28 Cool And Collected Bathroom Decorating Ideas Canvas Factory

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28 Cool And Collected Bathroom Decorating Ideas Canvas Factory

You don’t have to cover an entire wall – you could just use a small, unused portion of a wall in your kids bedroom and affix Lego boards for your child to build upon. Not only will a Lego wall encourage creative play, it will also allow your child to have freedom over the colour, design, and style of that section of the bedroom, encouraging them to change their bedroom decor at will.

Contemporary design simply means what’s hot now. And what’s hot is quite eclectic which is great news as it caters to a range of different tastes. So whether you have a passion for elaborate, plush finishes or prefer minimalist fresh stylings, they’ll be something here that will provide food for thought.

Add something rustic and romantic to an otherwise austere white bathroom design. Use timber in vanity units, cabinets or simply just mirror frames. It will add warmth, heart and homeliness.

Nothing is more magical than your child’s imagination, so hand over some of the creative interior decorating responsibility to your child and encourage them to create their own magical artwork to display in their bedroom. Once your child has poured their imagination out onto paper, take a high-resolution digital image of the finished artwork, upload it to our online photo editing tool, and we’ll turn it into a customised, professional quality canvas print to turn any child’s ordinary bedroom into a magical oasis.

Baths are back and they’re bigger and more beautiful than ever! All you need is space. That’s the catch! But if you have the space you’ll be the envy of everyone who visits because they will know how much joy and relaxation that bath brings you. Try these ones on for size. Bliss bath bombs. Yes!

There’s nothing like a ‘before and after’ to truly show you what’s possible and these cool grey and timber stylings, featured below, don’t disappoint. Alternatively, browse through the ‘after’ shots to discover the latest trends in bathroom design.

You’re never too young to be house proud and, while we certainly don’t guarantee these ideas will see your son picking up after himself, these awesome boys bedrooms will at least inspire him to appreciate his living space from a young age.

Scroll on to discover 23 ideas for toddlers, boys…

If your child has trouble getting out of bed in the mornings, instead of nagging or bribing them, simply give them an irresistible reason to get up. And what better reason than to have a slide to use to get out of bed every morning? This simple kids bedroom hack can be created by attaching part of an inexpensive outdoor slide to an existing child’s bunk bed or loft bed.

Who has the time? That’s what I often think when browsing through interior design magazines and blogs. Sure, I have the time to browse (who doesn’t?), but finding the time to execute the ideas is a whole different story.

That challenge increases with living areas, particularly if you have a…

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Given it’s such a tiny space, we sure spend a lot of time in our bathrooms don’t we? We can go weeks without venturing into our home office or our stylish sitting room, but we visit a bathroom multiple times a day.

Which is why it’s surprising how easy it…

  Discover master bedroom decorating ideas that will help make your world a better place to live. A few years ago Admiral William McRaven gave an inspirational speech that went viral where he said earnestly “If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.

” Essentially, the…

Imagine having your childhood books on display like this, as well as having a hidden hideaway to savour your books in private. If you’re looking for a way to encourage your child’s love of reading, this magical library wall and private reading nook would be irresistible to any child.

Now creative tiling is experiencing a comeback with slick urban stylings, retro revivals and bling bling bling as far as the eye can see. This exciting bling tile is small, shiny and colourful. Embrace it! It’s a lot of fun.

You can still enjoy all the flash finishes, but you instead simply give a bit of nod to tradition. Whether it’s glamorous marble, sparking chandeliers, floral accents or timber trimmings, it’s possible to have a new bathroom that fits in well with all that you hold dear.

Which is why it’s surprising how easy it is to forget about making it a nicer space to enjoy!

If your child is interested in fairies and other magical creatures, create these tiny doors complete with miniature embellishments like mail slots, doorbells, and doorknobs, to delight any child. After all, it’s the tiniest details they can spark the biggest imaginative play.

The great news about bathroom design is that you can completely revamp an interior without sacrificing a home’s ambience. It’s always a bit strange to walk through a classic old-style home to discover a contemporary bathroom that feels bizarrely out of place.

Your children deserve nothing less than a magical childhood, and we’re here to show you how you can turn your child’s bedroom into an enchanting place of wonder and imagination – without breaking the bank. Explore our favourite magical kids room ideas to give you inspiration for ways of turning an average bedroom into a place of delight for any child.

Mix a little bit of classic with a little bit of contemporary and you get a whole lot of wonderful with timber and white working together in gorgeous harmony.

The bedroom is a perfect place for girls to express their individuality from toddler to teen. They may be little, but they have big personalities. Don’t you know it! Whether they’re lucky enough to have their own space or blessed (blessed right?) to share with their siblings, these bedroom ideas for girls will let…

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If you’re totally sick of your old tired bathroom and believe it’s due for a complete renovation, these bathroom makeovers are a wonderful place to start for some stylish ideas.

Nurseries are for babies, right? Wrong. They’re also for Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunties, Brothers, Sisters. So are you ready to nest to impress? When designing a baby room, of course it’s important to think about baby, but it’s also vital to think about yourself and your needs.

After 50 days of…

While history gave us intricate mosaics, modern tiling – with all its cost-cutting – stripped tile design right back and gave us the big plain white tile. We’ve been making do with it for years now, sometimes adding pizazz with a feature tile here and there.

Overwhelmed by the everyday? Keen for a break from the humdrum? Eager to dip your toes into the unconventional? Here it is. The mother lode. This massive collection of contemporary interior design ideas will delight and inspire.

Contemporary design isn’t about looking to the future. It’s about grasping what’s hot…

Love the idea of cherishing your boy while he’s young, but affording him with equal amounts of security and independence so he can grow up to become a good, well-balanced man? Kickstart the love from day one with a focus on giving him a space to call his own.


Similarly to the Lego wall idea above, by magnetising a section of your kids bedroom wall you can give them unbridled access to letters, words, and language. Allow older children to spell out messages and play around with rhyme and rhythm, while younger children can experiment with simple one syllable words and work towards mastering their sight words.

Any one of the above ideas will encourage your child’s imagination and creative mind to develop. Set up your child’s bedroom to foster their sense of freedom and imagination, and then watch as their little minds create amazing magical experiences. If you happen to capture a beautiful photograph of your child’s imagination in full swing, have it professionally printed on canvas to capture the moment forever.

This would have to be our favourite from this set of kids room ideas. What child wouldn’t love a hideaway where they could escape from the world and curl up with a good book? Come to think of it, we would guess that a fair proportion of the adult population would also treasure a perfect little hideaway like this.

How about turning the entrance to your kids bedroom into the passage to Narnia? All you need to do is pick up a cheap secondhand wardrobe and remove part of the back, put it in place, and you’ve got the entrance to Narnia! Just remember to make the entrance at the back large enough for you to fit through it as well, otherwise you’ll just have to take your children’s word for it that their room is clean and there aren’t any month-old apple cores in there.

Make good use of an unused corner in your child’s bedroom and turn it into a tiny castle playroom. We’re not sure what is at the top of that ladder, but even without the latter a simple plastic cutout temporarily affixed to the walls, along with a shaggy rug on the floor, turns a small portion of any kids bedroom into a castle or fort to hide and play in.

An acrylic glass spit image wall display will add something extra cool to a fresh white bathroom interior design. The wonderful thing about acrylic is it trumps both canvas and glass, giving you the opportunity to decorate your bathroom. Unlike canvas, acrylic glass is resistant to the steamy, wet environment and unlike glass. it won’t shatter dangerously.

The problem with most soft toy storage solutions is that the little characters end up being squashed together, with most of them being not visible whilst in storage. For children who think of their stuffed animal collection as furry members of the family, the end result is that kids will usually resist those traditional storage hammocks, and once again their soft toy collection will take up residence all over the house. This fantastic soft toy swing is the perfect solution to the problem, as each furry friend will have their own spot and will be perfectly visible and easy to grab at a moments notice. They also look like they’re having heaps of fun, allowing your child to maintain the magical illusion that their stuffed animal friends are really real.

Keen to transform your bathroom from something merely functional into something extra special? These cool and collected bathroom decorating ideas will inspire.

Given it’s such a tiny space, we sure spend a lot of time in our bathrooms don’t we? We can go weeks without venturing into our home office or our stylish sitting room, but we visit a bathroom multiple times a day.

Do you remember the days when the mailman brought more than unwanted catalogues and bills? Life is still like that for your child, who only knows about party invitations and birthday cards arriving in the mail. Create your child’s own personal mailbox and post little notes to them regularly to allow them to keep the magic of personal handwritten notes alive.

This idea is so simple and is guaranteed to delight any child who loves the idea of an enchanted garden. Start by purchasing inexpensive Mammutt stools from Ikea and then sew round red cushions with white polka dots and attach them to the top of the stools.

People downsize for many reasons. For some, their families have ‘flown the nest’ and it’s time to replace the large family home for something smaller and easier to maintain. For others – particularly those without kids – apartment living has become a popular alternative to buying a large home.


When decorating our homes, we so often focus on transforming those common spaces – entries, hallways, living rooms, family rooms – that we often forget to set aside funds for all the bedrooms! If you’ve found yourself without a bottomless pit of money, don’t despair.

Explore this brilliant collection of…

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