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5 Interior Design Styles From Around The World Designcurial

5 Interior Design Styles From Around The World Designcurial 5 Interior Design Styles From Around The World Designcurial

‘I’m just a bit egocentric I suppose: I want people to love me!’ he exclaims, playing up, just a little, to his image as the design world’s most outrageous pop-star.

There are a variety of factors that can play a vital role in the interior design of homes in various cultures. From color-schemes to the level of clutter, national traditions continue to influence choices designers make when decorating homes across the planet. In this infographic, discover thirteen interior design styles from around the world.

So what is Wanders’ political agenda? ‘I think we need more respect for the past, so that we create a world that doesn’t change so fast,’ he says. ‘Modernism throws away the past, which means that tomorrow you throw away today – that’s a world that is completely unsustainable. We create children without parents. Modernism: in the world I hardly see it; in design I always see it. So in this way I think design is a bit old-fashioned.’

With hygge proving itself as a popular design trend – and lykke following not too far behind –  Scandinavian interiors seem to be all the rage; and this look is no less appealing than it was before it reached mainstream success. Championing comfort, functionality and the natural world, the Scandi aesthetic offers an ideal interior type for the modern homeowner.

In 1995 he opened his own studio in Amsterdam and six years later co-founded design label Moooi, of which he is the art director. Since then he has designed for global brands and high-end furniture companies including B&B Italia,Cappellini, Christofle, Bisazza, Poliform, KLM-Royal Dutch Airlines, Flos, Magis, Target, Baccarat, and more recently Alessi and Marks & Spencer. His architectural and interior design projects include the Kameha Grand hotel in Bonn, the Mondrian South Beach hotel in Miami, the Villa Moda Flagship store in Bahrain and private residences in Amsterdam, Mallorca and Jakarta.

When it comes to interior design, it’s easy to spend hours scouring every corner of the globe to find the next ‘big thing’. When surrounded by so many rich and vibrant cultures – from the bustling streets of New Delhi to the colourful souks of Marrakech – it seems that iconic design styles are only ever around the corner! We’ve ventured across the continents to find some of our favourite interior looks on Earth – and provide our key tips to bring these styles into your own homes and spaces.

Like Lady Gaga, Wanders has a wandering eye when it comes to style. In the design of his furniture, lighting, tableware, hotel interiors and architecture he looks to other times and places for inspiration, cherry-picking influences – from fairy stories by the Brothers Grimm, to the architecture and design of the baroque period.

Wanders’ work is known for being highly decorative, but he says that’s no reason to assume that it isn’t also functional. ‘I think my work is often overlooked in this sense,’ says Wanders when we meet to talk about his one of his latest projects, the fantastical interior of a new hotel in Amsterdam for the Hyatt Hotel group’s Andaz brand. ‘I’m totally serious about my work and I feel that I have something important to say.’

Wanders says that design provides ‘a fantastic opportunity for change and ideas and communication’: ‘Design is the international language. It’s what binds cultures and it’s the most subtle way to create change in cultures. It’s a political act. If you don’t have a political agenda you aren’t doing anything.’

Combining classic Mediterranean design with a nod to its African neighbours, Spanish interior design has seen a resurgence in recent years, thanks to its homely and sophisticated appearance. Whether walking through a villa in Lanzarote or an apartment in downtown Barcelona, Spanish interiors are instantly recognisable – which is why they’re often admired by top interior designers the world over.

We look at some of the most interesting and unique interior design styles from across the globe.

‘At the same time you think: “This is so Marcel; I could get this from no one but him!” I try to give who I am – the best I have to give, but also to show that I know and respect my audience. I did the same thing when I was 12.’

Thanks to its popularity, this style is now relatively easy to achieve – without having to take a trip to North Africa. Focus on patterns, warm colour, organic materials and authenticity – and that means avoiding over-refining any one aspect. To achieve genuine Moroccan style,  throw a couple of floor cushions around a wooden coffee table and enjoy dining with a difference.

Wanders likens designing products and interiors to giving gifts – something he says has enjoyed doing since childhood. ‘I love to make things. As a child I loved to make gifts for people and I learned a few interesting things, namely that a good gift has two main qualities: if it’s good you open it and you go “Wow! This is so me. How did you know I would like this? Why didn’t I know I liked this so much?” So with a good gift, you feel that I have seen you and that I spend time thinking about you.

Although he has, on occasion, created one-off products and interiors for private clients, Wanders says that for him the real joy of design is that an interior product he has created will be enjoyed by many people. ‘If I design a glass, for example, I spend way too much time on designing it, but I don’t care. Ultimately, I’m designing it once and then we make thousands; maybe 10,000 people are going to use it. I’m multiplying my time. If I did a glass for one person, I wouldn’t feel that excited about doing it because I would want lots of people to use it.’

Morocco’s eclectic history as a major crossroads between cultures and religions has given birth to an interior design style oozing with colour, geometry, texture and warmth. From patterned encaustic tiles and colourful Moroccan rugs, to plush furniture and intricate decorations, this bustling and enticing aesthetic often proves a firm favourite for those looking to balance modern and traditional elements.

In typical Wanders style, the interior of the Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht is an eclectic mix of design styles and period influences. There is video art in dark corridors, clogs with yawning mouths on the guest room walls, illustrations telling the story of Sleeping Beauty (an influence Wanders first plundered for his design for the Mondrian South Beach in Miami) and a crystal chandelier with integrated video screens that display the news on various channels. Throughout the hotel, furniture designed by Wanders sits alongside antiques and other bespoke pieces.

But lurking beneath the humour and theatricality in this and all of Wanders’ work is a sold design philosophy; even, he’d argue, a political attitude. ‘I think that within the world of design I’m trying to do something that’s really different,’ he says. ‘I want to create a world that is more romantic, more humanistic, to take a step forward from modernism and realise that maybe modernism is done and we need a world that is more free-spirited and less technocratic; more respectful to the past and therefore more respectful to an environmental future, because with the modernist tradition we have we will never create a sustainable environment.’

Whether you’re looking to inject a touch of Asia or Africa, go understated or extravagant, the world is brimming with a diverse range of aesthetics. Wandering through a country can provide a real sense of its culture and history – with everything from its bustling streets to renowned architecture playing a part. From the reserved people of Japan to the nature-loving natives of Scandinavia, a peek inside the hallways and rooms of a population offers a telling glimpse of the world outside. Hopefully with our five favourite interior styles, we’ve shown how the diverse range of backgrounds, faiths and beliefs have shaped each nation’s interiors.

An informal atmosphere is commonplace throughout each room, with areas for relaxation and socialising taking up much of the available floor space. In terms of colours, red, orange, blue and yellow all hold cultural significance in India, which makes them popular choices for interiors. Whatever colours you choose to decorate with, be sure to go bright and bold when emulating this style.

Hallmarks of a Spanish interior include a warm colour scheme (think yellows, reds and oranges), textured walls such as exposed brick or brushed plaster, dark woods like walnut, and seamless tiled floors.

This is why Wanders gets much more excited about designing hotels than he does about designing private homes. ‘I love designing rooms, but I love to design rooms that hundreds of people will enjoy and have fun in.

‘Of all the people I could be likened to, I think it’s not too bad,’ says the Dutchman, 49. ‘At least she’s doing something different – she’s doing her own thing with all her heart and with a lot of energy and she’s never boring. All of these things,’ Wanders accepts, ‘resonate with me and my style of design.’

When another journalist likened Marcel Wanders to being the Lady Gaga of the design world, he wasn’t displeased. Like her he wants to be seen to be doing something different, showing a lot of energy, never boring, he tells Jamie Mitchell

With a flamboyant design style – and a personal style to match – designer Marcel Wanders was nicknamed the Lady Gaga of the design world by New York Times journalist Julie Scelfo… How does he feel about being compared to one of the world’s most outlandish pop stars?

Other colours are few and far between, with natural shades of beige and browns used on surfaces that aren’t made of wood. Large, iconic windows and screens let light flood in to the space; structured shapes, sharp corners and ultra-functional storage cabinets and shelves all work together to create a serene style that embodies relaxation and practicality.

Born and raised in Boxtel in the Netherlands, Wanders graduated from the Institute of the Arts, Arnhem in 1988. He first wowed the design world in 1996 with his Knotted Chair, produced by Cappellini and made entirely of rope wound around a carbon core and hardened with epoxy.

Since the 19th Century, India has taken centre-stage when it comes to Eastern-inspired design. Beautifully complex patterns, bold and vibrant colours and handspun fabrics make Indian interiors some of the most captivating anywhere on the globe.

Simplicity sits at the heart of Japanese interior design, with a focus on natural materials and colour schemes – which results in a peaceful and pared-down style that stands in stark contrast to the busy interiors of Morocco and India. Typical Japanese homes include heavy use of bamboo or other light woods throughout, whether in the bed frames, flooring or cupboards and cabinets.

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To take steps towards this look, paint walls in a neutral tone and embellish with pops of pastel colours such as yellow, baby blue and blush pink in room furnishings. We’d also recommend exposing or installing wooden flooring, if possible, as well as adding house plants and wooden accents to mirror the Scandinavian love of nature and the outdoors.

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