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50 Unique Bookends For Book Lovers.

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Artori design book black metal superhero bookend unique bookends
50 unique bookends for book lovers
50 unique bookends for book lovers
50 unique bookends for book lovers
50 unique bookends for book lovers 14
50 unique bookends for book lovers 13
50 unique bookends for book lovers
50 unique bookends for book lovers
50 unique bookends for book lovers50 unique bookends for book lovers50 unique bookends for book lovers50 unique bookends for book lovers 2250 unique bookends for book lovers 850 unique bookends for book lovers 9

BUY ITIndustrial Style Gear Bookends: Finally something to suit industrial interior decor! These gear sculptures stand at 15 inches tall, and despite the weathered aesthetic, the metal alloy construction is 100% rustproof.

BUY ITCast Iron Eiffel Tower Book Ends: Heavy cast iron offers sturdy support for the personal library belonging to an avid traveler or dedicated Francophile. Paired together, they make a wonderful standalone sculpture.

BUY ITSteampunk Aviator Bookend: Steampunk fans and engineering enthusiasts alike are sure to enjoy this aviator bookend. The body is made of cast resin with realistic bronze and steel accents, all painted by hand.

Bookends are a fabulous way to decorate a home library so that it matches your interior. While many book collections look somewhat eclectic on their own, the right combination of ornaments and bookends can bring the entire room back in line with your chosen aesthetic. The first half of this post is dedicated to pop culture and geeky themes, and the second half covers serious choices for a variety of decor styles. Whether you’re looking for housewarming gifts or just want to tidy up your office or reading nook, we hope this collection will offer a variety of bookends to suit your needs.

BUY ITGame of Thrones Direwolf Bookends: Guard your George R. R. Martin collection with these handsome “carved” direwolves, representative of the Stark family. Their classic design doesn’t scream “memorabilia” which makes them versatile in any setting.

BUY ITMedieval Knights Bookends: Standing at 8 inches tall and weighing almost two pounds, these intricate knights will dazzle with their highly detailed battle armor and bronze detailing.

BUY ITDragon Bookends: But what about bookends for fans of fantasy in general? These dragon bookends could pair well with a number of series. Fans of gothic decor or medieval themes may also find these to be a neat addition to any bookshelf.

BUY ITThe End Bookend: Fin! Ende! Happily ever after! This bookend seems like the perfect way to end this list – but it’s also a clever way to end your bookshelf.

BUY ITBird Bookends: How sweet are these little birds? A whitewash finish completes the resin sculptures, making these ideal for a classic cottage or Scandinavian style interior.

BUY ITDeer Bookends: As one of the weightiest bookends in this collection, these brass and wood deer will securely hold any book collection with their combined weight of 6 lbs. The set includes both the buck and the doe, making them a wonderful wedding or housewarming gift for the right couple.

BUY ITGame of Thrones Dragon Eggs Bookends: Each purchase includes all three bookends – each one stands 7 inches tall, and when placed together, the combination immediately grabs attention at over one foot long.

BUY ITKnowledge Bookends By Karim Rashid: Based on a 3D representation of Rashid’s own head, these rubber-coated stone resin bookends feature a hidden surprise on the interior side. Fans of modern interior design will recognize the name and appreciate these bookends for the works of art they are.

BUY ITStag Bookends: Consider these bookends for a classic, cabin, or Nordic-inspired interior design. Don’t forget to check out our big list of faux deer head home decor to find the perfect complementary accessories.

BUY ITOpen Book Bookends: Here’s another option for educators. These brightly colored bookends would look great in a classroom setting for younger children. They’re hand painted, durable, and include non-skid glides so they stay in place around even the heaviest books.

BUY ITMinimalist Wood Bookends: These simple bookends would look fabulous in a variety of interior styles, ranging from Scandinavian decor to organic or minimalist homes.

BUY ITKatana Sword Bookends: Do you know somebody who would love to be a ninja? These magnetic bookends hide within the cover of your favorite books, and the katana blade and handle attach magnetically.

BUY ITBronze Finish Horse Bookends: Majestic rearing stallions stand at 8 inches wide and 9 inches tall, their bronze finish drawing the eye to the ultra-smooth detailing. These would look wonderful in a classically decorated home library.

BUY ITTriangular Marble Bookends: Stone is always a tasteful yet understated material for decorative purposes. These bookends feature the distinctive veining of tan marble or sandstone, and are heavy enough to hold together even your most substantial books.

BUY ITMinimalist Building Shaped Bookends: These pared down representations of the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building would make a lovely addition to an urban-themed home or would serve as a nice gift for a homesick New Yorker.

BUY ITPortal Bookends: If you read every book on that long-neglected reading list, there just might be cake. It’s not a lie, promise. This pair of Portal-themed bookends shows a test subject leaping through your entire library.

BUY ITHarry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Basilisk Bookend: Hand painted detail stands out with enough beauty to serve as a standalone statue or a bookend. This bookend is sure to please longtime Harry Potter fans, especially the ones fascinated by the mythological creatures found throughout the series.

By the way, if you are a Harry Potter fan, don’t miss out our feature on Harry Potter home decor.

BUY ITZuny Animal Bookends For Kids: Synthetic leather skins and heavy iron pellet filling contribute to the most unique set of bookends ever created for children. Of course, even adults could fall in love with these expertly constructed and ultra-charismatic bookends.

BUY ITSuper Gal Metal Bookend: This cool Supergirl bookend works the same way.

BUY ITBatman Bookends: Read along with Bruce Wayne with these heavy and stylish bookends. These would make a nice housewarming gift for somebody who collects graphic novels based on the comic books.

BUY ITIron Man Bookends: Three pounds of metal help make these bookends just as strong as Iron Man himself.

BUY ITGlobe Bookends: Books can take an avid reader to the farthest reaches of the Earth. These globe-shaped bookends make this idea even more tangible. Travel aficionados would enjoy these as a gift, but they’d look wonderful in any nautical or classically themed home.

BUY ITBook Hero Metal Bookend: Neat! “Falling” bookends work by placing the slanted end inside of the book, between the cover and the pages. The decorative part, a superhero in this case, appears to float by itself because of its magnetic attraction to the slanted bookend portion.

BUY ITA to Z Bookends: Can you imagine how amazing these would look in the classroom or school library? Consider these as a gift to the cherished teachers in your life, or maybe consider these as a housewarming gift for a fan of typography.

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BUY ITStunning Silhouette Style Bookends: Basically, no matter which genre you prefer to read, there are surely heavyweight steel silhouette bookends to thematically suit your library. The look? Perfect for minimalists and modern design fans.

BUY ITEvolution Bookends: Don’t worry science geeks – we wouldn’t leave you out! With streamlined silhouettes based on the March of Progress, these smart bookends just might represent the intellectual evolution that accompanies a love for reading and learning.

BUY ITHarry Potter Hogwarts Express Bookends: How gorgeous! These bookends are hand painted in incredible detail. The idea is rather clever too, creating the illusion that the Hogwarts Express is exiting a tunnel that runs from one side of your Harry Potter book collection to the other.

BUY ITConcrete Planter Bookends: Crafted from solid concrete, this desktop planter works well as a standalone organizer for pens or business cards. Or, purchase a pair and keep your reference materials tidy right on your desk or nearby shelf.

BUY ITLord of the Rings The Argonath Bookends: Now let’s move into some LoTR goodies! These statues feature the dramatic Gates of Argonath that stand on either side of the river Anduin. These were originally packaged with a special edition DVD set, so these would make a great gift for anyone who loves hard-to-find collectibles.

BUY ITOwl Bookends: Rotund, charismatic owls make wonderful bookends or standalone decorations for anyone who loves owls. Consider placing these against a darker background to make them stand out even more.

BUY ITAntique Brass Bicycle Bookends: Crafted from resin but finished with a rustic hammered brass finish, these cyclist-themed bookends would make a neat addition to a cycling fan’s desk or bookshelf.

BUY ITWhale Tale Bookends: An aged finish gives these resin bookends the appearance of weathered reclaimed wood. Whether you’re decorating a nautical themed interior or just love to the works of Herman Melville, this beautiful whale is a nice addition to your bookshelf or mantle.

BUY ITDachshund Dog Bookends: How long is your dachshund? It depends on the breadth of your library! This bookend set comes in an attractive gift box so you can send it directly to your favorite dog owner.

BUY ITPineapple Bookends: These, along with the previous bookends, mark the transition to designer wares intended for serious interior styles. These artistic pineapple-shaped bookends would work well in a vintage, cottage, or modern interior style.

BUY ITStar Wars Stormtrooper Bookends: Although some may argue that Stormtroopers were somewhat incompetent compared to the Clonetroopers that preceded them, it’s still hard to ignore a pair of pulse rifles when they’re pointed right at you.

These sculptures are so detailed they look almost like collectible figures.

BUY ITMore Children’s Bookends: From the designers at Fiona Walker England, these high-end book stoppers are hand-sewn from organic lamb’s wool felt. These luxury bookends are expensive but sure to become a treasured heirloom.

BUY ITSteampunk Octopus Bookend: Cast resin comes to life with a hand-painted bronze and copper finish. Jules Verne fans are sure to appreciate the octopus theme, but these are right up the alley of steampunk and nautical design fans as well.

BUY ITAgate Bookends: Geodes are such a magical mineral formation – the complicated patterns and colors guarantee that each specimen will be unique. These bookends are made from two geode quarters: sturdy, weighty, and infinitely beautiful.

BUY ITBicycle Bookends: Are you looking for a gift for the cyclist in your life? These decorative bookends just might fit the bill. Each one is crafted by hand by skilled artisans.

BUY ITNautical Bookend: Here’s another fantastic choice for travel aficionados, this time in the form of a classic schooner. Nautical accent collectors would love this one, along with anyone who has a penchant for pirates.

BUY ITCute Cat Bookends: Cement and PVC combine to create weighty cat bookends with an incredible depth of expression, capturing the boundless contentment of joyful kitties. These would make a nice gift for a proud cat owner.

BUY ITGame of Thrones Bookend: Hand-painted and exceptionally intricate, this Game of Thrones bookend could easily stand by itself as a collectible decoration. Each purchase only includes one so you can pair this with one of the other 7″ GoT bookend.

BUY ITCat Bookends: While we’ve written many articles about accessories for bird and owl fans, it’s time to give cats some much-needed appreciation! These super-sturdy bookends are weighty and look like real cast iron.

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BUY ITStop Hand Bookends: Very sculptural and smooth, these minimalist hand sculptures work wonderfully as bookends. Consider adding these to your minimalist or classically inspired home library.

BUY ITThe Hobbit Bookends: These resin bookends originated from a limited edition Bluray set ($155) featuring The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. This is another hard-to-find collectible considering the limited run of the Bluray set.

BUY ITHippo Bookends: Constructed from carefully sculpted resin and finished with electroplated nickel, this stunning pair of hippos would enhance any modern or luxury interior. Together, these bookends weigh over 20 pounds – suitable for even the most extensive home library collection.

BUY ITAntique Owl Bookends: Made from durable resin with an antique bronze finish, this adorable pair of owl bookends will look great in a traditional or rustic interior. Check out our big list of owl themed decor to complete the look!

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