How to layout a room
How to layout a room
20 Ways To Layout Your Living Room How To Ballard Designs

20 Ways To Layout Your Living Room How To Ballard Designs 20 Ways To Layout Your Living Room How To Ballard Designs

We suggest that you move your drapery rods close to the ceiling to give the illusion of higher ceilings. Our Butter Twill Panels (hung straight) will add a soft look to the windows.

If you’ve got a big space but still need to leave plenty of pathways, consider two sofas placed perpendicular to each other and two chairs of different sizes in the fourth corner. This arrangement leaves plenty of room for navigating in and out, seats 6-8, and has a mix of furniture that works for lounging or socializing.

ur J.A. Thompson Clock would be a nice addition to the right of your front double windows. We also think a flat screen television is the way to go.

Try placing our Set of 3 Klimt Landscape Prints one over the other where you now have the two small prints. Your existing prints can be moved to another smaller wall area. O

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1. Classic Porch Furniture Arrangement — A Sofa & Two Chairs

Bunny Williams suggests trying to fit seating for at least 6 into every living or family room, but in a small space, you may not be able to swing that. A pair of cubes is a great solution. Tuck them away when you don’t need them, and pull them up to your coffee table when guests come over.

Typically we think of chaise lounge chairs for relaxing by the pool, but they’re actually easy to work into your seating arrangement too! Here, we created an asymmetrical arrangement with our Amalfi Collection — a sofa, two chairs, a coffee table, and a chaise in the opposite corner.

Why not add our Terrific Trio Table to one side of the sofa covered in the Ashford Paisley fabric to display family photos and your existing black wrought iron lamp.

Loveseats are a great use of space because realistically, you’ll only seat 2 people to a couch (just like you will a love seat), but their shorter width allows you to squeeze in more chairs. In this space, Suzanne Kasler used her Directoire collection — two loveseats, three lounge chairs, a coffee table, side table, and even a little folding cafe chair. The great thing about this arrangement is that all of these pieces can be moved around for a more versatile setup!

There’s no rule you have to use a sofa at all on a porch! And no space illustrates how inviting a porch can be with just four chairs than this one. How chic is this? Placing four chairs in a circle makes the perfect spot to enjoy a cocktail with friends while you’re waiting for the grill to heat up!

For most sofas, only two people will feel comfortable sitting on them, but a sectional can comfortably fit at least three. Because of this, if you have the right floorplan, a sectional may make the most sense. Place a pair of chairs directly across from your sectional, and you’re good to go!

To complete the look, add two Chartres Buffet Lamps in restoration bronze flanking two of our Garden District Mirrors for a spectacular finish.

For more design inspiration, visit our Pinterest Boards, or find more gorgeous rooms in our Photo Gallery. 

Each week we share a decorating plan we’ve developed for a customer as part of our Decorating Dilemmas column, and in nearly every single dilemma we’re asked how to layout the room. Laying out a room is difficult, especially when you factor in television placement, space restrictions, open floor plans, and natural pathways. Every room is different and there are lots of ways to solve your difficult-to-layout space, but we’ve put together some foolproof layout options to make the task easier.

In rooms where you’ve got lots of doorways, you may not be able to place two chairs directly across from your sofa, but that’s ok. Instead, angle your pair of chairs in a way that makes crossing the room easier.

Start with a great sofa, then place a pair of chairs across from it. This is probably the most common choice and can work in nearly all living room. Simply choose a pair of chairs with the right dimensions to fit your space. If you’ve got plenty of room, choose a deep armchair. For tighter living areas, chairs that are more upright rather than deep work well.

Why limit yourself to just one seating area? If you have a super long porch (what we wouldn’t give to hang out here during the summer!), mix it up. Here, you can see a pair of chairs in the foreground, a dining area, two chaise lounge, and a deep porch swing at the far end of the porch.

If you have a long, narrow porch, it’s impossible to come up with an arrangement where someone at one end can socialize with someone at the other. Instead, divide your space into two different seating areas. Pull a loveseat and two chairs tightly together on one end, then do a simple pair on the other end. This way, you can have a more intimate, private setting for when you’re reading a book, but when guests come over, you have a larger entertaining space too. In other words, it’s ok if one seating area can’t do it all — divide and conquer!

Occasional Chairs are so underrated, but no matter how tight your room, you can almost always squeeze one more up to your seating arrangement. One advantage to this layout is that you can have two different seating options. For a family room, you often want something deep to sink into for TV watching a lounging. But when guests come over, it’s great to have chairs that are more upright for chatting and socializing. With this arrangement, you’ve covered all your bases!

Whew! That’s a lot of porches. Which one was your favorite? Do you feel like you now have a better handle on how to arrange your space?

15 Ways to Arrange Your Porch Furniture Mixing Wood Tones in a Room How to Hang String Lights How to Pick the Perfect Lamp Shade

A loveseat is a great addition to your furniture collection because they’re so versatile. They can be placed at the end of the bed, paired with a sofa, used in a hallway, or serve as your main seating in a tiny apartment. In this living room, we used a loveseat, a sofa, and two chairs to bring the most seating into the space.

Symmetry is great, but in some cases, mis-matched chairs can solve your problem. In a room with lots of doorways, you may only have space for a sofa and one large chair. In this situation, you can usually tuck a smaller, occasional chair into the space.

Thank you so much for your design dilemma. We are happy to give you some ideas on how to solve it.

Your first instinct might be to place two sofas facing each other, and while that’s a great layout that always works, we also like to create a corner with two outdoor sofas. The result is an intimate corner where you can chat tête-à-tête. It also opens up the other side of the seating space for easier flow.

Most rooms are rectangular, so a rectangular room arrangement usually feels the most natural. If you already have a sectional, consider bringing a single armchair into the fourth missing corner. This will complete that natural rectangular shape while allowing you to easily move through your living room.

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Alternatively, a 3-piece sectional can create the same intimate seating as the corner to corner arrangement above. We like to use a sectional when space is at a premium as sectionals will offer lots more seating for a smaller amount of floor space — always a winner!

If you’ve got a big den and you won’t be doing much entertaining, a giant sectional is your best bet. You’ll want to maximize deep seating, and in many cases, a sectional is the best way to do that.

If you’ve got a larger space, consider bringing in two pairs of chairs to create a u-shape. Maybe one pair is large and more like a reading chair so you’d be comfortable lounging, while the other pair is meant for sitting up and socializing. Or maybe you have four of the same chair like we’ve done above.

In very small living rooms, skip the sofa altogether and instead opt for a settee or loveseat. It’ll allow for move space to move around and still give you enough seating for four people.

Another option for long, narrow porches? Dividing them into a separate seating and dining area. In the outdoor room above, we used our Newport Collection to create a dining space, anchored by an umbrella and outdoor rug, with a seating area. Outdoor rugs are a great way to help visually divide the space as they clearly indicate two different areas.

This is a lot to take in, and please remember things can be done in stages. Now you have a plan to follow. These are only suggestions based on the information you gave us and we hope that they will give you the necessary guidelines for a living room you will love for years to come.

On the other side of the sofa the round table under the window (as shown) could be reused along with your coffee table if you wish. Just remember to add additional lighting to the side table with some wrought iron embellishment to tie it in.

We often run into a dilemma when decorating a porch — do you want a dining or a seating space. What if you want both! One way to bring both into a smaller porch is to do just a pair of chairs. It’s far easier to work two chairs into a space than a full sofa and coffee table. To keep the space above from feeling cramped, we substituted traditional dining chairs with benches.

Our Ashton Rug would be a show-stopper addition to the room. Add two of our Addison Chairs covered in our Ashford Paisley fabric to tie everything together.

DON’T BE A WALLFLOWER — one of Bunny Williams’ biggest pet peeves is furniture that lines the wall. We’re empowering you to float your sofas and chairs out from the wall. No wallflowers allowed.

DIVIDE & CONQUER — Just because you have a large living room doesn’t mean you have to have overscaled furniture. Instead, divide your large room into smaller areas to create two intimate seating areas rather than one large one.

Any gathering of more than ten people will naturally break up into smaller conversations, so keep your seating arrangements tight. TUCK IN SMALL SEATS — Once you’ve got your large seating covered (like a sofa), bring in smaller occasional chairs or upholstered cubes.

They’re a great perch when guests come over, but they can easily be tucked away any other time. 1. A Pair of Sofas

We’ve showed you the combination of a sofa with two chairs on either side, but for a space that’s deeper than it is wide, place the chairs across from the sofa so they’re facing one another. We’ll often use this setup when we want to allow for traffic flow through the space. With a coffee table, side table, and floating cube, there are plenty of places to place your drink or kick up your heels.

Find more outdoor decorating ideas, browse all of our outdoor collections, or find inspiration on our Outdoor Decor Pinterest board.

You may be noticing a theme with many of these spaces — a pair of chairs. Both inside and outside, we tend to think that two chairs are better than one. Who wants to drink a glass of wine alone? For a narrow balcony or small porch space, we suggest a simple pair of chairs with a side table between them. This is a great option for narrow front porches too!

In several of our decorating dilemmas, a reader is faced with the challenge of bringing in more seating but not being able to have every chair face the TV. Our solution is a swivel chair. In the room above, the television is in the armoire, and our Larkin Swivel Gliders can be turned around to face the TV when needed. Or they can face the sofa in you’re having a conversation. 

On the porch of the Idea House Bunny Williams’ designed, she used just chairs to create a cozy but open porch. We love this because everyone gets their own seat, and with a porch as large as this, you can fit plenty of seating!

Best of luck and please send pictures when you complete your room – we would love to see it!

Before we start, let’s get into a few basics that will help you create a functional room layout.

Lastly, if budget permits, place our Louis XVI Sideboard in warm green between the windows at the bottom of the stairs. It will provide you with a lot of extra storage.

If you’re short on space, consider substituting a chair with an ottoman. This space uses a sofa, one chair, but then an ottoman can act as a foot stool or an extra perch when you’re entertaining. An ottoman is more versatile than a chair which is especially helpful when you’re trying to make the most of a small porch.

We recommend painting your walls with Chestertown Buff, which is a Benjamin Moore historic color HC-9. It’s a rich, warm gold tone. Try using a low luster finish, which will be easier to wash.

For durability, why not consider a leather sofa in a warm brown? Accent with pillows chosen from our Fabric By The Yard Collection in our Pomeroy Check Gold fabric.

At the 2014 Southern Living Idea House, Suzanne Kasler was challenged with furnishing a long, narrow covered porch, and she placed two 4-piece sectionals from her Directoire Collection side-by-side to create two distinct and equally inviting spaces — create for hosting big parties! She finished off the two different areas with mirrored coffee tables and lounge chairs.

Is there anything more inviting than comfortable furniture on an inviting porch? Whether it’s a front porch that welcomes visitors or a back porch that’s private and perfect for entertaining, we love the way a porch functions as an additional living room during the summer months. That’s why it’s important to make the most of the outdoor seating and dining space you have, and the biggest thing is furniture arrangement. You can up your porch game with furniture layout in a way that functions for your needs. Here are 15 ideas for coming up with a perfect design for your porch furniture.

Hello. Attached is a drawing of my living room layout as well as a picture. I have no idea how to furnish this room and was wondering if you could please give me some ideas? Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Open floor plans are great because they make your home feel connected, but laying out your furniture in a big open space can be tricky. Adding a bench to your layout is a great way to differentiate one room from the next without blocking the line of sight.

Our go-to furniture for larger porches is the classic combination of a comfortable porch sofa and two chairs. Just like your living room, this is a foolproof layout that works in a den, on a patio, and yes, on your porch too. In the porch above, we love the way louvered shutters and a chandelier really give this outdoor space the polish of an indoor space.

There are endless options for arranging your space, hopefully some of these combinations give you ideas for laying out your room. 

We love this combination because it’s simple, clean, and can seat lots of people. A pair of sofas facing each other is great for large open floor plans because it naturally divides the space, and it works great for narrow rooms too.

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