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The sanderson home modern living room by indfinity design m sdn bhd
20 Stunning Living Room Ideas For Malaysian Homes Homify

20 Stunning Living Room Ideas For Malaysian Homes Homify 20 Stunning Living Room Ideas For Malaysian Homes Homify

All homes can only benefit from a garden in the front. This is an added feature to the aesthetics of any home. The garden is part of the home and the design should integrate with the home.

Modern kitchens can take on any form you wish for it. Malaysia’s moderate climate allows for open spaces and a little more exploration in this area. Here’s some examples of modern kitchens that you can borrow from.

A beautiful balcony is every Malaysian’s right. Why not make the most of this slice of outdoor space by turning it into an extension of your living room? 

The living room is the most social area in the house. It’s where the family gathers at the end of the day to reconnect and bond, and it’s the room we use to hold parties and get-togethers, inviting friends and family to relax and celebrate in our home. For this reason the living room needs to be both a personal space that makes us feel calm and comfortable, and an inviting space for visitors, showing off the spirit of our home, and encouraging guests to be a part of it.

Malaysians know how to live it large, and this Klang home really takes that secret decadent streak to extremes. Shimmering white walls and futuristic curves create a light and airy space, which is cleverly broken up by an illuminated mezzanine level. And just look at all those seats to choose from—you’d never be short of space when entertaining family or friends.

Sala y nueva chimenea de leña Juan Luis Fernández Arquitecto

Wicker has a vintage colonial vibe that makes us think of drinking an ice cold cocktail in sweltering heat, and when combined with exotic decorations and a neutral colour palette defined by different timber hues you get a living room that is adventurous and exciting.

Plants naturally purify the air and absorb sunlight, making them perfect for the hot humid weather of Malaysia as they cool down the home, and fight off foul odours. You can’t really go wrong with pot plants, you can carefully select a couple to make a big impact, or fill your house with greenery for a lush jungle vibe, either way they will have a positive impact on your living room.

All-white is all-right. A colourrful home isn’t necessary when your living room can be this calming.

Take influence from Japanese wabi sabi principles by stripping back the decor and keeping it minimal. A buffed concrete wall lends this space a sophisticated industrial vibe, without being too rough and ready.

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Have you ever wanted to let your imagination run riot in your home? This open plan living space takes inspiration from retro shapes and forward thinking design to create a space-age salon that also has space for a dining and kitchen area.

With many of us living in small inner city apartments, this fabulous living room is an inspiration. Using a carefully chosen colour palette of chocolate and teal to complement the living green of the pot plant and the timber floor, the designers of this home have created a spacious and airy living room in the middle of the city.

Let’s take a look at 14 outstanding living rooms that would be perfect for your home—no matter where in Malaysia you live. Pick your favourite, and be inspired…

For a home that incorporates large areas of glass, you should consult an architect. The reason is that some of the glass areas that you wish to incorporate might be load-bearing areas.

 How you adorn the walls of your home will—to a large extent- define the décor, so it’s an important decision that will shape your home’s look and atmosphere. When we think about finishing the walls, we tend to think paint or…

The white stucco walls in this living room give it a cool, refreshing atmosphere, and because it’s so easy to work with it’s ideal for building recessed shelves. This room is filled with exotic vintage decorations, which along with the rug and the warm colours used for the cushions make this a dreamy, magical space.

A small home doesn’t need to be limiting. This chic, modern living room is just one corner of a stylish flat that measures less than 80 square metres. The design is comfortable and practical, and would be perfect for any inner-city apartment. Just remember the ceiling fan for hot, muggy days.

It’s crucial that you can completely air your home out in the summer months, and enormous windows like this make it simple, while a floating fireplace keeps the space cosy when the temperature drops.

Scandinavian style is popular all over the world, and it’s a trend that has been co-opted by young, style-conscious Malaysians. Make this look your own by mixing picture walls and mid-century furniture with tropical potted plants and pictures from local artists.

Carpet may not seem like the best option for humid weather, as it can take on the moisture and eventually rot or mould, but you can get the same comfort out of a rug which can be easily washed and aired out. That’s what they’ve done in this expansive living room which features a high gloss floor and coffee table contrasted by the ultra comfortable furniture and that jet black rug.

Buy furniture that looks similar to the things you already have in your living room, and lay it out in a cosy, welcoming arrangement. Just remember to buy waterproof cushions, otherwise rainy season will come along and wreck your fancy new outdoor living room!

Low-slug furniture, clean white walls and a couple of quirky details— this living room design has bags of personality without relying on clutter to add character. Compulsive hoarders, take note!

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The living room is a space for relaxation and hanging out with friends and family, and you can reflect that with a fun casual decor like this one which has a white base, timber details, and splashes of exciting colour.

Malaysian homes are as diverse as the country’s population, but there’s one thing that connects the tiniest studio high rise in KL with the most luxurious mansions in Kota Kinabalu—that inimitable Malaysian sense of style.

Neutral tones will always be big news in fashion, and young Malaysian professionals have been quick to jump on this Korean-inspired trend. White walls provide a suitable base for a medley of monochrome. Choose quality textiles, a mixture of textures and play around with light and dark grey shades to recreate this beautiful room.

Wooden beams add texture and intrigue to the ceiling, traditional wicker furniture pays homage to generations of local craftsmen, while the overall structure of the room is unashamedly modern and Hollywood. It’s the perfect blend of ideas for well-off Klang residents.

The organic tones and natural variation in grain make timber a dynamic addition to any decor, while the neutral palette is cooling and tranquil. We love the modular timber cabinet with sliding doors that provides storage, decoration, and a practical set up for the television and entertainment system.

Stone and concrete are interesting materials because they are cool in the summer time, but warm in the cooler months, making it ideal for Malaysia. This large open plan area features a dining room and kitchen on the other side of a stone partial dividing wall that features a huge fireplace!

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No one can deny that Malaysians have a unique way of designing their homes. Good taste and decoration is paramount, of course, but should never get in the way of functionality. Modern Malaysian style mixes traditional wooden structures, curvaceous wicker furniture and intricately woven, colourful textiles with 21st century Korean minimalism. The result is a budget-friendly blend of practicality, fashion and convention. It’s a style that many interior designers across the world would love to recreate, but the charm of Malaysian home design lies in its authenticity.

If you’ve got it flaunt it, baby! Don’t cover up large windows with blinds or heavy curtains. Instead, work with this fantastic source of natural light—especially if you’re high up in a city apartment—by choosing pale wall colours and simple furniture that will further illuminate the space.

This luxurious living room by Klang-based interior architects Design Spirits combines everything a Malaysian home needs. 

This unique design features interior gardens, enclosed in glass but with open ceilings to let the sunlight in. This way you contain any potential mess, while allowing the plants to grow wild, creating a tropical decor that looks stunning with the hardwood floors, and vivid colours.

This industrial living room is easier to achieve than you might think. Strip the wallpaper, combine concrete with pale, unvarnished wood, and let plants trail from shelf to floor. Just make sure there’s enough natural light in the room, and you’ll be good to go.

Small room décor at times can turn out to be a challenging task. But it would not be so if you find just the right inspiration to decorate your small living room, bedroom, dining area or home office.

So many fantastic ideas for living rooms that are perfect for the tropical paradise that is Malaysia! For more great interior ideas check out these enticing bedroom walls!

While decorating a small home it is highly essential to invest in appropriate furniture. Multifunctional furniture designs work very well in a small home. There are some other aspects of furniture that you should remember while pl…

Around the world living rooms take on different forms and styles depending on the environment. For example Scandinavian living rooms are super warm and cosy places, designed to fight off the bitter cold. However in Malaysia’s warm and humid tropical climate the key is to design a space that is well ventilated, cool, and casual. Today we’re going to give you some fantastic ideas for living rooms that are perfect for Malaysia, so that you can copy them at home, and create a living room that is as beautiful as it is practical.

This living room could have been dreamt up by an angel. The white walls are illuminated by soft, pastelly lights, a plush rug adds warmth and cosiness to the space, and the furniture is modern and light as a feather while still hearkening back to traditional Malaysian design principles? Could this be the ideal Malaysian living room template? We certainly think so.

Which of these living rooms would you like to recreate? Let us know in the comments below!

Tell us which living room was your favourite in the comments!

Small kitchens have bothered many homeowners for long. But modern design has ensured better living in small spaces. Many apartment homes in Malaysia now have a kitchen in less than 80 square feet space.

When you have surroundings as beautiful as these you should include them in the interior design by using huge windows that bring the lush greens into the decor. In this living room they have used green furniture and natural timber rafters to complement the gorgeous vistas.

This laid-back, budget friendly living room is an ideal style template for students and families alike. Fashionable without being fussy, it has all of the latest gadgets and a modern, slick appearance.

Aquatic blues and greens are tranquil and relaxing, making for a cool and refreshing decor.

Most of us desire a spacious bedroom with plenty of storage space. This is where you can lay down your head to rest. Sometimes a large, spacious bedroom is not possible, but it can still be stylish and comfortable.

Murals are a great way to give your living room some personality, and we think this adorable flower design with splotches of bright colour is a great way to express the character of Malaysia.

Malaysia is a colourful nation of tropical plants and exotic wildlife, and we think it’s a great idea to reflect those colours in your living room decor to create a vibrant space that will lift the spirits and stimulate creativity.

You should not see your garden as a separate entity to your home. You should see it as an extension of your home. If anything, you should see it as rooms outside where these spaces create an extension of your indoor life.

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