Brown and gold bedroom ideas with 30 absolutely awesome the sleep judge
18 retro themed bedroom design ideas the sleep judge
20 Retro Themed Bedroom Design Ideas The Sleep Judge

20 Retro Themed Bedroom Design Ideas The Sleep Judge 20 Retro Themed Bedroom Design Ideas The Sleep Judge

This design is as simple as it gets, but also as cool as it gets too. One large slat of wood, supported underneath by a base, with a mattress on top. It’s as easy as it gets but at the same time looks really fabulous. It would probably look even better if you were sleeping somewhere that wasn’t a warehouse, unlike the people from this picture.

This gorgeous bedroom features a large mirrored canopy bed that has a low profile. The whole room is painted a creamy white color with those unique lights on each side of the bed. These lights shine brightly on the canopy, reflecting even-more light throughout the room. Everything else in the room is a bright white. To give a little bit of the color to the room, they added pink pillows and black accented pillows.

A funky design, with the green really bringing vibrancy to the table, this bed platform is one of the first we have had that is just pain and simply there. A block of solid wood and material that supports the mattress in a classic way, there’s definitely something to be said for revisiting what has worked before.

There’s a lot going on in this room, but it’s still very pretty. The main focal point in here would probably have to be that wall behind the bed. It has a curved design to it with what appears to be either lights or large rhinestones in it. The bed has silk sheets that go with the flow of the rest of the room. It’s a very modern design with a classic twist to it.

Another delightfully simple piece of work, the grain wood combination of bed frame and side drawers works incredibly well with this underplayed brickwork apartment. One of my favourite beds within the list, this queen bed is simple but effective, and keeps in line with the stripped back feel within the room. One can only speculate about how cold the room gets at winter, though.

I would have loved this bedroom as a high school kid. The ‘70s era seems to come back more often than other time periods. I think it’s because of the peace and love that draws people back in. This room is fit for the young hippie in your life. The way the bedspread and wall paper match is truly incredible. This had to come from a set, unless someone was just really great at matching patterns and colors. Even the retro radio on the nightstand is a great touch. Use your own finds to make this bedroom unique to you.

Nope, I’m not talking about the 90’s rapper, I’m talking about all of the shag accents thrown around the room. It’s a glamorous bedroom with a shag pillow and some kind of shag blanket. There’s also a shag carpet under the loveseat. The rest of the room has a beautiful king sized bed with matching mirrors on each side of the bed. The whole room has an elegant feel to it.

Another furniture set that would look great in the room of a young one, this single platform bed is another fairly basic attempt, with the four wooden legs in each corner providing an unusual change of colour and style for that part of the bed.

A beautiful, small room that is made even more special with the inclusion of the wooden theme that carries through the whole room, including the bedside drawers and the headboard of the bed. The two-tone wooden feel to the features is a neat touch, while the wood on the bed has a feel of upcycled furniture. A cool look for a small room.

I really like this bed and bedroom, it looks really beautiful. It has a fairly European feel to it, while the bed itself is a floating frame with a really professional, lovely finish. Overlapping the mattress on the bed, you can barely see the legs on the underbelly of the base.

This is a great, simplistic way to draw in the mood of vintage with floral patterns. The bedspread is the star of the show in this layout. The floral print is great and the underlying olive color of the bedspread keep that “flower power” feeling alive. The needlework artwork on the wall next to the bed are great focal pieces that are adorable and unique. There are so many vintage attributes to the room, yet the room is young and fresh. The simple white walls and bedframe leave an open canvas for all the floral elements.

This is such a hugely interesting bed because it’s a strange shape, an unusual colour within a massively unique setting. The room itself is really lovely, and with the stonework and outdoor scenery, you can tell this is a high-class room.

The bed looking out over the view is fantastic, and the frame and mattress themselves look awesome. It’s a great looking bed in an even better looking area.

Here’s a great bedroom idea for the scientist in your life. The planetary mobile in the center of the room is completely unique and really brings that extra level of fun to the room. I could even imagine those glow in the dark stars all across the ceiling for an extra effect once the lights go out. A lot of the décor in this room relies on the paintings and graphics throughout the space. The bed setup and room décor is relatively simple. The room looks clean, organized and full of fun stuff any science buff would appreciate.

This is probably one of my favourite designs in the whole list and one of the most beautiful too. The light grey colour of the bed and headboard would go with most colours in your room, and the hidden legs below the slim base make this look a real sophisticated and masterful piece of furnishing.

I am a huge fan of the antique finish, which is what makes this bedroom so appealing to me. The bed is a beautiful velvet sleigh bed with an equally beautiful antique silver finished lingerie chest next to it. Overall, the room showcases the use of simple neutral colors. The chandelier gives the room plenty of light- and by the shine coming from the right-I would say that there’s a decent amount of natural lighting coming from it, which is what gives the chest its beautiful shine.

This is a very unique style bedroom. There’s a huge floor-to-ceiling headboard, and a matching bubbly bench at the end of the bed. Everything is set in a shiny beige color with brown and silver accents. The carpet is beautifully designed and works well with the whole theme. There’s more than enough light to make all of the colors pop. Depending on your level of skill, you may be able to recreate this look.

To me, this is a futuristic bedroom and not one that you would find in many homes. This room features a circular bed with hanging lights above it. There are bright purple accents throughout the room, including the entire bed frame. Other than those hanging lights, the room is also lit by those can-lights in the ceiling. It also appears that the bed can be blocked off by curtains for ultimate privacy. Pretty awesome!

The bed itself is actually quite nice, but the corner of this room is worrying. While the wardrobe is a nice colour and matches the bed really well, it’s incredibly imposing to the point of being generally scary.

The serious lack of anything else in the room is a strange state of affairs, while the bed itself is a little misshapen, it is still a nice piece of furniture.

This room is perfect for the teenager in your life that loves cars! Especially vintage cars. What’s not to love about this car themed bedroom? All the interesting art on the walls could be found easily online or even in a crafting store if you can’t find them in garage sales or thrift stores. The bedspread should be easily attained, as well, since the love for cars will never go out of style. The nightstand doubles as a pretty great dresser with all those brilliantly colored drawers. This is the perfect room for any teenage boy.

This big, bulky bed looks like the perfect resting place after a long day doing whatever-the-heck-it-is-you-do. The thick, cloud of a duvet and mattress only serve to complement the thick, bulky but bed frame. The colour is fine, with the rest of the room features matching excellently. A delightful looking bed.

What’s not to love about this bedroom? Everything in it screams Bohemia with these unique, handcrafted designs. I love the use of art behind the bed in place of a traditional headboard and the drum set night stands are incredible. This would be the perfect bedroom for a young adult or someone who is just young at heart. Most of the work with this bedroom would be having to find these truly unique color tones and patterns to fill the space without making it too different from the rest.

A piece that looks like the staple of any home, this bed is very much a basic, but again, this doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a very classic design that would fit most bedrooms. The headboard is lovely and the room is delicate and well lit, while all of the surrounding colours give this whole place a really nice, warm and vibrant feel to it.

Another awesome design, this bed looks as though it looks like it is folding back on itself slightly towards to bottom. If you look close enough the mattress is actually within the fancy design, which will be a lot more comfortable than sleeping on the ridges. Fitting in perfectly with what looks like a living room, this swish piece of furniture is a cool addition to any home.

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The first item on the list is this beautiful, elegant master bedroom. This room is filled with some pretty unique items that all pair well with each other. On each side of this nailhead upholstered bed are two mirrored glass nightstands with plenty of storage for clothing and personal items. The rest of the features are a soft pink bench and comforter to match. It’s actually a pretty simple design to replicate.

Baby Blue & Crystals Lovely Lavender Sparkly Antique Finished

So there we have it, we’ve taken you through a whole array of different and unique designs, and while some may very well not suit your home, we feel there’s something for everyone. There’s some DIY options, some more expensive and plush frames while also keeping the classic choices in there too. If you enjoyed this list of awesome platform beds, please comment and share below!

Another simple design but put together excellently makes this bed look as good as you can get. The nightlight in the headstand is a super addition, and the hidden drawers at the top of the bed will be a great place to keep your phone or a book or two. The base itself is nothing special, but I mean that in the best way possible. It is really easy to make something like this yourself, so why not give it a go!

A unique and somewhat different bed, this Altozzo piece has a standard base and a rather large, unusually-styled headboard. Punctured with small buttons to give the ultimate tufted look, this headboard does look really comfortable.

In Hollywood, the beds and homes can be expensive and out of our reach. However, this list has summed up all of the most glam-filled rooms that we could find for re-creation. Sure, some of them are a little out of reach, but with some creative fixes, it could look very similar. Try your local thrift shop or department store for inspiration or furniture that can be easily altered. With that said, I hope that you enjoyed our list. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to reach out to us. In the meantime, share this with all of your friends who may be looking for some inspiration.

Here are a few great examples on how to keep a girl’s bedroom retro and mod. With bold colors and patterns, the ‘60s will be brought back to life. Thick lines, flowers, colors and textures can be utilized to create an ideal space that any young girl would find absolutely adorable and fun. Keep as crafty as you like in adding various elements from the time period to make the room feel more authentic. This could also be a fun project for kids to work on and a way for them to make the room their own.

Very modern but if anything a little bit bare, this bed with a metal frame is a casual design with 4 minimal legs underneath the base to give it that feeling of floating in the air. The headboard works nicely with the rest of the bed – meaning it doesn’t offer anything particularly special – but with a similar coloured room at home this bed would fit nice and neatly.

White Silk Pretty In Pink Simply Girly Futuristic Posh Rustic Glam Beautiful Lighting

Whoever lives in this bedroom is a huge fan of the cheetah print. This beautiful black headboard and bed frame is covered with a cream and shiny cheetah print comforter. The mixture of the black and the printed designs are very feminine. I love how mysterious this room feels as well. I imagine this setup being in a movie or a celebrity’s home.

Another luxurious piece of furniture here, this Queen bed screams of a five star hotel, as the leather that surrounds the mattress is smart, attractive and looks very well made. It may take a little while to get used to, as the leather surround is in a normally unnatural position. That is only a small blemish on what is otherwise a lovely bed frame.

This is a straight-up, no frills bed. Nice enough, a very strong colour with the base designed from slats, there’s not far you can go wrong with this bed. A great idea for a spare room as the frame is very basic, but still nice enough to appreciate in other rooms, just maybe not stylish enough to make it as a fully-fledged master bedroom piece.

Vintage Gold For A Princess Simple Elegance Gold & Roses 50’s Era Glam A Lovely Mural Into The Woods A Lot Of Gold

Underneath it All Soft & Sensual Feelin’ Crafty? Hidden Drawers From Scrap to Stylish Sleek and Warm Rustic Reno Vintage Vavoom Boxy Bamboo

I love this idea and better yet, it can be executed so easily! The patterns on the walls truly make this room unique, and thankfully, wall stickers are totally a thing. Paint the walls a subdued (but fun) color and top them off with some funky stickers. These metallic starburst stickers are so great for the color and furniture in the room. This is a perfect room for a teenager who loves all things retro. The teak or wood bedframe looks incredibly bold against the sparkly wall and the bedspread with those pillows are to die for.

Taking influence from a cool, US-city centre apartment, this room is beautifully modern and while the bedframe is nothing special in terms of design, the classic look works well within this room. The whole bed set up is flat, with a small mattress and one pillow per side, this room looks better with every little thing you notice – for example, the brick work of the wall and the ground-floor garden outside.

The name of the game with this model of bed is pure luxury. A large frame which overlaps the mattress nearly, the actual frame makes the bed look super comfortable before you’ve even touched the thing! The white colour may be a little much to clean though, so make sure you’re super careful with taking care of it!

This hugely rustic bed idea is brought together from reclaimed wood, proving you can do just about anything with a decent big of material and some hard work. Really professional looking, it’s a great piece that fits really well with the existing decor or the room. Homely, comforting and warm, this bed would be a beautiful addition to any room.

This room is reminiscent of the late ‘50s or early ‘60s. This would be perfect for a more masculine take on bedroom décor, since it is minimalistic without any business or bold colors. Although that could be argued due to the heavy use of black in the room, but the mustard yellow and beige cut the effect (quite literally) in half. I absolutely love the wicker chair in the corner. Using wicker in a room like this would definitely transport guests back in time since wicker was used so often.

When it doubt – going with a classic is always fashionable, especially when dealing with how to decorate a room. Although you could pay an interior decorator a whole lot of moolah to come in, check out the space and do all the grunt work for you (and if that’s your thing, no judgement) but instead of seeking professional help, just flip through the pages of old, retro magazines you could find in a thrift store.

Don’t worry if you have a small space you need to decorate – in this photo, the sky (or ceiling) is the limit. The black walls play as a canvas for these great retro posters. Whether it’s a movie, hair band or other artist you want to immortalize on your walls, having a high wall for posters is the way to keep that retro feeling. The simple bed and nightstand are almost afterthoughts when compared to such great artwork on the walls.

I love this bedroom! It’s simple, yet completely unique. The light blue walls only compliment the natural woodwork of the dresser and headboard in this bedroom. I can’t tell exactly who is on the pillows on the bed, but it’s a nice touch to throw in some famous singers, artists or actors into the mix. I absolutely love the funky plastic chair and that lamp on the nightstand is fabulous. You could probably find a lot of this stuff at garage sales or thrift stores. You could easily find treasures like these, repurpose them and fit them into your room to create your own masterpiece.

Another really simple a quick piece of furniture you could pop together yourself, this bedding base looks really smart, very sleek and throws out the old notion that you get what you pay for. The headboard on the bed, too, is a mighty fine addition and compliments the rest of the room perfectly well.

Patterns, patterns, patterns. There are patterns galore in this bedroom! Again, colors and patterns like these are so important for capturing a time period bedroom. I love the abstract, multicolored wall paper in this bedroom so much. This would be delightful for a little girl’s room or a young adolescent. The teal vanity desk in the corner brightens up the room and reminds us that though this is a vintage theme, we are still modern and fabulous. The neutral colors of the bedspread and throw pillows help reduce the business of the walls. It all works great together.

If you have a small room and want it to appear larger than it really is, grab yourself some mirrors like the ones here. This, along with the way the hardwood floor is laid out, makes the room appear longer. Aside from that, overall it’s a beautiful room. The bed frame has a large upholstered headboard with a tufted design. The rest of the room has a neutral vibe with black and metallic accents. It’s very elegant and classy.

As our phones, TVs and computers get smaller, this bed set-up is evidence that even what we sleep on will continue to get smaller until it eventually disappears. OK, so maybe not, but this slim bed frame and even slimmer mattress reminds us very much of a new-age set-up.

The wood throughout the whole apartment looks great when taken in to context with the beautiful, small bedframe..

It’s almost as if you’ve been transported back in time for a stay and grandma and grandpa’s house, but without the strange conversation and sometimes weird smells. Not only is this bedroom comforting (just check out that teak ottoman) but it’s truly beautiful.

This is a perfect example of taking it back, without losing any sort of modern flair. Everything from the mahogany woodwork to the flowered bedspread make this setup a delightful blast from the past.

This funky DIY style bed is really cool, and I actually think it’s one of the most exciting on the list. With a nice wooden finish and just enough storage room for it not to become total clutter, this beautiful looking bed space is perfect to release your inner interior designer. The beautiful colour of this room too work really well with the bed as a whole.

I could see this room being in a celebrities bedroom. I love the sparkle effect throughout the bed area. There’s not a whole lot that can be seen as for the room itself, but the bed definitely makes a statement. Behind the bed is a beautifully textured wall, and against it is a metal canopy bed frame. Everything about this area is very feminine and diva-like.

I love how rustic this room is, yet at the same time, it is very glamorous. There are beautiful lanterns lighting up the room and shining brightly off of the white painted floors. The bedspread is a beautiful white against an upholstered grey headboard. If you want to be glamorous while maintaining a rustic look, this is the room for you. Not to mention, you can find almost all of this stuff at a craft store.

This video shows you how to make a simple, stripped back for functional bed frame without needing to break the bank. You can get all of this material by going to a standard high street DIY store, all you need to do is follow these simple tips.

You can event customise the colour yourself to fit in with the theme within your room.

This massive and spacious bedroom is everything that said ‘high-end’ in the seventies. The high ceilings, the gorgeous and super detailed mural above, the tassels on the ottoman, etc. The use of the iconic colors like olive green, gold, and rosey pink definitely makes this a retro inspired bedroom any fan of the era would love.

This room has a lot of romantic aspects to it and it’s also easy to recreate. The bed has a simple upholstered velvet headboard with tufts. The entire frame is made of velvet with a matching bench at the end. On top of the bed is a fur comforter with a few fur pillows. The rest of the room has elegant touches such as the vase of flowers, the candle, and that feminine picture above the bed. This room is so simple, but I would love to make my room look like this- it has a retro feel to it.

Au Natural Modern Rustic Warm and Simple Asian Flare Cool Wooden Tones Chunky Style As Simple as it Gets Simple Geometrics Beachy Bliss Thick Luxury All About the Grain Shaker Sensation All the Small Things Smart Storage Ultra-Modernesque Low Rider Rustic Storage Spacious Beauty On the Rails

This looks like one of those rooms that are more for show and not for sleep. Either way, it’s still a pretty awesome space. I love how the purple breaks up the white and matches the headboard. The gold night stands and that huge dome in the center of the room really bring everything together.

If you like purple and gold, this would definitely be an ideal decorating idea.

A very small bed with a frame that complements the equally small room to perfection. What we have here looks a lot like a side room, somewhere for guests and friend to stay, and in that case this bed serves that purpose really well.

A plain room, it still looks nice enough.

This room has a very gothic look to it. I love the black curtain behind the bed and the matching black bed frame. It’s both mysterious and a little bit romantic at the same time. The pattern on the ceiling is very unique as are the matching chandeliers on each side of the room. Since the room does have some dark features to it, the double chandelier look is best for adding more lighting. Black is a very hard color to work with when it comes to bedrooms because it can make it harder for the room to be lit properly. In this case, the contrast between the colors is perfect.

Glamorous Master Bedrooms Gold & Glass Elegant White Shiny Cheetah Print Pearl White & Brown Classy Glass Bubbly Very Vintage Bronze Beauty Mirrored Canop One With Nature

This room has a lot going on, almost too much for me to handle. The panel floor would be nice on its own, but as for in combination with the whole load of other features within the room, it just looks messy and stressful.

This also translates to the bedframe, which doesn’t benefit from being a completely different style to the floor, working as well as chalk and cheese.

Darting right from one end of the spectrum to the other, this slim bed looks frail in comparison to some of the other pieces we have had in today’s list. A lovely deep, dark piece of furniture, this bed and the colour sits well with the wooden cabin feel of the rest of the room neatly. Although not the largest bed of them all, this slim number certainly works well within this room.

Another modern addition to this list, the wooden features in this room make for another slightly over the top feel. While other furniture on this list looks quite overwhelming, this doesn’t, it merely suffers from the large wooden doors on the far side of the room, otherwise this is a nice little room.

So, as you can see, there is a retro style room for just about anyone with this nifty list of ideas. No matter the time period, research can be done and dreams can be made a reality with so much to possibility.

Here’s a cute and cozy vintage bedroom that would be perfect for a young girl or anyone who appreciates comfort. Even in a smaller space, you can spruce it up and add your own colors or flair to the room. The vintage telephone on a stand in the back is a really cute idea to maintain that vintage look without being overpowering to the space. The funky curtains in the doorway also keep the room youthful and fun. The hat boxes in the corner are a nice touch and any box could be used with a little paint or wallpaper to make them as unique as you want.

Do you ever flip through those magazines with celebrities plastered all over them and see their glamour bedrooms on a 5-page spread? I do that all of the time while I’m sitting in the doctor’s office or dentist.

Some of the bedrooms I see are completely outrageous, while others are a simple design that even the most average person could accomplish. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out these 39 glamour bedroom ideas.

Totally unique are looking really exciting and rounded towards the edges, this bed piece is a fashionable and exciting number. This urban apartment style room is very minimal, as you can see there’s barely anything in there, but the grey colour gives it a surprisingly bright feel in the sunlight.

Looking more like a large sofa bed than an actual master bedroom bed, this mattress is within the frame of the bed.

Today’s trend seems to be a lot of crystals and everything shiny, ask the Kardashians. This room looks like one that we would see in their house. The walls have a Moroccan pattern to them and a beautiful upholstered headboard resting up against it. Honestly, those headboards are easy to recreate, so if it’s something you like, there are plenty of tutorials floating around. To make the room even more glamorous are those crystal pieces on the dresser.

Throwback Bedroom Hack Mod Bedroom Turn up the Funk Flower Power

This platform bed idea is really cool, and is slightly different to the ones we’ve already seen above. The hardwood base and headboard and the same colour, and makes the whole piece of furniture look really professional even though it’s been made from scratch, at home.

This bedroom is super gorgeous! Just check out the muted and greyed tones of the retro-inspired colors of teal, pink, and metallic. Back in the day, these bright colors were everywhere. But now, with a slight tweak on the tone, it can be a stylish modern day bedroom that pays homage to the fun era we all know and love!

The dark brown chic bed on this picture looks a lot more like a long, slim bean-bag than anything I’ve ever seen before, but it totally works well. The whole room itself is totally toned down, the lack of clutter gives this a very Asian feel, and looks like the perfect place to meditate or take some down time in pure relaxation.

This room is very mysterious in a way. The wall is painted with a lone bird and dainty trees that appear to be covered in fog. You can see some faint flowers that go against the white bed frame. To blend better, there are some light brown pillows and a white one with printed leaves on it. At the end of the bed is a beautiful white bench on top of a white shag rug. I love the brown and white concept here.

Floating Platform Bed Ideas It’s All an Illusion Turning Japanese Sorta Spacey Bare Bones DIY Delight SciFi Sleigh European Simplicity Zazzy Zebrawood

Honestly, there’s nothing really over the top about this bedroom. Yes, it’s glamorous because it has a lot of fur and fluff in it, but it’s a room that you could easily do with just some paint and a new rug. I love how simple it is and how any girl could easily replicate this on their own. I would recommend this room to anybody who is looking for a simple room makeover for their little princess.

This bed is simple, but in a different way. Basic, cheap and thoroughly plain, the leather frame of this bed could sit in any house, in any room, anywhere, and work well. There’s not much to it, but it is a really simple solution to the question of “what could I put in the spare room?” – and I mean that in the best possible way.

When I look at this room, I can see the elegance and the romance that lingers throughout. The whole room is bright white with just a little bit of beige behind the bed. The bed itself has a very vintage headboard with a matching side table. The comforter matches the color scheme of the room and the gold chandelier accents it all very well.

This platform bed is one of the most popular style of bases, as it gives you a great amount of space to use for storage that would otherwise be wasted underneath your bed. I really like the subtle colour of the wood. This room would be perfect for a teen or youngster, as depicted within this picture. Simple, yet massively effective.

This bed, similarly to a few we’ve seen previously, is a really beautiful, dark wood style piece with floating side tables, perfect for nightlights or home phones. The thick base of the bed and the large wooden legs at each corner provide a strong base for the mattress, and the headboard, although fully wooden and lacking cushion, brings the whole piece together.

Yup, this is definitely a glamour girl’s room! Everything is pink or has some kind of pink in it. The headboard is an oversized upholstered piece with pink string lights wrapping around it. There’s the large pink pouf thing hanging from the ceiling to go with the string lights. This is a room that could easily be replicated from a whole lot of Pinterest tutorials.

Last on our list is a beautiful bedroom with some very pretty lighting. The lights are simple string lighting that you can find just about anywhere. It’s hidden behind sheer curtain panels that make it look like dozens of lightning bugs flying around. The rest of the room is simply decorated with plain white furnishings and black handles on the nightstands.The light purple and pink pillows really do a good job of breaking up all of the white. It also gives the room a little bit of character.

This is another room that is fit for a princess. The walls are soft pink as well as parts of the bed linens. On the wall is a gorgeous corner shelf with a mirror next to it. Behind the bed is a curtain for an accent feature and there’s also a canopy above the pillows. To finish off the elegant appeal is a crystal chandelier hanging from the center of the room. I think I had a Barbie house that had a room similar to this in it.

What little girl doesn’t like pink? Definitely not the little girl this bedroom belongs to. Almost everything in this bedroom is a shade of pink! The carpet, walls and bedspread are all shades of pink with varying patterns. This keeps the room from feeling boring or “overly pink.” The fun toys and that little deer statue bring more character to the room, while those hanging lamps bring a level of class and glamour. This bedroom is definitely girl, and would be perfect for that little girl who loves that retro feel, too.

This is definitely a very vintage room. The curtains are a simple gold with accents hanging off of them. These curtains also match the gold quilt and pillows. The quilt and pillows are a very traditional style. Next to the bed is a heavy duty antique desk with some beautiful pink roses on top of it. The whole room is a beautiful French style with a glamorous hanging chandelier. Gold is by far the number one color of those who want their rooms to be over the top.

This cool-as-hell black and white number would fit in very well in the modern home, and would just about fit in any colour scheme. It’s a versatile feature, and the solid black colour of the base of the bed is a sophisticated piece of furniture. The headboard is probably the highlight of this bed, with the multiple black slats being brought together to make up a professional and interesting number.

One of the first black numbers in the list, this elegant piece of furniture is a really cool looking bed. Made even more interesting by the mood lighting towards the side, you could probably do with a little more furniture in this room to make it more interesting.

The bed style is basic but very suave and sophisticated.

The weathered look is very popular these days. This room is very simple, but at the same time, elegant and vintage. The mirrored headboard is very weathered, giving the whole room a unique vintage look. The rest of the furniture is a simple brown, also weathered. It’s simple, yet beautiful. The best part is that you can find most of this at a thrift store or garage sale.

The flowery bed frame in this next picture is a bit too much for me, but I do see the attraction. This stylish master bedroom looks cool, fresh and very much like a holiday home, but in the best way possible.

The beautiful wooden floor is the main feature in this room where the bed may be slightly lost.

If you are looking for a modern, yet simple style, check out this room. The main focal point in this room is the vintage candlelit chandelier hanging in the center of the room. Under that is a bed with a simple metal canopy bed frame on top of a white carpet. I love the faux fur bench at the end of the bed. It’s the perfect sitting area for taking off or putting on your shoes.

A simple yet really neat and sleek design, this upholstered bed looks like a whole mess of comfort. The base is covered in material while the headboard looks almost as comfy as the bed and mattress themselves. I’m really fond of this bed because it’s subtle and understated but really attractive looking.

This looks more like a library than a bed, and I’m still referring to the bed frame itself, not taking into consideration the actual mini-library that makes up the semi-headboard. The whole situation with this bed is very stressful. There’s a need for storage in every room, granted, but this base surely takes the biscuit. Nobody needs this much room, and to be this high up. Not something I will be ordering in a hurry!

When it comes to your bedroom, it should be fun, comfortable, and above all else, completely you. If you’re having a hard time trying to find ideas for an authentic, retro bedroom you can call your own, we’ve rounded up a few images that may steer you in the right direction.

This looks like the bedroom of a kid from the ‘60s or ‘70s that has a band, cool sneakers and is in love with the prettiest cheerleader in school. Although this story is cliché, there is nothing cheesy about this bedroom. The woodwork in this setup is truly beautiful – everything from the dressers to the bedframe. The hardwood floor is a perfect base for the funky retro patterned carpet and the more subdued but still delightfully retro bedspread. The curtain pattern matching the throw pillows is a great touch.

Another rather large bed, and room that seems to intimidate me with the sheer amount of things-to-space ratio. The bed itself is bulky, and while the wood is a beautiful colour, and matches a lot of the other furnishing around the room, it suffers where a couple of other of the rooms suffer in that there’s too much of the same thing going on, unfortunately.

Lux Leather Elegant Florals All-in One Tufted Dream Lay Low Sinkin’ Soon 80’s Re-Imagined Artistic Awesomeness Black is Back Plain & Simple Big Black Box A Pipe Dream

Here we’ve got a plain cream, comfy looking bed that is neat, cozy and beautiful to boot. Coming in a few other different colours – brown and black – I think the best style is the cream, as it gives it a little something extra, and the brightness of the bed will illuminate any bedroom, while the black and brown would only bring the vibe down.

This bed has a really cool overhang vibe which makes it look suspiciously unsturdy, but believe me it’s fine. A comfortable looking bed with the mattress fitting neatly within the frame, this stylish and cool looking bed fits in the sleek and well rounded room really well. A cool-as-hell headboard with a wooden finish rounds this whole ensemble off nicely.

One of the most simple rooms I’ve ever seen, this is just a bed, a lamp and a window. Looking very Asian themed with the square windows behind the bed, the red colour shines through each feature. The bed is wooden, with just one large panel supported by four small, wooden legs.

This room really suits having almost no features to it.

I think that this would be one of those rooms featured in a high profile magazine. The room is filled with lavender colors, including the upholstered headboard. There are pink and purple flowers throughout the room, making it very feminine. The walls have a very light color to them, allowing natural light to beam off of it, eliminating the need for artificial lighting.

Silk is considered to be a luxurious fabric, so it would make sense that this would be in a glamour girl bedroom. This room is completely white, with the exception of the gold legs on the bench at the end of the bed. The headboard is beautifully upholstered with elegant designs to make the piece. This is definitely a room that I wouldn’t want to eat french fries with ketchup in.

This is definitely a room that I could see in a Hollywood home. I love how the baby blue blends in with the navy colors. The gold brings it to a more Victorian style, especially with that crystal chandelier in the center of the room. There’s plenty of light allowed in to beam off of those light colored walls and carpeting.

I love the design of this room. It’s almost completely bronze with some beautiful embellishments on the comforter. The bed has a tufted upholstered headboard with a metal border around it. Behind the bed we see a bronze curtain hung for visual appeal. In order to make the room appear larger, they used a mirrored side table, in which we can see a single chair with an area rug, like a sitting area.

A Turquoise Dream Fit for a Pink Princess Streamline Tuftiness Cool Leather Gorgeous in Grey Muted Classic Totally Tufted Small but Mighty Creamy Goodness

At first glance, this bedroom seems fairly underwhelming and not quite retro-esque. But with a closer look, you can see the minor details. Things like the creative use of color pallette to incorporate the greens, reds, and golds familiar to the old eras. And the use of historic themed art mirrors the popular decor trends of the early days. Super cool, and really cute. This would make a great spare room or boy’s bedroom.

If you’re a fan of vintage glam from the 40’s or 50’s, you’ll love this design. The headboard is a funky pink upholstered style with a pink silk bed skirt. There’s what appears to be a fur comforter on the bed and a magenta bench at the end of it. Nothing in this room matches other than the pillows and the nightstands. So, if you’re a fan of funky colors, mismatched styles that work and the 40’s or 50’s, this is something you may be able to recreate.

I can’t possibly imagine a more vintage or Victorian style room than this one. The whole bedroom looks as if it were designed for a princess back in the 1800’s. The headboard is filled with gold accents and upholstery. All of the furniture features gold accents and a cream base color adorned with roses. It’s definitely extremely glamorous and I’m honestly jealous of whoever gets to sleep in there.

Of all of the frames that look as though they’re floating, this one is my favourite. The stand at the top of the bed and underneath the bed give this a really cool, spaced-out feel to it. As you can see in the picture, this bed looks perfectly suitable for a young person’s room or a spare room.

The smart headboard matches the clean design perfectly giving the whole bed a really ace feel.

Check out the list and hopefully become inspired by all these great ideas for retro bedrooms!

This bed, put together fantastically well, looks as much like it’s been build from a treasure chest as anything else. And it just might feel like a treasure chest when we tell you this is something you can make yourself and save some real money. The colour and large screws give this a rustic feel while this could be just as fun in a child’s room as it would in an adult master bedroom. An awesome work of art.

I love this bed because it makes the room. Although the room’s view is excellent, the bed brings it all together. The minimal metal bed with small legs in each corner is perfect for letting the main features of the room do the talking.

Although make sure you get curtains on these windows, or you could be in for a huge surprise!

This floating bed frame is a stylish feature that fits in incredibly well with a stylish room. Very much looking like anybody’s ideal bachelor pad, this GQ-in-real-life style room offers much by way of jealousy.

The bed looks very comfy while still looking slender, trendy and stylish. With little by the way of clutter, this room is one of the ideal rooms on my list.

This is another one of those bed setups that you would probably see in a Hollywood starlet’s mansion in Beverly Hills. The bed is a single huge frame with glass accents and white leather upholstery. There’s also a matching bench to boot. The floor is a beautiful marble color, which could either be made from glass or actual marble. This room won’t be cheap to recreate, but if you can do it, I highly suggest it.

What’s more vintage than a room filled with gold? To start, the bed has a large leather upholstered headboard with that buttoned look. There’s a shiny gold comforter on top of it that matches the window treatments.

In the corner is a simple Victorian style chair against a white and gold dresser. The whole room is very vintage and well, shiny!

This room has a lot of vintage elegance to it. This isn’t something that you will be able to easily recreate, but it’s definitely a cool concept. The bed has a Victorian style upholstered headboard with a tufted look. There is the same design on each side of the bed set in the wall. There’s a gorgeous area rug that matches the designs on the comforter. There’s also a comfortable looking bench at the end of the bed that completes the look.

While possibly not for the faint of heart, your little girl would not doubt be totally made up if she came home to this. A beautiful, dainty number, it almost looks like it’s plastic – taken straight from a doll’s house and put right in your home. The base is thick and looks steady for a perfect night’s sleep.

The colour of this bed is shocking blue but at the same time, it totally still works. With every piece of furniture matching, and no other bold colours in the room, the bed and other pieces looks on point. The neat little drawers in each side of the bed make great trinket storage units and the single bed atop the lot really tops it off nicely. Perfect for a youngster.

This is by far one of the most beautiful rooms that could be on this list. I love how all of the purples come together without it being too overpowering. The backsplash is a gorgeous shiny tile design. The headboard is massive and is most likely customized and can’t be easily replicated. The gold accents throughout the room just bring that glamorous feel up 2 notches. If you want to feel like you’re living in pure luxury, this room is the answer.

This is an extremely elegant room and I’m actually quite jealous of the owner. This room is painted a creamy white color with a pearl white comforter that has beautiful stitch work. To break up the white, they have a brown upholstered headboard and a matching chair over in front of the bay window. To finish off the room, they added a crystal chandelier for lighting and decor.

This funky bed idea is excellently appropriate for a shabby-chic style room and totally fits in with the trend of upcycling furniture. Made from what looks like 4 crates, this bed looks both super comfy and really awesome within the wooden surroundings of the room.

Simple, effective and really sleek, this is one hell of a cool room, looking modern and chilled out.

Conduct some of your own research, or just stick to one of these ideas provided and see what you can come up with! With all these bold patterns, brilliant colors and interesting room embellishments, you can definitely accomplish your perfect retro bedroom getaway. Did this list of awesome retro bedroom ideas get your creative juices going? Like, share, and comment below!

18 Retro Themed Bedroom Ideas Time Wrap Bohemian Bliss Greyed Pastels Sock Hop Rock Seventies Glamour

Another small, slender style bed, this time with a frame even smaller than the mattress, this bed looks super comfy with the top of the base a little larger to hold the weight of the person, while the base below is smaller. Even though there’s no space underneath the bed for storage, this design still works really well. The colour of the bed compliments the colour of the wooden floor perfectly.

A platform bed can sometimes be something on an underwhelm. While you may be slightly devoid of any inspiration within this particular niche, there are things out there that can work for you, regardless of the type and colour you’re after. We’ve dug through the realms of the internet to find the best, most exciting types of platform beds, and put together what we expect are the 60 best styles out there. Enjoy!

Lots Of Crystals Bronze & Fur Fur & Velvet Silky White & Gold Glitz & Glam Always Matching Black Beauty Shaggy Purple & Gold

This room is very posh in my opinion. There’s more than enough white throughout the room to make it naturally bright. To break up all of that white, shiny gold lamps and handles are used as nightstands. I love the gold pillows on the bed and how they incorporate the pink coloring into it. It’s definitely very girly.

Nature is a beautiful thing, which is what makes this bedroom so gorgeous. It is filled with a lot of colors that you would find in nature. The walls have elegant leaf and branch designs against a cream color. All other furniture in the room is a brown color as if it belonged to some tree bark. The headboard is a beautiful upholstered and tufted design with a tiny silver border. If you’re a skilled artist or can find wall decals, this could be a fun thing to replicate.

Well, you can’t have too much lighting I suppose! This room is clearly over the top. Each bed is separated by sheer curtains attached to the canopy near the ceiling. The rest of the room is filled with benches, chairs, an ottoman and two matching mirrored nightstands. Everything in here matches, making it the ideal space for two teenagers or roommates sharing one space.

A really strange shaped bed, this deep, dark bed frame hugs the mattress, surrounding it with a slight lip, while I consider the main feature here to be the fantastically grant headboard at the top of the bed. Made from a number of panels, this rich coloured feature gives the bed a more imposing look about it, from an otherwise underwhelming piece of furniture.

Another extremely modern piece of furnishing that I would love to have in my own home, the larger base supports the mattress well, and while it may be a little low down (your feet could touch the floor while slightly putting your legs out of the bed), this is just a really neat, beautiful piece of bedding that works well with the colour of the room overall. Light purples are relaxing, and that’s exactly how this room feels.

A fully functioning bed with additional side tables, this finely upholstered platform bed is a finely underplayed number, with a real beautiful design. Coming in a couple of different colours, this bed would match a number of schemes within your home.

The design of the bed is really artistic, with the missing slats complimented by the lovely colour of the slats that appear both on the headboard and towards the foot of the bed. The surrounding area of the room is beautiful too, with the fine looking fireplace adding to the grandeur of the room while the light-coloured wooden flooring in the room takes nothing away from the bed and other features.

This whole room is elegant and simple at the same time. I love the way the mural behind the bed is painted. It does a very good job of breaking up all that white coloring on the walls, bed, and carpeting. The headboard has that upholstered and tufted look that we have seen in almost every other picture on this list. The one thing that sticks out, other than that beautiful mural, is the vintage hanging light.

The bed on show here is another extremely white piece of furniture. This bed looks really comfortable, and if you’ve got a room that is of similar colour then this would fit in a charm. The headboard is quite arty and the base under the mattress pulls towards the centre as it approaches the floor and looks swish and smart.

A large looking bed with a very simple frame, this dark wood style is smart while staying in keeping with a fairly minimal wooden decor. The rest of the room looks very classical, with the wallpaper taking influence from old England and the small furniture either side of the bed match the underframe perfectly.

What a lovely room.

Again another totally minimal floating bed, with this time a wood finish, the difference between this bed and others is that this is actually quite high off the ground. The addition of two small side tables – one either side of the bed – is a sweet little feature, and the headboard while not particularly unique, adds a nice finish to the whole bed. A cool little number.

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