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5 Office Design Trends For 20 We’re Excited To See Inc

5 Office Design Trends For 20 We’re Excited To See Inc 5 Office Design Trends For 20 We’re Excited To See Inc

Pantone recently released their eight trend palettes for 2018, and it looks like it has something for everyone, from the young tech start-up to the classic heritage brand or the established professional services firm. A few color combinations to note include the “Resourceful” palette: a blend of blues and oranges that play with opposites on the color wheel while keeping things bright and fresh. If your brand is bold, go for it. Other companies may be drawn to the “Intricacy” palette with its neutral metallics…a perfect fit for a polished yet future-forward look. And the “Far-fetched” palette will expand company culture with globally-inspired hues that offer a warm welcome. I recommend choosing bright colors strategically for filing storage pieces, chair fabrics, accent walls, or floor coverings. A little goes a long way. 

Business SpacesMaegan SlowakiewiczFebruary 9, 2018natural light

“Many innovation spaces have evolved from the preoccupation of style to be “slick or cool” to the singular ambition of helping people flourish.”

Read about using and implementing “corporate wellness programs to increase employee engagement and to become an employer of choice.”

There are some creative companies that are currently testing new ways to improve accessibility for individuals, especially those with physical impairments or disabilities. For example, Panasonic recently introduced self-driving wheelchairs in Japan’s airport to test in advance of the 2020 Olympics. Visitors will be able to summon a wheelchair with a few taps on a smartphone app. For the deaf, UNI is a real-time translation device that could help employees with a hearing disability participate in meetings and interactions with co-workers. As far as design and layout are concerned, we no longer live in a one-desk-size-fits-all world. Adjustable height desks, adaptive chairs, quiet “library hours” floors, assistive devices and more are easier to create or attain to make sure all employees can thrive in their environments. The introduction of these models on a B2B level will help larger offices recognize, value, and improve the needs of disabled employees. 

Office design trends come and go, so if you’re not quick enough, you might miss something that could really change the way your company functions on a daily basis. Take your employees’ wishes into consideration as well, and work together towards an office space that will inspire you all!

“”In the digital age, where the lines between work and life blur further, workplaces are becoming more than just offices. Both employers and employees are wanting more from these physical spaces. We call it FETCH, short for Fluid, Engaging, Technology-Driven, Convenient, and Heuristic.

“The buoyancy of the Spanish economy is adding dynamism and an experimental edge to the workplace sector, creating opportunities which are focused on innovative workplace design.”

Generation Z and the Workplace: Accommodating Tomorrow’s Workforce (by HOK)

We’re about to witness some exciting changes entering the world of office design and the way we work. These are just the tip of the iceberg, and I’m looking forward to what is next. 

Augmented reality and virtual reality are slowly making their way to the front of the line. While we haven’t reached the tipping point on a wide acceptance of VR or AR, it is showing itself to be a great resource for employees that want to demonstrate models in product development, overhaul the boring pitch deck, and hold immersive meetings with stakeholders in other states or countries. For marketing or sales teams, VR and AR can help close deals with a “face to face” call, a test drive of a product or service, or a “feel like you’re really there” lead-generation campaign. For talent recruitment, a virtual tour of the office will eventually become the standard. The next question is: will spaces be dedicated solely to VR and AR activity, or will they be seamlessly integrated at each desk? We’ll have to see. 

“For this new year, D.C. is estimated to add 1,185,000 square feet of office space, making it rank in eleventh place for U.S. cities with the most office space expected during this time frame.” Read more for what is to come in 2018! 

“The point being: Whatever you do, technology probably gives you a better way to do it.

Emma Joyce is an interior designer and always in the process of searching new styles, inspirations, and advice on how to renovate and decorate.

Business SpacesMaegan SlowakiewiczMarch 20, 2018biophilia, green design

“When well executed, resimercial design can have a positive impact on wellbeing, collaboration, ideation and overall productivity in the workplace.”

“researchers wanted to understand how the workplace directly impacts employee engagement, and identify the types of changes that can make a difference in reversing the lack of workplace motivation”

“Three-dimensional printing is one of the most talked-about technologies of this decade.”

If you’re forced to spend the bigger part of your day in an office, why not make it fun, exciting, innovative and creative? Offices that offer relaxing and entertaining features are more likely to boost productivity in their workers and this will help them get better results at the end of each month. Those unusual offices are particularly popular with the people working in the IT industry because these are the individuals who are aware of the need to have some fun at the workplace, relax for a bit and use their breaks to recharge batteries. So, take a look at some of the coolest offices in the world and try to implement their ideas into your working environment as well.

HomeAIFF ONLINEOffice Design Trends for 2018 We’re Excited to See

“Businesses often confuse perks with culture. Providing recreational spaces and a fun environment are not the same as establishing a positive culture that makes employees happy, improves retention rates and increases output.” 

2017 was a banner year for popularizing biophilic design elements in the office. From rooftop gardens to water features to nature-based wall dividers using bamboo or wood, nature was the name of the game in the context of employee health and wellbeing. It has been proven that being in nature is beneficial on many levels for staff to feel calm, creative, happier, and healthier. Now, companies are going to dive deeper, beyond the vertical garden or chic grass sidewalk, to apply the idea of ‘green’ to all of their processes: renewable energy sources for powering the office, grey water systems, air purification renovations, carbon offsets, green web hosting, locally sourced food and beverages for the lounge or cafeteria, bike and electric car rental benefits for commuters, and more. Don’t be surprised if more companies get creative with their outdoor surroundings by building “walking meeting” paths, or introducing an indoor greenhouse or park. 

“From recreating the comforts of home to virtual reality advancements, here are five key trends poised to take off in the modern workplace next year.”

The focus now is on our ability to improve the space for everyone, to recognize the individual’s value in the work place. The theme for 2018 office design is “vitality:” taking the office space beyond being a place we simply tolerate to becoming a place where we feel re-energized and full of possibility. Here are five trends to look forward to in the next year. 

“With its expansion into an urban campus, it was essential the new building incorporate distinctive amenities to foster a sense of community and encourage employees to intermingle between buildings.

Office TrendsMaegan SlowakiewiczDecember 18, 2017Workplace Wellness

“while Millennials continue to be of great interest, there’s a new generation that is already capturing the attention of demographers and forward-thinking organizations around the world.”

Keeping close track of design developments has become increasingly harder in the past couple of years, not because we’re unable to do so in a proper way, but because the number of these developments is so huge it’s practically impossible to notice them all. This is especially true with office design trends, so you can basically do anything you want and opt for whichever innovation you find appealing. Every season brings forward a new selection of trends recommended by designers and other people who actually know what’s good and what’s not, as well as what might be perfect for all those working people spending nine hours a day stuck behind a big desk in an uncomfortable chair. So, if you are interested in office design trends, here are a few that are going to be huge this year.

She writes for the, and many other interior related websites.

“For generations, experts have stressed green spaces, fresh air, and sunlight for our children. Who said adults don’t need it as well? “

5 Technology Innovations Can Help Your Architecture Practice Work Smarter

“Dim lights are producing dimwits,” remarks one researcher studying the connection between light and mental acuity.


D.C.’s most popular office design trends in 2017 and what to expect in 2018

This is just one of the most essential trends that were quite popular last year, but its impact and importance aren’t confined to just one season only. Flexible and dynamic layouts give all your employees an option to customize and personalize their working space in accordance with their needs and basically do anything they like – from changing the layout and adding new furniture to installing new features and integrating with the neighboring offices. Keeping a healthy and positive workflow is one of the most important tasks of a modern office and that can be done only by opting for a flexible layout.

A wall of 100 lava lamps at Cloudflare’s San Francisco office isn’t just for kitsch effect–it’s quietly encrypting information.

“The workplace is predicted to become more human over the next ten years as an emphasis on creating memorable experiences transforms how and where people work.”

Lots of companies today are facing a problem with office space and a desire to fit as many people in a small office as possible. And while the idea of cramming everyone together might not seem like the best solution in the world, it can still be done as long as you’re organized and know what you’re doing. One of the ways to make this possible is by opting for a new generation of workstations that can accommodate more people than before and utilize every inch of free space they have. These benefits are also the reason why more and more people in Australia, for instance, are looking into reliable office workstations in Sydney, trying to save space and, at the same time, encourage interaction between coworkers.

Business SpacesMaegan SlowakiewiczMarch 20, 2018co-creation, innovation

Every new generation brings something new to the table and tries to find a way to define its essence, but also separate itself from the previous generations. When it comes to millennials and their office design trends, things are quite simple – they prefer unconventional and laid-back workspaces equipped not only with furniture that will serve a specific need instead of being just a piece of unnecessary equipment, but also with the latest gadgets from the world of technology. In other words, this means that the millennials are trying to make their everyday life as easy and convenient as possible, and do everything they can to help themselves get the best results in their place of work.

Placing the individual at the forefront, the space allows for cross pollination and member engagement, a huge benefit to allow for accelerated serendipity in an environment surrounded by the right collaborators, tenants and creatives.”

We all know what the world we live in today is likely to face a natural disaster in the next couple of decades – unless something changes drastically, of course. That’s precisely why environmentally-aware entrepreneurs and businesspeople are trying to make a small change for the better in their offices and introduce a couple of new ideas that will be good for the future. Installing LED light bulbs all around their office might not seem like a lot at first, but just imagine how many bulbs there are in the headquarters of a large multinational company! Just one small change like that can make a significant difference and actually do some good for our planet, so having more and more companies exploring eco-friendly office design is an amazing news.

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The Hardest Working Office Design In America Encrypts Your Data–With Lava Lamps

With the rise of the minimalist office and neutral or streamlined layouts, texture will become one way for a workplace to introduce a playful side. Textures heighten the sensory elements of a room, and can summon a nostalgic home comfort in everyday spaces. Think faux or real sheepskin chair throws, acoustic fabric wall panels, beach shell wall dividers, woven rugs, and handmade baskets. 

While some may feel that office design is going a little too over the top with unnecessary bells and whistles, the fact is we exist during a time of remarkable technological and manufacturing advancements for office furniture and accessories. These innovations help us rethink and disrupt traditional concepts around work and replace our images of what the office should look like: for example, the uncomfortably tight cubicle farm or the stodgy firm with heavy, ornate wood furniture. The offices of tomorrow can be minimally defined or luxuriously appointed, neutral or colorful, handcrafted or polished.

Business SpacesMaegan SlowakiewiczMarch 19, 2018encryption, lava lamps

Employees prefer effective workplace technology to wacky office design

Business SpacesMaegan SlowakiewiczJanuary 15, 2018workplace design, FETCH

“A spaceship-themed office and a heritage-listed workplace with a slippery slide are examples of what modern nine-to-fivers can expect in the new age of workplace design.”

How 3D printing is disrupting the architecture and design industry

Workplace TechnologyMaegan SlowakiewiczDecember 18, 2017Workplace Technology

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