51 Modern Living Room Design From Talented Architects Around The

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51 modern living room design from talented architects around the world
51 modern living room design from talented architects around the world
51 Modern Living Room Design From Talented Architects Around The

Cottage de Bordeaux by Boom Town features actual tree trunks used as décor elements in its living room. They keep the décor warm and balanced while also defining the dining space.

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When remodeling the Konstancin House in Warsaw, Nasciturus Design used an array of neutral colors for the living rooms in order to obtain a timeless look with a classical vibe but also a strong contemporary vibe. A large sectional takes up most of the space but doesn’t overpower the décor.

51 Modern Living Room Design From Talented Architects Around The World

When the living space is limited, the color palette tends to be simplified. The Winona House by 25:8 Research + Design features a really small living area with a small black sofa, white walls, open shelves and black and white accents throughout.

It may not include a lot of furniture but this living room feels really cozy. The high floor-to-ceiling windows let in lots of natural light and the open floor plan connects it to the other social spaces but not without maintaining a sense of intimacy.

Surrounded by beautiful woodland and parkland, the Cherry Tree Cottage in Kent has one of the most serene and chic living rooms we’ve seen so far. The room opens to the outdoors and invites the views and the light inside and it balances out everything with a comfortable sectional accessorized with purple pillows.

The black and white combo that the Pleysier Perkins team employed when designing this Australian home is complemented by vibrant red accents and grey tones. The wood features are refreshing and come as an unexpected element in this case.

Egue Y Seta also made use of various prints and patterns when designing this private residence in Benicàssim, Spain. But perhaps the most interesting feature here is the pair of accent walls. Another interesting detail is the fact there’s no ceiling light fixture here.

Through the views may not be extraordinary, the huge windows featured by this living room in Toronto designed by Studio JCI are justified in this case because they’re the only source of natural light. To maximize the openness of the space, the color scheme was kept simple and neutral.

But not all modern living room decorating ideas are so bright and open. This one, for example, is in a Moscow apartment designed by M17 and in a way it resembles a hallway. A sculptural wall hides a variety of other functions, leaving the space simple. However, the lack of natural light can’t be overlooked.

The disposition of the furniture featured here is a bit unusual. Studio O. envisioned the living room as a cozy entertainment area able to accommodate large groups in a comfortable, casual and elegant atmosphere. The fireplace is built into the partition wall and can also be enjoyed from the dining area.

There are numerous ways to make a small living room look interesting. Geometrium designed this one with a comfy sectional, a small coffee table with a worn look and a black and white striped rug.

In addition to floor-to-ceiling windows, the living room that Rolf Ockert Design created as part of the Bronte House project also has a skylight and a continuous row of highlight windows that offer 360 degree views of the stunning surroundings.

The same duo also designed this luxury residence in Cape Town which features an expansive living area on the ground floor with panoramic views, calming cove lighting and a color palette based on beige and brown accents.

But usually vibrant contrasts and combinations of colors and finishes work well in smaller spaces. Larger living rooms such as the one designed by Whipple Russell Architects can benefit from a more neutral and earthy palette simply because that would allow it to feel warm and comfortable.

One of the best characteristics of modern interior design is the clean and fresh look which can be obtained through a variety of strategies. In the case of the Good Residence by Crone Partners this strategy included the use of simple and pure colors, vibrant contrasts and well-defined shapes without unnecessary features.

The living room is at the heart of the house in most cases. It’s where we welcome our guests, where we entertain them and where we spend time as a family. And while layouts and styles may differ, one things always remains the same: the comfort level and the welcoming ambiance which should characterize every rustic, industrial, traditional or modern living room.

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SAOTA architects and OKHA Interiors worked together to design this spectacular residence in Cape Town which has a spacious living room that can open up to the west and the east completely, becoming a sort of pavilion. It’s one of the many modern living room ideas the architects used in their projects.

Modern living room interiors are often a combination of styles, sometimes featuring subtle industrial accents, enough to give the room character without overwhelming it. A good example is the Coffou Cottage by Brininstool + Lynch where traditional and industrial elements fuse together in a modern setting.

Even though large and spacious living rooms are usually the most impressive, small living spaces can be interesting too. This one by White Interior Design maintains a simple and earthy color palette. The sofa and the wall unit almost seem like a single piece. The low coffee table and the flooring also coordinate really well.

Five beautiful villas were designed in Bodrum, Turkey by Aytac Atchitects. They are each unique but they are all influences by the tranquil views and the surrounding landscape. Charming and mysterious at night, bright and sunny during the day, the living spaces impress with their sophisticated simplicity and attention to details.

This house is Trakai designed by Aketuri Architektai has a really lovely living room decor, with large windows, comfortable seating and bookshelves placed high above the windows where they take up zero floor space.

The house designed by Dualchas Architects in Skye, Scotland has twp social areas separated from the kitchen and the dining area by purple wall dividers. One is a bit larger and the other and serves as the main living space. It has a white corner sectional, open shelves and a colorful striped area rug that coordinates a bit with the colors visible through the glass wall.

The views from this spacious and lavish living room are extraordinary thanks to the exposure to the terrace and the floor-to-ceiling windows. JAM Architects designed it in a way that allows the space to capture the Australian views without compromising their clients’ privacy.

The interior of this elegant residence in Turin in MG2 ARCHITETTURE is a bit traditional and a bit classic to a certain degree but, overall, it remains moderns because of its simplicity. The living room is divided into two areas, each featuring comfortable seating and similar looks.

The layout of this living room designed by Clairoux is a bit odd. A single seating unit is placed at the center of the space and the walls are covered with open shelves. The positioning of the window is quite curious as well.

51 Modern Living Room Design From Talented Architects Around The From New York School Of Interior Design 5, Source:loversiq.com

This private residence in Bruseels designed by Auxan Atelier d’Architecture actually has an eclectic interior best captured in the living room where the sofa, the coffee table décor and the minimalism surrounding them each tell a different story. Still, the modern vibe prevails.

Just because a living room design focuses on comfort doesn’t mean it ignores all the other aspects. This apartment in Warsaw by HOLA Design is a really good example. It perfectly combines looks and function using elegant colors, glamorous accessories and subtle but sophisticated accent details.

A fireplace can totally change the ambiance in a room. Take the NNS Apartment designed by Mudrogelenko in Saint Petersburg. Without the fireplace the living room would feel a lot less inviting, especially given the colors and finishes used throughout.

This chic New York City home by Casamanara may not have super spacious rooms but it definitely doesn’t lack character. The living area, the kitchen and the dining space are all part of the same open zone and there’s not a lot of extra space between them. A patterned area rug helps delimitate the functions and the diverse accent colors create focal points throughout.

The modern Chalet Dent Blanche has a living space infused with wood elements, natural light and a few rustic details. The scenery and the views become part of the interior but don’t dictate the décor. The luxury chalet reflects the local architecture but with a modern twist.

Sanajuha & Partners designed a really cozy living room despite its large proportions. The furniture is all simple and pushed against the walls, leaving the rest of the floor space open and uncluttered.

Featuring an impressive structure and design especially as seen from above, this Sunset Strip residence is quite simplistic in terms of interior décor. The living room, for instance, is modest and not nearly as dramatic as one might expect. Yet this doesn’t make it any less extraordinary.

The Holy Cross residence by Thomas Balaban Architecte has a really simple living room. The décor is somewhat austere but really comfortable due to the strategically chosen furniture, accessories and colors. The living room colors also influence the rest of the home’s décor.

The Edge House by Mobius Architects is a modern urban home in a mountain setting and, as a result, has a design which reflects that. The living room is centered around a modern fireplace and offers panoramic views through its floor-to-ceiling windows. Long curtains can break the connection with the outdoors, transforming this space into an intimate nook.

The desire to be close to nature expressed by the clients led Fernanda Marques Arquiteto Asociados to design the living room for Loft 24-7 with stone walls, natural materials, organic colors and huge windows that open the space to the outdoors.

Others prefer to use color and pattern to make a décor stand out. LLI Design decorated this small living room with red sectional sofa and a really interesting coffee table with a sculptural metal base. A variety of different patterns act as secondary focal points for the space.

The indoor living area and the outdoor swimming pool line up in a design by Marmol Radziner, a project known as Vienna Way Residence. The two zones are separated by sliding glass doors and floor-to-ceiling windows.

The living room designed by Nico van der Meulen Architects for House Ber in South Africa captures the simplicity of this style and the beauty of the surroundings with its openness and transparency. The décor is based on a series of light vs dark contrasts complemented by small yellow touches distributed around the room.

High ceilings, lots of large windows and a diverse but balanced color palette make this living room by McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture really special and enjoyable. It’s linked to the open kitchen and dining area in a beautiful North Carolina residence surrounded by tall trees.

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The 77 Sentosa Cove House by ONG&ONG was designed with minimal environmental impact, four levels and a central staircase and garden encased by glass walls. This pavilion is linked to the social areas and brings in light and freshness.

Designed to serve as the ideal entertainment and conversation space, this living room by Richard Meier is situated on the 9th floor of an iconic building in London from where it offers sweeping views through the floor-to-ceiling windows that surround it.

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A dramatic and chic spiral staircase becomes a décor element in the living room of the 17BR-House by ONG&ONG. The staircase maximizes vertical circulation and allows the social spaces to expand. To compensant for the lack of windows and natural light in this particular area of the house, the designers painted the walls white and used subtle accent lighting.

There’s a residence in Hollywood Hills that proposes a different kind of living space. It has a low table at the center and classic Eames lounge chairs distributed around it. The result of such a design is a really casual, comfortable and relaxed social area.

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A wide fireplace built into a stone wall is the focal point of the living room designed by MCK Architects for the River House in Sydney. A textured carpet gives the space a really cozy and intimate feel enhanced by the comfortable sofas and armchairs.

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When the views are as stunning as in the case of this Cyprus residence by Vardastudio Architects & Designers, the interior design is often kept simple. Earthy colors, clean lines and a pair of yellow accent chairs for the living rooms is a great starting point.

A well-balanced interior design makes good use of every little detail. Take this living room by McClean Design. It has floor-to-ceiling windows that wrap around the corner to let the views in, a grey-based color palette for simplicity and a quirky sectional with a really cozy texture. The modern fireplace warms up the atmosphere.

The leather-covered accent wall is a key characteristic of this living room in Moscow by Aleksandra Fedorova Bureau. The wall coordinates with other design elements such as the sofa, ottomans and area rug. A beautiful touch is the series of ivory touches used in the room and the fact that the dining space is positioned by the windows.

Most modern living rooms are part of an open floor plan which also includes the dining area. Here, the two are beautifully positioned in a clean design with clear distinctions between functions. The large sectional defines the seating area with its shape.

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Glass surrounds this long and narrow living room exposing it to the beautiful outdoors and establishing a strong connection between the zones. The décor here is consistent with that of the rest of the residence that SBCH Architects designed in South Carolina. The building has a glass facade which defines the main social areas.

Guido Constantino designed a residence with around 10,000 square feet of functional living space in Ontario, Canada. The actual living room is huge with a lot of open space, large windows and minimal furniture. The high ceiling increases the spaciousness and the living room furniture sets have minimal impact on the overall design.

The wide variation of materials, finishes, colors and textures is refreshing here, allowing each individual element to stand out and all of them together to form a cohesive mix. This is the living room designed by 4D-Arquitectura in Guaiba, Brasil.

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