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25 modern ways to style a home sunset magazine

25 Modern Ways To Style A Home Sunset Magazine

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25 Modern Ways To Style A Home Sunset Magazine.

Art: Photograph used in wallpaper by Laure Joliet, laurejoliet.com.

Modern décor can be fun, too. This three-pound porcelain bookend masquerades as a lightweight balloon. (And is sure to induce smiles from houseguests.) Balloon Animal Dog Bookend ($49).

Consider furnishings with designs that serve as art unto themselves. These wire counter stools by Bend bring a modern touch—and a pop of color to the kitchen.

A streamlined take on the china hutch—a built-in, glass-fronted cabinet—holds everyday dishes. The 2-inch-thick soapstone countertop has extra heft. “It balances the room’s height with some chunkiness,” Schrock says.

“Art is what gives a home meaning.” Dick says. “Have less, but have what’s important to you.” He and Schrock commissioned works from their favorite L.A. artists to fill the house, including the ceramics and photography in the living room.

Sleek metal railings, shining glass, and not a seastar or anchor in sight … this is a beach house? Oh, yes. For this year’s Idea House in Manhattan Beach, we built a clean-lined, modern home and asked Los Angeles interior designers David John Dick and Krista Schrock of DISC Interiors to reinvent beach style within its walls. The result riffs on the tonal colors of the coast—and the energetic art scene in L.A.—to inspire updates in your home, no matter how far you are from the sand.More: Step inside the house and take an interactive tour

Are you in or out? You can barely tell the difference in this modern cabin full of natural materials and expanses of glass

History plays its part inside Sunset’s 2016 Idea House, but the future is c…

A window-filled tower helps an old Victorian house see the light

In the spare room, earthy tones and materials reign. Dick and Schrock say that items made of natural materials, like sea grass rugs or clear glass lamps, are often inexpensive too.

The tone-on-tone concrete tile on the floor picks up on the sandy colors in the white oak vanity and adds subtle pattern. “Using graphic prints in a tonal way keeps it from feeling overwhelming,” Dick says.

The simplicity of a black-and-white palette keeps the wallpaper and Nero Marquina stone from looking too busy.Art: Print by Brett Cody Rogers, brettcodyrogers.com.

We enlisted Los Angeles’ top talent to design a new kind of beach house

The best of the past meets the future of design in our ranch house makeover in Denver

The best of the past meets the future of design in our ranch house makeover…

Sometimes what’s modern about an object is its placement. Here, a colorful portrait adds contrast and intrigue to a black-and-white bathroom.

These bright white square containers elegantly frame your plants, allowing them to take center stage. Blox Galvanized Hi-Gloss White Planters (from $24.95; powder coated galvanized steel).

Give your living space a modern look with inspiration from these fresh-face…

Bright colors and finishes can put a modern spin on a traditional design. These metallic globes might even get the kiddos excited about geography class. Decorative Globe ($38).

The long, low bench takes advantage of the sunken firepit in the backyard. Landscape design team Masterpeace Gardens used the wall of the above-ground pool as a focal point to showcase plantings of complementary deep red Japanese barberry (Berberis thunbergii) and chartreuse Carex oshimensis ‘Everillo’.

A solar thermal system lessens the home’s energy use, and the yard is drought-conscious. The lush red fescue (Festuca rubra) lawn requires little water or maintenance—it needs to be mowed only once a year.

Follow an interior designer’s tips to bring layered decor into your home

Go bold with dark colors. Here, a velvet indigo wing chair exudes quiet drama against an ebony-stained TV cabinet.

In our Los Angeles Idea house, the designers printed photographic wallpaper through designyourwall.com. Tip: They increased the exposure of the photo (by Laure Joliet) until the sky was white enough to blend with the ceiling.

The moss green wall color inspired a few comforts to make this second-floor escape even more cozy: tweed-ish upholstery, and amenities like a record player and tabletop latte machine.

Are you in or out? You can barely tell the difference in this modern cabin …

The designers flopped the dining room and living room positions. With its smaller size, the space feels like an intimate lounge—a place for talking, not TV. This room—and most of the others in the house—is painted Behr’s Ultra Pure White. “A lot of people mistake white for boring, but it’s easier to layer on top of,” Schrock says.

History plays its part inside Sunset’s 2016 Idea House, but the future is calling

From sleek elements to contemporary accessories, there are lots of stylish ideas to steal from these master bedrooms

The designers chose ebony-stained kitchen cabinets as a counterpoint to the white walls and light-colored flooring. With minimal hardware, the cabinets mimic furniture. In contrast, the handcrafted tile is “a little irregular,” Dick says. Placing perfect next to imperfect is a theme in the house—it’s what keeps it laid-back.

The bedroom was designed with serenity in mind, so the elements are few—and the colors even fewer. The bed is positioned across from a wall of windows to take advantage of the view. “The emphasis is on the view and nature, less on the furnishings,” Dick says.

Accent pillows with graphic patterns add a contemporary touch to any couch or bed. This design with metallic thread is hand-woven by artisans in Rajasthan, India. Langdon Hex Pillow ($168).

Sleek finishes, clean lines, inventive color schemes, and creative materials make these kitchens stand out

Indigo ties together the splashy elements— including patterned shades and pillows, and a textured plaster mural—in the kid’s room.Art: Mural by Lisa Donohoe, londubhstudio.com.

Sleek finishes, clean lines, inventive color schemes, and creative material…

Dick and Schrock gave the butler’s pantry a mission: prep station and storage for an amateur bartender. With that light-hearted purpose in mind, they took a playful approach to the walls.

From sleek elements to contemporary accessories, there are lots of stylish …

Convention says black and blue shouldn’t mix, but the designers were inspired by the ocean’s inky waves and see black as simply a subtle shift in color that’s more interesting than either of the hues on their own. “It feels more tonally-inspired,” says Dick of the velvet indigo wingchair against the ebony-stained TV cabinet.

Give your living space a modern look with inspiration from these fresh-faced rooms

A resourceful Portland designer reawakened her Victorian kitchen by combini…

Slate-color concrete tiles cover the balcony off the master bedroom, nodding to the black pool in the yard below and the cabinetry in the bedroom. Oversize outdoor furniture turns the small deck into an outdoor sitting room.

To bring the beach inside, Dick and Schrock uploaded a shoreline image to designyourwall.com, a site that prints photographic wallpaper. They increased the photo’s exposure until the sky was white enough to blend with the ceiling.

The double-height entry creates a lot of drama—and wall space. Schrock and Dick filled it with a ceramic wall hanging and designed the staircase with sheets of glass in place of balusters. “The glass fades out, so it’s all about the artwork,” Dick says.

“If you’re not into color, don’t force it,” says Schrock. Instead, layer texture—“shiny things with things that are matte,” for instance, says Dick. In the great room, they decorated with a glass coffee table and linen drapes.

The ranch house rides again—this time with a dash of old world character

Crackly, handcrafted tile all the way up to the ceiling contrasts with glossy white countertops in the laundry room. “We wanted to give you something pretty to look at when you’re facing the wall,” Schrock says.

Look for decorative objects in unexpected shapes. These glazed earthenware vases buck the round-shaped vase tradition, acting as much as tabletop sculptures as they do for flower vessels. Totem Vases (from $24).

Art: Wall hanging by Heather Levine, heatherlevine.com. Tabletop ceramics by Heather Rosenman, heatherrosenmanceramics.com.

Since the window wall between the great room and yard folds away, the designers used neutral fabrics and wovens outside too. “Carry­ing the same tones in and out makes spaces feel more put together,” Dick says.

A paneled door of near-Medieval proportions—48 inches—offers a grand entrance to the home. The floors throughout are knotty French white oak. “The interaction between perfect and imperfect is what makes a modern, rustic California home,” Dick says. Plus, “the floor has so many irregularities, you don’t worry if it’s scratched.”

Art: Photograph by Marcia Prentice, marciaprentice.com. Sconces by Jason Koharik, collectedby.com.

Hearts are forever, especially illuminated ones. These neon pieces add a joyful and modern glow above a console. Neon Loves Red ($299; includes wall-mounting hardware).

Simple shades frame the view from the deep soaking tub. “Window coverings are expensive, so we always go with a neutral or soft gray you won’t tire of,” Schrock says.

The kids’ bathroom is tiled floor to ceiling with relatively low-cost subway tiles. “We used a common material but chose a larger size for a modern look,” Schrock says. Black grout emphasizes the scale.

A resourceful Portland designer reawakened her Victorian kitchen by combining the best of old and new

If your decorating tastes run modern and you want to give that clean, streamlined look a shot in the arm, peep these ideas for inspiration

The house next door blocked a lot of light to the room, so the designers embraced the darkness in the den with a deep mossy green wall color. A light floor and white ceiling keep the room from feeling somber.

Inspired by the restaurants in downtown L.A., the designers chose a long communal table for the dining room. “We balanced the room’s huge ceilings with a low table and stools,” Schrock says. They envision the casual room as a spot for everything from working late to entertaining.

Employ what you already include to decorate. Many of us include items in our control , probably packed up throughout boxes somewhere and have not given them a next glance. Your house needs a few accessories. Rather than running to be able to the store, take a new good look at that which you already have. Trays, wood made , acrylic, metal or metallic can be on best of luggage racks, herbal tea carts, trunks, bedside desks and coffee tables regarding extra texture and aspect . Arrange candles on these people , frames or pile guides on top of all of them . Plates can be installed to create wonderful walls art. Art from kids books can be frame and hung in nurseries, children`s rooms or their very own bathrooms. You will get amazed at your expertise with what you currently have!

No matter if you`ve just moved and looking for a rapid , little home pick-me-up, or perhaps perhaps something better, generally there are some well-known interior design tricks that designers make use of that you simply too can very easily do with minimal work and cost. Sometimes the particular smallest things make very best impact. It could become digging in a reflection , a painting, a light or even a vegetable. You want to become softer your walls, brighten the room, or then add warmness to your living area. Check out these clever design and style as well as notice how they can motivate you!

Differ your workout. Mix upward patterns and textures. Mixture up old and fresh , expensive and cheap. There`s nothing wrong with putting family heirlooms alongside the modern couch. Great inside decorators will tell a person that one of the particular most important aspect in order to decorating your house is that that reflects who you happen to be , your personality and your current style. The vintage Chippendale office that was your grandfather`s tells a story. This tells the story involving your past. The modern day couch you became adoringly obsessed with and just had to purchase furthermore tells a story, your existing story, and there is definitely no reasons why the current and past can`t co-exist beautifully together. A similar may be said for artwork. You now might not would like to place a piece of art by Salvador Dali on a single wall next to a new Monet, but there`s simply no reason why that they can`t get in the same place together. With fabrics regardless of whether it be furniture, carpets or pillows, varied hues and patterns would bring friendliness and texture with your being space.

Living green . Add plants in order to your liveable space . Add these people to every room, little or large, few or even many. Plants is surely an affordable means to accessorizing your current space and adding colour and texture. Not just are plants beautiful yet many can clean family air and balance humidness . They can absorb toxins and remove harmful gas from the air. Not any home should be without having these wonderful greens!

Paint smaller bedrooms in softer, lighter hues to make the room sense larger. The living place above is an excellent sort of how in order to maximize a small liveable space . A room of this kind of size has got the tendency in order to seem cramped, nevertheless the big windows, light colored wall surfaces and ample utilization of showcases not only reflect the particular natural light pouring within from your doors and the particular windows nevertheless the use involving mirrors also shows the optic illusion of space, generating the room seem larger than it actually will be . Conversely, darker colors can make a room experience smaller. Even with typically the abundance of natural light source and the strategic holding of the mirrors, this kind of room in a more dark shade might have an additional boxed-in feel into it.

Add a dangling pot holder to your own kitchen. Kitchens are designed to be warm plus inviting. We spend very much of our time within them whether it become for preparing meals, offering meals or entertaining. Some sort of hanging pot rack is advantageous elegance. Kitchens are intended to feel as even though they are in frequent use and a clinging pot rack certainly can make one feel this approach . In addition to seeking so wonderful, (there a wide range of sizes and styles available) additional cupboard space beneath is actually freed up in order to store other items. Rarely has anyone complained associated with having too much storage area.

Wicker baskets. Straw-plaited baskets are an inexpensive and elegant approach to include storage to any area . Baskets can be applied to store and show books, architectural and interior decoration magazines, toys, towels in addition to blankets to name some sort of few. Place a number of smaller wicker baskets within the counter-tops in your kitchen in order to beautifully display and shop your fruit and fresh vegetables.

Car paint or wallpaper your bookcases. This instant pop regarding color will brighten plus re-energize any room! It can amazing how something therefore simple as a coating of colorful paint could instantly energize and convert your space. This pre-installed bookcase would be basic and ordinary minus the vivid blue interior. Possibly the most basic and most inexpensive method to transform a boring room would be to apply a cover of paint somewhere sudden . Bookcases are an excellent place to start since you don`t need to color a large area. Some other fun places to include the pop of color incorporate painting fireplace mantels, the particular insides of closets, hallways and ceilings.

Slip into some thing a tad bit more comfortable!. Slip addresses frequently get an awful rap but they happen to be truly wonderful things. That they can act as a methods of changing your furniture`s look to reflect typically the seasons. These easily taken off coverings improve a superior look without constantly being concerned about people dirtying or perhaps spilling on your furnishings . Slip covers are excellent for rooms used usually by children. Over a new white slip-covered couches shows the air of an everyday , comfortable, easy yet complex elegance.

Make use of decorative mirrors to incorporate quick light to your living area . As seen above, mirror may also be used to make a new small space feel bigger . For larger rooms, or even any room with a new more limited amount regarding natural light, mirrors located directly across from your house windows , will add instant light-weight . Decorative mirrors could also be used within lieu of art to be able to fill empty wall place . Large or small, wall mirrors add light and aspect to your livable space.

Make use of area rugs to become softer hardwood floors. Throw mats give warmth and can easily add great texture, coloring and personality to your current living space. Hardwood floor surfaces are beautiful and effortless to keep up but they be lacking the comfort that carpeted floors offer, particularly throughout the cooler months. Place rugs can also put fun and functionality in order to your living area . Use many of varying patterns and even fabrics together to highlight your character. Or put several rugs of typically the identical pattern and cloth , or different textures although the same color. Typically the possibilities are endless. An individual can change your location rugs to reflect the particular seasons using warmer shades and fabrics for chillier months and lighter types for the warmer periods of the year. Right now there are many lovely organic cotton , washable area rugs which in turn are suitable for those residences with children. There definitely is no reason precisely why a house with young youngsters cannot become a fashionable one.

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