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Bedroom beige stained wooden wardrobe design come with traditional style with floral pattern door wardrobe
20 Wooden Bedroom Wardrobe Design Ideas With Pictures

20 Wooden Bedroom Wardrobe Design Ideas With Pictures 20 Wooden Bedroom Wardrobe Design Ideas With Pictures

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5 | Visualizer: Alena Makagon Here’s an attached wardrobe space that hides when the door is closed. Seams in the glossy wall panels allow the entrance to blend to a state of near invisibility, a useful quality considering its proximity to the television.

The boxes in the first photo are worth a mention too: labels like “large things” and “medium things” is a cute touch.

9 | Source: ZalfA unique shelving layout leaves room for storage containers of every size. Antique chests are more than just practical: they’re a clever way to beautify an otherwise utilitarian space.

This wardrobe looks nothing like an ordinary closet. Smoky glass panels clarify the room without obscuring the details within.

The wall wasn’t wasted because aside from the wardrobe, shelves were installed in there too. Image Source: Harrell Remodeling

Another neat bedroom design with sleek lines everywhere. I’d get to sleep at once if this bedroom is mine! Image Source: De Meza + Architecture

This red oak wardrobe helps creating a very visually appealing and contemporary space. Image Source: Andrea Swan – Swan Architecture

Instead of covering the entire wall with the wardrobe, the area near the window is converted into a bench with storage too. Image Source: Intexure Architects

Wardrobe cabinets with wooden finishes give a natural look to any room, in both dark and light wood tones. In this space, the cabinets are over sized, fitting to the large bedroom space. The sliding doors allow for easy maneuvering and a beautiful complement to the dark wood bed frame.

Looks like this one has masculine colors but would also pass as a master bedroom. Wooden wardrobes are positioned on both sides of the bed. Image Source: John Maniscalco Architecture

Here, we’d got a white vinyl closet trimmed with dark maple, providing an elegant and modern look to this master bedroom. Image Source:huelsta.com

You can see here that on two sides of the wall are wardrobes to store the owner’s clothes, bags and all.Image Source: KUBE architecture

Image: Home Design Lover Image: Reno Mania Image: Feather and Black Image: Hall of Homes Image: Talentez Image: Decoist Image: Style n Designs Image: Lombok Image: How You Sleep Image: Site House

13 | Visualizer: Vitaly Yurov & Iryna DzhemesiukSliding doors are a great choice for wardrobes in rooms that don’t have a lot of extra floor space. This bedroom isn’t tiny but a traditional swinging door would have restricted the walking path to the side.

Here, this contemporary marvel is made into a warm, livable space with lots of ash wood splayed throughout the bed room- from the bed frame to the cabinetry. Image Source: Huelsta

6 | Visualizer: Anna FedyukinaSlatted doors match the unique wall feature along the leftmost wall of this stylish modern bedroom. Slats offer balance between clean aesthetics and decorative appeal, and they’re a great way to integrate wood within a natural interior without the heavy look of a solid panel door.

Wardrobes come in all shapes and sizes, with just as many options for their doors. Hooked doors, sliding doors, and even coplanar doors have made their way into the design world. Here the mixture of all shapes and sizes allows for storage of anything and everything, leaving very nearly nothing left exposed. Doing so allows this space to embody a modern, sleek appearance completely free from clutter.

Combine an industrial and contemporary feel for a bedroom and you will get something like this.Image Source: Faye McAuliffe Design

This walnut wardrobe is so smooth and finished that you would be forgiven for thinking it wasn’t wood at all. But here it does so much to help coordinate this room’s classic, contemporary design. Image Source:: misuraemme.it

This alder wardrobe adds a hint of prestige to this modern library. Image Source:presottoitalia.it

Closet woes need no longer be a problem with fully customizable wardrobe cabinets with wooden finishes. There are different configurations available, professional installation options, and consultants willing to make a plan perfect for your space.

I like how this bedroom used wood for everything! I really is stunning! Image Source: Jonwil

With a cherry finish, these pine doors contrast nicely with the rest of the room while giving this room an at-home appeal. Image Source:Sliderobes

A small bedroom that looks beautiful despite its simplicity. Look at how the wardrobe is designed wherein the handle seems to create a pattern.Image Source: Architextual

Under a sloped ceiling, this bedroom is a total charmer! Who wouldn’t fall in love with the lights in here?Image Source: MCM Design Studio

The wardrobe here is simple yet it gave this space a very beautiful appeal. Image Source: Studio Schicketanz

14 | Source: ZalfWith wardrobes that include a walking path, the transparency of the doors grows even more important. Nobody wants to feel cramped up inside of a dark closet while looking for clothing, no matter how luxurious the closet might be.

12 | Visualizer: DEKAA architectsDramatic floor-to-ceiling slats upgrade the typical wardrobe door for a striking and modernistic effect. The space between the slats isn’t open but uses its slight opacity to prevent the wardrobe interior from adding visual clutter.

This bedroom has beachy feel with colors of the sea seen on the ceiling and even in the wardrobe. Image Source: Our Town Plans

In this space, the wood finish is converted to match the decor by way of white painted doors. By painting the doors white and leaving the natural wood along the sides, the bed becomes one with the closet set up, and the white chairs blend seamlessly. This allows for the accent colors to really stand out.

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Capitalizing upon the light wood floors and open beams in the ceiling, these wooden finished doors on the wardrobe really bring together the floors, walls, and ceilings in a way that draws the eye straight toward the bed.

Wood structures can be painted to match any existing space. Here, the storage is fitted nicely behind a wall dividing the over sized bedroom space into two spaces.

Cluttered spaces, especially bedrooms, need more storage for holding clothes that are not in regular use like winter gear, sports gear, and evening wear. For this reason wardrobe cabinets with wooden finishes are becoming a great alternative for storage solutions. Here the cabinets are sleek and tall, fitting the geometric design of the space well.

20 | Partial walls and smoky panes of white glass separate these beds from the open wardrobes behind them – a solution that provides far more visual interest than simply moving the bed to the other side of the room and living with a completely exposed wardrobe space.

This mahogany wardrobe is not only highly functional, with plenty of storage space, but is beautiful too. Image Source: iTrade Tube

This alder wardrobe helps give this room a warm, contemporary appeal. Image Source:: Zald Furniture

11 | Visualizer: Lukasz Wojciechowski & Paulina LibiszewskaThis freestanding wardrobe doubles as a boundary between the sleeping area and the integrated bathroom for a creative layout that maintains an acceptable level of privacy without sacrificing openness.

A second freestanding volume acts as a gorgeous monolithic headboard to the bed.

In this space, the black and white theme is maintained with the wood cabinet painted white. The structure allows for different storage options, easily converted when needs change. This means drawers for storing jewelry, watches, ties, and belts, shelves for shoes and folded clothes, as well as rods for hanging tops.

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20 Cool Bedroom Wardrobe Cabinets with Wooden Finishes Image: Hall of Homes

Even elegant spaces can use accent panels or paintings on their wooden finishes to draw the eye.

Traditional bedrooms like this benefit from the wood finish.

This gorgeous brown glazed red oak closet gives this contemporary room some interesting contrast and appeal. Image Source: Sliderobes

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Today bedroom wardrobes with wood finishes can match any space, painted or not. In a traditional bedroom space, wardrobe cabinets with wooden finishes can be left open, so as to provide shelves not just for hideaway storage but for showing off accent pieces or accessories.

1 | Visualizer: Maksym LuriichukGlass doors enclose this spacious wardrobe, open and bright thanks to the lighting incorporated beneath each shelf. There’s space for shoes, undershirts, and includes plenty of small drawers and boxes for garments the owner doesn’t want to put on display.

If you have a fantastic fashion sense or an impressive shoe collection, why not show it off?

A sophisticated bedroom won’t be complete without a wardrobe. For this one mirrors are added to the doors. Image Source: Lompier Interior Group

2 | Visualizer: Alena TaevaFrosted windows give the occupant a little more privacy when it comes to storage, and helps maintain a more minimalistic look to match the bedroom’s style. Only the silhouettes of outfits are visible through the cloudy panels.

A open wardrobe space in the bedroom that has a combination of two types of wood. Anyone would love to have this! Image Source: Archidea

Spanning one end of the room to the other, this unit takes over as a traditional head board and instead becomes a wooden wardrobe cabinet set. Still allowing for head board storage of accent pieces, on either side of the bed are small drawers with shelving units for storage, and the cabinet doors to close over additional storage.

This looks like a loft bedroom and it is very beautiful despite the small space it has. Great wood work! Image Source: Studiohw | Heather Weiss

The texture of the wood matches well with the bamboo bed in this simple bedroom.Image Source: Joel Kelly Design

With the right touches, any room can be a real stunner. Wood isn’t something to fear. On the contrary, it can add a very modern and contemporary appeal to many rooms when done right. As a matter of fact, wood is one of the favorite materials used for home furniture and others. And we cannot question that because wood is really a good organic material which is sturdy and beautiful. We hope you loved this list we gave you today!

Wood is a popular choice for many aspiring designers when it comes to designing a room. It is used in different furniture and even for decors. From ancient times to present, wood has been one of the most common material for building and for other handicraft work. That is why carpentry is one field that many people engage on due to the popularity of wooden products just like wardrobes. Most of the time wardrobes are made from wood, although there are already new modern materials used to make them. What varies are its finishes and color. Here are 35 bedroom wardrobes that, in fact, make good use of beautiful wood designs.

Painting the doors, this wood finish blends nicely into the walls.

In this room, the mixture of black panels and natural wood create a beautiful two toned effect.

This birch wardrobe contributes to a room that’s clean, minimalist, and absolutely stunning either way. Image Source: iTrade Tube

Wood finishes do not have to be built into the wall. Here, the entire bedroom set is made from the same wood, which brings each piece together beautifully. The cabinets are all stained to match and are standalone units which can be moved if necessary.

Combining traditional wood colors with a painted black door finish brings this closet into the same theme as the rest of the space. When closed the black doors blend seamlessly with the other black furniture and when opened, the wood shades complement the orange and tan colors in the bedding and accessories.

3 | Visualizer: Alena TaevaIn a smaller room, it’s hard to justify giving up square footage for a massive wardrobe. This is where transparent doors really shine, preserving the line of sight rather than blocking the area away.

But sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a plain and simple bedroom without having every outfit within view – this wardrobe includes curtains for just that reason.

A lovely contemporary bedroom that sure has enough storage with this wooden wardrobe. Image Source: De Meza + Architecture

16 | Source: ZalfHere’s another innovative Zalf wardrobe, this time with a fun twist. The shelves twist and turn in continuous lines for a look that falls somewhere between minimalism and art.

18 | Visualizer: TOTL StudioA folding door is a compact solution where there’s width to fit one. This bedroom likely incorporates extra shelving or cabinetry on the hidden side of the wall. This wardrobe isn’t open to the rest of the room like many of the others in this post, instead carving out its own private niche.

These types of wardrobes also make excellent dressing rooms.

This black wardrobe only heightens the appeal in this modern masterpiece. IImage Source: Sliderobes

The most common material for wardrobes today is wood. Wood finishes can be converted into beautiful designs and made to look any color thanks to stains and paints. The white paint in this room allows the accent rug and accessories to really stand out against the natural light wood floor and white walls.

7 | Visualizer: Black Box This dark wood wardrobe looks sophisticated with its classic style. The wood grain on the drawers run horizontally while the backing panels run horizontally, a subtle decorative distinction that enhances the sense of luxury.

Take a look at the wardrobe area where there is a bench near the window and some shelves on the sides. Image Source: Delson or Sherman Architects pc

Solving the closet and storage issues, wardrobe cabinets with wooden finishes can also increase the value of any home. In fact, this walk in closet space really adds to the value of the bedroom, solving all storage issues for any resident.

This stunning white oak wardrobe is practically a piece of modern art in itself- giving this room a conversation piece and focal point. Image Source:Zalf Furniture

15 | Source: ZalfDo you notice any similarities between this wardrobe and the previous one? Both were designed by the talented creatives at Zalf. The builds and interior arrangements are the same, but the difference between transparent glass and tinted glass makes all of the difference.

4 | Visualizer: Design at SketchHere, sliding doors allow the wardrobe to occupy the wall behind the headboard, leaving plenty of open space for emphasis on the incredible view outside. Inside of the closet, smart storage options offer endless organization ideas.

Clothing storage is usually a humble affair consisting of a chest of drawers, a simple closet, and maybe a coatrack or two. But it’s nice to dream about having a spectacular walk-in wardrobe with room to access everything all in one place – no more searching every closet in the house for that seasonal clothing and those extra shoes. This post looks at 20 inspiring bedrooms that combine stylish interiors with smart storage and organization solutions. If you didn’t already have walk-in closet envy before seeing this post, you just might find yourself looking for ways to reclaim enough floor space after checking out these brilliant wardrobes.

In this space the deep, rich wood tones offset the lighter bedding and neutral wall color.

10 | Visualizer: Andriy VoskolovichHere’s another wardrobe with smoky doors, this time in a lighter white color. When the sliding doors open, the variation in opacity embraces the range of grays used throughout the rest of the bedroom.

A dressing chair provides seating for the vanity table in the bedroom.

Image: Archi Products Image: Mavgep Image: Contemporist Image: Domino Image: She Loves Seven Image: Niezhe Image: Ost Décor Image: Bikersoopnorth Image: Natural Dynamics Image: Domino Image: Keri Brown Homes Image: Poliform Australia Image: Design Milk Image: Mobilyanerede Image: Ideakon Image: House to Home Image: Balear Invest Luxury Image: Designers Raum Image: Girida Image: Diggol Image: Silaevmobilyalari Image: Moyaikea Image: Ideal Home Image: Micasarevista Image: GSA Appliances Image: Digs Digs Image: Gautier Moebel Image: Ydbyfz Image: Made in China Image: Designing Idea Image: Natural Dynamics Image: Strachan Image: 7 Décor Ideas Image: Fresh Designpedia Image: Daayjees Place of Inner Peace

Here we’ve got a combination window seat and wardrobe, which gives this urban master bedroom a luxurious element and a conversation piece. Image Source:: Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders

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Bedroom wardrobe cabinets with wooden finishes are all the rage today, perfect for even minimalist designs. As seen here, the wooden panels hide what is really a customized storage unit while matching the bed frame and end table perfectly.

Glossed white cabinet doors and pine trimming compliment the bed frame nicely and give this room a luxury appeal. Image Source:huelsta.com

8 | Visualizer: Michel LeyraudWhy bother with walls when your organization game is so on point? Suitcases, minimalistic boxes, and the occasional drawer helps keep items organized on these boutique-worthy shelves.

Recessed lighting illuminates the uppermost shelves and draw attention to the transition from a black background to a white one.

19 | Via: Brava KitchensWhite bedrooms can be calmin. Within this open floor plan, the large wardrobe serves as a kind of standalone dividing wall. It separates the bedroom from the dining and living room on the other side without the need to enclose the space completely.

Left open, these two natural wood units face one another to create a walk in closet in an otherwise open space.

Pine, especially here, can be a beautiful addition to any master bedroom. Image Source:: Sliderobes

I’d guess this bedroom is owned by a man because of what you can see from the wardrobe. Neat design, right?Image Source: Hufft Projects

Neat bedroom with a simple design and of course, a wooden wardrobe too. The headboard is upholstered for a softer look despite the edgy style of the interior. Image Source: Claudia Leccacorvi

17 | Source: JesseFor those who prefer a classic style, a wardrobe like this one can provide. The drawers look like part of an ordinary dresser, and the symmetrical clothing racks look nice without stealing all of the attention.

This one has a unique design of a wardrobe. As a matter of fact, it kind of look classic. Image Source: Création Maryse Crôteau

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