTRIM Kids bedroom with bunk bed, green walls and cool tree mural. Girls bedroom with wood floor, desk and a Scandinavian style lamp.

Serena Williams’ house: This pink bedroom creates an undeniable feminine atmosphere complete with a settee and chandelier.Source: Trulia A heavy red bedroom for young girls.Photo by Jessica C – Browse kids’ room photos A small simple young girls’ bedroom.

Photo by ADF Interiors – Browse bedroom photos A small simple young girls’ bedroom.Photo by Whimsy Interiors – Search kids’ room pictures White and red young girls’ small bedroom.Photo by Ethan Allen Design Team of WNY – Browse home design photos Photo by alexandra barbu architecture – Search kids’ room pictures Mid-sized classic pink bedroom for young girls.

Photo by Chambers Interiors & Associates, Inc. – Look for kids’ room design inspiration Photo by Lisa Davenport Designs – Look for bedroom pictures Photo by Affordable Chic – Search bedroom design ideas White and red bedroom for young girls.

Photo by Karen B Wolf Interiors, Associate ASID – Browse kids’ room photos Mid-sized simple young girls’ bedroom with beige walls.Photo by Helen Ford Design – Look for kids’ room design inspiration Mid-sized classic young girls’ bedroom with pink-striped walls.

Photo by Chambers Interiors & Associates, Inc. – Look for kids’ room design inspiration Classic blue bedroom for young girls.Photo by – More bedroom photos Elegant pink with wide window bedroom for young girls.

Photo by Anne Haimes Interiors – More bedroom photos Mid-sized multi-colored bedroom for young girls.Photo by Serendipity – More bedroom photos Colorful young girls’ bedroom with gray walls.Photo by Alex Findlater Ltd – Red velvet-themed bedroom for young girls.

Photo by Drape Couture LLC – More bedroom photos

The bed will occupy most of the room especially if it’s multifunctional. That’ll save on space for a dresser. You should consider adding a desk if there isn’t one. It’s not unlike having your work area at your job. It’s a place where your child can focus on completing their lessons. With their own personal touches, you may find that it encourages them to study.

The types of bedrooms are as varied as the children themselves. It boils down to a unique combination of style, theme, and color. The goal is to create a space where a child feels comfortable with just enough privacy and individuality thrown into the mix.

Consider the resilience and durability of things like carpeting and furnishings. A girl’s room will probably see more traffic and use than your bedroom. A similar precaution pertains to the walls. Paint the room in a finish that is easy to clean. A satin or eggshell strikes the right balance between durability and stain resistance.

Bold colors are common features in all kid rooms. But shades that are too loud can make it difficult for a child to settle down at night. The psychology of color isn’t lost on them. You can limit brighter hues to an accent wall while keeping the rest of the room neutral. White offers an excellent option that will act as an ideal backdrop no matter what the style or additions.

Furniture, such as a bed (consider a bunk bed) and a dresser will likely be your biggest expense. Plan on $1,000 or more for good quality pieces that will handle the rough treatment they probably receive. Secondhand or antique stores are excellent places to find a used piece that you can refurbish into something brand new. You can get your daughter involved with the project to make it a learning experience.

There are other things to consider no matter if it’s a girl or boy’s bedroom. These factors can influence your choice of furniture and other features. They will also play a role in your budget. The rules are different when you’re dealing with a child. Most often a bedroom will function more as a place for storing personal items than making a design statement.

A bunk bed can accommodate one to three children, depending on the style. Many are a far cry from the standard unit you may have shared with your sibling. Like the loft style, they are great space savers. They will also have extra storage area for clothes and toys. Many will include other features such as desks for creating a study room.

The basics of building permits and interior design still apply. Rather than following a particular style, you may find that a theme is more appropriate. You’ll need to set a budget that you can live with right from the start.

Lighting fixtures and type of light you choose is very important to the mood of interior design as well as functional considerations (i.e. sufficient light for tasks in the room).

Below you can browse all links to each room of the home.  Once you arrive to a specific room, you will many more search options to drill down to exactly what you’re looking for.

Speaking of paint, don’t worry if your daughter has chosen a wild color like hot pink or electric blue. New self-priming paints can cover them in one coat with less hassle and downtime. Let your child’s imagination go wherever it wants to take her.

You may find it a better option to keep theme pieces to items that you can replace easily such as a lampshade, comforter, or wall hangings. Don’t underestimate the impact of these simple changes.

Now we’re talking.  I love game rooms with a big TV, billiards table and my all time favorite game room game… foosball.  I enjoy games like pool, foosball and ping pong and while I don’t have any of these games, I’llprobably get a foosball table when my kids are a bit older.

These additions will help teach your children organizational skills. As adults, they’ll appreciate the lesson in reducing clutter.

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If your child participates in an activity, consider hanging something that speaks to their interest such as a tennis racket or letters which speak out the word or phrase like “DANCE” or “DRAWING.” It’s a great way for a parent to encourage a child and give her a sense of pride in what she does.

Open concept is fun and can be a terrific family space.  It’s a popular design concept these days for good reason; gone are the days when the kitchen is preferred to cut off from the rest of the house.  Now that the kitchen is the center of the home, it makes sense to open up the living areas and have all living spaces together.

Some take on the characteristics of a loft style by placing the bed above the desk and drawers. You’ll also see specialized features like canopies and princess-style designs that are perfect for a girl’s bedroom. Just keep in mind that these types have a shorter lifespan than more functional ones.

Polyester is another option you can consider. It’s easy to clean, but it doesn’t handle the wear as well as nylon. You can add a rug to areas that may get a lot of use such as under a desk or near a play table.

Our massive interior design ideas for living rooms section is massive and is broken down into multiple rooms that are “living” in nature and include formal living rooms, family rooms, great rooms, man caves, sun rooms, home libraries, home bars and game rooms.

Color-Based Rooms Princess Style Storybook Favorite Animals Cartoon Characters Movies

Kitchen’s are one of the most popular rooms of the home to renovate and going through the process is expensive and requires a lot of decisions. It’s a process that helps tremendously if you find examples of other kitchens for inspiration. We hope our huge kitchen gallery will help you find a design you want.

Nevertheless, on a balance the mudroom is well worth the space.  It’s one room kids can come in when filthy and rinse off with the utility sink and tromp mud into the home without it being a big deal.

Beach is another possibility which can add a bit of whimsy to a bedroom. It’s safe to say that the design rules in any case are less stringent and more relaxed. However, try to keep a sense of harmony and balance to create a pleasant atmosphere whether your daughter is playing with friends or taking an afternoon nap.

Most potential homeowners want extra bedrooms for multiple generations, according to the 2017 American Institute of Architects Home Design Trends Survey. Parents often feel compelled to have separate rooms for their children. They recognize that it’s an important part of growing up and finding their way.

Therefore, if you want a home bar, think carefully where you’ll put it.  If you want it in the basement, will your guests really want to go down there for the main party?  Maybe yes, maybe no.

Wonderful gallery showcasing 65 girls bedroom design ideas for %%currentyear%%. All colors, sizes and styles. Lots of fun.

Yes, a home office is nice, but how often do you leave the living room if you have a tablet to go use some old desktop you have kicking around or a laptop?  Probably not often.

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Closets11. Home Offices12. Man Caves13. Home Bars14. Game and Entertainment Room Interior Designs15. Laundry Rooms16. Mudrooms17. Home Libraries18. Home Gyms19. Interior Design Styles (18 Different Styles)20.

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Welcome to our main interior design ideas gallery where you can access all of our various room galleries.

Anyway, check out our awesome home office photo gallery.  We have hundreds of great home offices to check out.

The chances are that your child’s room will be a combination of a style and theme. It may break the design rules, but that’s okay. You may find that a distinct one isn’t evident at all. The bedroom may be more eclectic than anything else. Some popular themes for girl bedrooms include:

Proper lighting will make a bedroom more sleep-friendly. Overhead lighting will make playtime more fun and give the room a cheery feel. Flush or semi-flush mounts offer good options for ambient light. You can also include a table lamp to help make the transition to sleep easier at night.

If you’re looking to decorate or design small spaces, whether a small kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, office, entry way or another small room, check out our small room ideas gallery.

It’s fun planning out a game room for a basement and that makes our gallery of designs super fun to browse.  Enjoy.

I actually wonder about the future of the home office.  Here’s why.  As more and more homes bought personal computers such as desktop computers and laptops, new homes and existing homes had home offices added as a dedicated room.  This made sense because you needed a place for the computer which is central to every aspect of our life.

Like our various interior design ideas galleries, we have a host of outdoor and backyard galleries to check out including decks, patios, swimming pools and much, much more.

For each type of living room, we offer galleries for each home decor style (contemporary, modern, rustic, etc.) as well as colors, size, features, ceiling types and lighting.  With our very granular search capabilities, you can research for the precise design you’re looking for.

Remodeling isn’t cheap especially if you’re planning on making big changes to the structure. The building permit alone could set you back upward of $1,237, according to Home Advisor. Since the room’s decor will change, you can keep your costs in check with focusing on wall color changes rather than installing anything new.

In addition to our large and growing ceiling section we discuss the different types of ceilings here.  There are several types of ceilings to consider for every room… although while most rooms will have a regular 8 to 10 foot tall flat ceiling, you may wish to splurge on something more spectacular for your living room and/or master bedroom or great room.

The sunroom solves the weather issue and when done right can create terrific relaxation space in any home.  They don’t need to be large; enough space for a couple of people to sit is adequate.

I think foyer design is very important.  It’s nice to enter a home with a dedicated space for shoes, coats, hats and bags.  While a huge foyer isn’t necessary, don’t skimp on size either.  They tend to fill up quickly with outdoor gear and wear plus you want space to sit down and put on shoes and for storage.

Also check out our main living room home decor page with access to living room improvement articles.

It’s no surprise we’re closet-crazy.  Storage is a premium, including storage and organization for our clothing and footwear.  I love closets; the bigger the better.  While we have a walk-in closet, it’s not very big.  I’d love a 400 sq. ft. walk-in closet with a sitting area.  That’s the dream.  Yes, I like clothes.

We buy and test a lot of appliances, specifically smaller kitchen appliances.  We have big plans to do more extensive small appliance testing going forward.  It’s a passion to test and discover the best appliances for a variety of purposes.  While it’s a great deal of work, we believe it’s a worthy pursuit because our testing helps readers buy the best appliance models for your needs.  For compact appliance ideas, click here.

Carpeting is the go-to choice in over 40 percent of bedrooms. It offers a softer landing in case someone falls than a surface like hardwood. The drawback for a girl’s bedroom is the risk of spills. Nylon fibers are the most popular material. While highly resilient to traffic, they’re also the most susceptible to stains.

These days homeowners invest a lot of money into bathrooms, especially master bathrooms (along with master bedrooms).  Not only are they larger, but they feature expensive walk-in showers, lighting, flooring, freestanding tubs and all kinds of gorgeous vanities.

New parents learn the lesson of stain-resistant materials quickly. The same guideline applies to a bedroom’s decor and features. Check the cleaning instructions for everything you add to the room from bedding to rugs to curtains. Stick with items you can wash at home rather than have to take out for dry-cleaning.

This gets you to our collection of articles and galleries about home furniture – living room, bedroom, home office and other furniture.  For small furniture ideas, click here.

In recent years, master bedrooms have grown in size.  In fact, in most new homes with average square footage, the master bedroom is far larger than 20 years ago.  They function beyond just sleeping; they’re mini-lounges with sitting areas, luxurious master bathrooms, entertainment features, fireplaces, sitting areas and in some cases full-blown living rooms with sofa and chairs.

We take lighting for indoors and outdoors very seriously.  Combined, our massive library of lighting ideas articles puts forward 201 lighting ideas.

You can also incorporate color with accent pieces such as posters or other wall hangings. Stencils and wall decals offer other ways to create an inviting atmosphere that your child will enjoy. The advantage of the latter is the quick and easy removal when it falls out of favor. You can add a unique occasional chair to create a fun focal point.

Luxury walk-in-closets Reach-in closets Walk-in-Wardrobes for Women Walk-in-Closets for Men Unisex Walk-In Closet Designs 11. Home Offices

Interior Design Ideas for 2018 (Photo Galleries by Room) Access all of our searchable interior design photo galleries here including kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, home offices and more.

Our dining room design gallery showcases formal dining rooms as well as designs that are part of open concept living spaces.

Window treatments help create an environment conducive to sleep. You can choose room-darkening curtains or shades to block out outside lights that may disturb your child’s slumber. If you live in an urban area, noise-reducing curtains are another option you might consider. These choices offer excellent ways to control the light and outside sounds.

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Like laundry rooms, the mudroom is an important room.  While generally I love them, one problem if you have both a mudroom and foyer is you end up running back and forth retrieving coats, footwear and hats.  At least we do.  We have both mudroom and foyer and stuff gets left in both so we’re constantly running back and forth.

Melissa McCarthy’s Toluca Lake Home for Rent ($10,000 a month)

We showcase hundreds of laundry room designs and styles. Check them out.

We had so much fun designing our 5 year old’s bedroom.  It’s just awesome.  This is our lovely girl’s bedroom design ideas gallery.

We feature many custom search options or you can simply browse each page checking out all of our kitchen designs.

Your daughter will get valuable lessons in cooperation. It can also make that move out of Mom and Dad’s room easier and less scary. It works best if the children are close in age. Make sure each child has their own space. Let’s consider next the different types.

Our kitchens gallery is the biggest photo gallery on our site and showcases 1,000’s of designs in all styles.  From these thousands of photos you can get many kitchen interior design style ideas with respect to colors, cabinetry, ceiling design, layout, island design, flooring, materials, backsplashes, appliance selection, pantries and more.

The planning process for the types of girls bedrooms differs from that of the master bedroom. First, it’s likely smaller which can present some design challenges. Second, your child will often use this space for other things than sleep. It may act as a playroom or study area. And finally, it’s likely to be a work in progress that will change as your kid ages.

A loft style bedroom isn’t a common style and only found in less than 3 percent of homes. But you can still get that look with a bed that mirrors this design. It will sit higher above the floor than a standard one. Like a bunk bed, it’ll have some type of access whether it’s stairs or a ladder. But the area underneath it isn’t wasted.

However, our home theater gallery features more modest, traditional media rooms which have regular sofas and big screen televisions.  Stadium seating and expensive reclining theater chairs are not necessary to create a superb TV viewing room.  In fact, I don’t think I’d use a dedicated cinema room. I prefer the comfort of a great sectional and a 65″ TV is good enough for me.

If you prefer searching for interior designs by style, we have a detailed page setting out the 18 different types of interior design styles (a.k.a home decor styles).  From that page you can click into our massive galleries organized by style.

Your girl’s bedroom is most likely on the smaller size and not near as big as your master bedroom. You can make the room seem larger by painting the walls or even just the ceiling white. Resist the temptation to fill the entire room even if your child wants to fill it with toys. Remember the rule for creating a comfortable space.

You don’t normally give a laundry room much thought, but I can tell you that it’s a room that should be given a great deal of thought with respect to location in the home, size, storage, washer and dryer configuration, countertop surface area and drying racks.  It’s a well-used utility room that is used daily (especially if you have kids in the house).  A well planned, placed and designed laundry room can make a big difference in your laundering processes.

I love basements.  We have a pretty good basement now that houses a spare bedroom, home office (large one) and storage room.  Unfortunately half of our basement area is a crawl space, so it could be much larger.  Check out our basement gallery for finished basement design ideas.

Style is less well-defined. Let’s face it. Your child isn’t asking for a contemporary room. You’re creating it with the furniture you select. Decors that lean toward a minimalist look work well in these cases. Modern and Scandinavian are fine options. You can also opt for something with a cozy feel like traditional or cottage.

That said, our gallery showcases some amazing home bar interior design styles; some are truly spectacular.

Having a closet off the foyer is really handy; I prefer closets over coat racks.  I also really like having somewhere to sit, be it a bench or chairs.

We’ve published extensive home flooring articles to help you select the best floor material and color for your home.  We have general flooring information as well as flooring suggestions by room.

The evolution of the TV room into home theater is astonishing.  No longer is a sofa with big screen TV adequate.  Some people want the full cinema experience in their home.  If you dream of an extravagant home theater, this photo gallery is for you because we feature some of the best designs ever.

One of the first decisions you may need to make is whether a child gets their own room or if they share with a sibling. As a parent, you’d probably prefer each kid has their personal space. It’s an excellent way to teach them to take proper care of their things. It also fosters independence. But sharing isn’t a bad thing either.

The man cave is a silly name for a rec room, entertainment space, home bar, game room or home office that’s intended for guys.  You’ll find them in basements, garages or separate outbuildings.

While a silly name for a sound interior design concept (I have nothing against leisure and recreational entertainment rooms), some homes have some really spectacular “man caves”.  Our gallery showcases hundreds of them with all kinds of features.

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