50 Dragon Home Decor Accessories To Give Your Castle Medieval Appeal

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BUY ITDragon Show Blade With Stand: Here’s something even more unusual. This distinctive blade remains unsharpened for safe handling as a display piece, but it retains its daring aesthetic and fierce composition.

BUY ITDragon Bookmark: Whether you like to work on beadwork projects or want to add something simple like ribbons, this metal dragon bookmark makes it easy with a little loop hanging from the dragon’s mouth.

BUY ITDragon Oil Warmer: Oil warmers make great ambiance-defining decor and are always a nice choice for a useful gift. Unlike other oil warmers, this one uses an electric light and includes a dimmer switch so you can control the brightness and heat.

BUY ITDragon Display Knife: Are you more interested in decorative knives than miniature swords? This detailed blade is a great display piece and makes a bold first impression.

BUY ITDragon Bottle Opener: Bottle openers can be simple affairs, or they can serve as a decorative and delightful fixture in the home. This dragon-shaped bottle opener attaches to the wall to add big personality even when it’s not in use.

BUY ITDragon Wall Clock: The detail on this cast wall clock is beyond brilliant – guests will look up to check the time and won’t be able to take their eyes away. The hands look like swords to complete the medieval theme.

BUY ITPurple Dragon Plaque With Mini Swords: Each sword that comes with this purple-pink dragon plaque is made from polished metal, and though they’re not sharp, they work great as letter openers. The rest of the plaque is made from durable resin.


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BUY ITDragon Bedding & Pillow Set: It’s hard to find dark purple bedding sets in the first place, especially ones with dragons! This bedding set with artwork by Anne Stokes would be the perfect way to tie together a dragon bedroom theme.

BUY ITDragon Wall Art: While an ordinary canvas of this detailed dragon would catch the eye on its own, this unique multi-piece print takes it to the next level. The total size comes to just under 60 inches wide and 40 inches tall to make a big impression.

BUY ITMedieval Dragon Candle Holder: Here’s a great piece for a fantasy-inspired interior. Three castle towers are the perfect size for votive candles. If you’re worried about charring the wings with taller candles, rechargeable LED options would be ideal.


BUY ITDragon Desk/Mantelpiece Clock: No game room or medieval living room would be complete without this menacing clock on the mantle. The mechanism ticks just like a classic clock for an authentic feel.

BUY ITDragon Chalice: This chalice holds 5 ounces (150 ml) and the stainless steel insert is removable for easy washing. It stands at a full 7 inches tall to make a grand statement at your table.

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BUY ITDragon On Orb Sculpture: Here’s another handy vessel that doubles as a catchall for little objects around the house. It could work great in a dragon-themed living room, bedroom, or even the bathroom or kitchen.

BUY ITDragon Shower Curtain: Decorative shower curtains offer an instant way to transform the entire look of the bathroom. This one features a distinctive dragon on a washable, waterproof, mildew resistant polyester.

BUY ITDragon Faucet: If you’re looking for an artistic faucet that doesn’t sacrifice on quality, this piece is certainly a contender for fans of Chinese or Norse dragons. It’s brushed brass construction ensures longevity and style.

BUY ITSleeping Baby Dragon Garden Statue: What a peaceful little addition to any garden or terrace! This sweet sleepy dragon is sure to stand up to the elements quite well – some have even repurposed this piece as aquarium decor.

BUY ITDragon Toilet Paper Holder: Bathrooms are great places to embrace distinctive decor. This dragon toilet paper holder would make a great Halloween addition, or could serve as a great thematic addition for a general medieval or gothic theme.

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BUY ITDragon Wall Decal: These neat decals make it easy to create the visual effect of a flock of dragons soaring across any wall. The included adhesive tape allows you to hang them flat, or you can fold the decals for the cool 3D effect like in the photo.

BUY ITOriental Dragon Gong: This cast metal gong is a unique desk topper or decorative item sure to draw comments and interaction from guests. Simply pull back the hanging gong to ring.

BUY ITDragon Salt & Pepper Shakers: Your seasonings are sure to remain safe in the hands of this intimidating guardian. Like many of the cast resin pieces in this post, the detail is unbeatable.

BUY ITPast, Present & Future Sculptural Dragon Wall Clock: Famous dragon artist Gary Chang created this design to represent the three dragons of past, present, and future. It’s a functional piece of art that any fan of the fantasy genre would love to have.

BUY ITDragon Welcome Plaques: Perhaps even more fearsome than a guard dog, these dragon-themed welcome plaques are the perfect way to tell guests to “enter, at your own risk”.

Are you looking to embrace a medieval theme for your garden or interior? Attractive dragon-themed decor isn’t exactly a common find – but this post compiles 50 of the most useful, unique, or simply beautiful dragon decorations we could locate. It’s all here! There’s something for every room, from the kitchen to the office. Consider using this post as a go-to resource for your next themed party or just in case you need a gift for a friend who loves fantasy novels. Which dragon-themed decoration is your favorite? Stop by the comment section and let us know!

BUY ITDragon Trinket Box: What could go along with a mythical fantasy theme better than a box of hidden treasures? Simply lift the dragon to reveal what’s inside.

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BUY ITGame Of Thrones Dragon Eggs Bookend: Dragon eggs are a great low-key way to show love for dragons and especially dragons as they relate to Game of Thrones. This is an officially licensed set replicating a wedding gift to Daenerys, each dragon egg standing 7″ tall.

BUY ITDragon Goblet: If you’re looking for an inexpensive goblet for decoration or for sipping small beverages, this handsome piece will draw compliments from any dragon fan.

BUY ITDragon Mug: Although the manufacturer states this mug is for decoration only, the stainless steel interior ensures it will hold up for everyday use as a penholder or just as a neat decoration for the home.

BUY ITDragon Stapler: Whether you work from home or want to bring a bit of personal flair to the office, this dragon-shaped stapler is fearsome and individualized.

BUY ITDragon Knife With Holder: The neck and wing make up the handle of the knife, which fits seamlessly on the dragon body to form a complete sculpture.

BUY ITDragon Utility Holder: Pencils, pens, rubber bands, and paperclips – this 4 inch tall utility holder is a nice addition to any desk.

BUY ITDragon Pendulum Clock: Gothic interior decor isn’t easy to find, but this piece certainly hits many of the thematic details to tie your chosen motif together. A castle, a full moon clock face, a guardian dragon, a skull, and a pentagram pendulum offer lots to look at.

BUY ITDragon Snow Globe: Snow globe collectors and dragon fans alike can appreciate this fun and interactive piece. The dragon and base are hand-painted to enhance the lovely depth of detail.

BUY ITDragon Chess Set: Detailed pewter chess pieces take on the form of an army of dragons. The transparent glass board reveals a dragon graveyard contained within the crumbling remains of castle walls.

BUY ITDragon Table Lamp: At 20 inches tall and covered with a 12-inch diameter shade, this clock is a nice eye-catching piece for a nightstand or a side table. The black shade ensures nice soft lighting to keep your dungeon nice and mysterious.



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BUY ITMedieval Dragons Wall Plaque with Dagger: Sword collectors, dragon fans, and medieval enthusiasts alike are sure to enjoy this decorative plaque. The small dagger knife that comes with it is heavy and very shiny, easily removed from the plaque so you can show it off to friends.

BUY ITDragon Wine Bottle Holder: What a thirsty dragon! Here’s a lovely gift for somebody who loves to sip wine while reading their favorite fantasy or medieval themed books.

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BUY ITDragon Hanging Lamp: Detailed, creative, and certainly unlike any other lamp, this piece is a great alternative to tabletop options. It does weigh a moderately hefty 11lbs so be sure to mount it carefully.

BUY ITDragon Moulds: Yep, there’s a whole world of dragon-themed baking accessories out there! It’s always nice to have just the right shape to suit themed parties or to treat a loved one to something out of the ordinary.

BUY ITSolid Pewter Dragon Bottle Opener: Here’s a smaller bottle opener more appropriate for hauling to parties or keeping around the house. The detailed dragon is cast in solid pewter, and the opener is made from durable stainless steel.

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BUY ITDragon Hour Glass: Time is an interesting theme for medieval decorations. This hourglass sculpture is 10 inches long and almost 7 inches tall, sure to make an impression sitting on your mantle or shelf.

BUY ITDragon Bookend: These lightweight polyresin bookends make it easy to emphasize medieval influences on any bookshelf. Each dragon features intricate detail and measures in at over 10 inches tall and 7 inches wide, with a manageable width of just over 3 inches.

BUY ITDragon Wall Sconce: Beautiful from every angle, it’s easy to see why this beautiful wall sconce piece deserves a coveted spot on the wall. And just look at the lighting effect on the detailed interior portion! Note that it does not include the wooden frame, but you could easily add your own.

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BUY ITDragon Cake Pan: The detail in this cake pan is almost astonishing. This one holds 8 cups of batter to accommodate larger guest counts, great for a birthday party or other dragon-themed event.

BUY ITDragon of Falkenberg Lawn Statue: Divided into three pieces, this dragon statue looks like it’s swimming through water or diving through the earth. This piece is an obvious choice for garden decor but creative types could likely find a place for it indoors as well.

BUY ITDragon Egg Cookie Jar: Is your home a House Targaryen home? This ceramic cookie jar doesn’t contain a soon-to-be hatchling but instead can hold your favorite knickknacks, cut flowers, or of course, cookies.

BUY ITDragon Topped Mechanical Box: Finding steampunk home decor isn’t always easy, but this piece is cool on several levels. This decorative box would work great for jewelry, office supplies, dice, or other odd objects.

Are you looking to embrace a medieval theme for your garden or interior? Attractive dragon-themed decor isn’t exactly a common find – but this post compiles 50 of the most useful, unique, or simply beautiful dragon decorations we could locate. It’s all here! There’s something for every room, from the kitchen to the office. Consider using this post as a go-to resource for your next themed party or just in case you need a gift for a friend who loves fantasy novels. Which dragon-themed decoration is your favorite? Stop by the comment section and let us know!

BUY ITDragon Claw Goblet: Game of thrones fans might recognize this dragon claw goblet from a memorable scene between Melisandre and Master Cressen. Its glass bowl holds 12 oz. of your favorite beverage.

BUY ITDragon Light Fixture: This wall-mounted dragon extends 15″ inches from the wall to create a striking and elegant impression. Consider hanging one lamp in a centered location, or pick up a pair to go on either side of a sofa or bed.

BUY ITDragons & Gargoyles Pen Set: Bold writing utensils are a great way to make a memorable first impression. This set of 5 represents a variety of gargoyles and dragons for an unforgettable writing set.

BUY ITDragon Keychains: These keychains would make great gifts for Game of Thrones fans who want to rep House Targaryen.

50 Dragon Home Decor Accessories To Give Your Castle Medieval Appeal

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Buy it50 dragon home decor accessories to give your castle medieval appeal50 dragon home decor accessories to give your castle medieval appeal50 dragon home decor accessories to give your castle medieval appeal50 dragon home decor accessories to give your castle medieval appeal50 dragon home decor accessories to give your castle medieval appealIntricate dragon home decor 50 accessories to give your castle medieval appeal50 dragon home decor accessories to give your castle medieval appeal50 dragon home decor accessories to give your castle medieval appeal