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Todays contemporary large windows
20 Interior Design Ideas To Upgrade Your Home Revolution Pre

20 Interior Design Ideas To Upgrade Your Home Revolution Pre 20 Interior Design Ideas To Upgrade Your Home Revolution Pre

Coordinate each furniture and wall colors with a varying color palette to establish a coherent mood and an uncluttered look in each area. Color palettes come in various tone schemes that can be rated based on visual comfortability and capability to open up spaces.

5 Business Benefits of Designer Prefab Homes The growing demand for prefab homes is causing a shift in the real estate scene. By 2020, global shipments of prefab homes are expected to reach 1.1 million units. This increased popularity can be rooted in its…

Revolution Precrafted Joins FIAC 2016 with Jean Nouvel’s Collectible Home True to its vision of democratizing high design and architecture, Revolution Precrafted continues partnering with world-famous architects, artists, and designers to develop designer precrafted…

10 Timeless Designs by Philip Johnson To be an admirable designer, one must have a mix of both creativity and practicality. In the world of architecture, only a few names are able to master this. They think out of the box and translate their ideas into groundbreaking…

The object that you’re going to refurnish must be well-ventilated, and while high-gloss works like a charm on wood panels, it may not be the same as glass, plastic, and stones. With this achieved, you’ll have a ‘brand new’ furniture in no time at lesser cost.

Designer Precrafted Homes: The New Prefab Trend The discourse on prefab home must now go beyond practicality and design flexibility as homebuyers are now more discerning and meticulous. People are learning to see the significance of sustainability, eco-friendliness,…

Rugs are excellent additions to any space. When walls and ceilings fail to capture attention, rugs can make up for it. Experiment with textures, patterns, sizes, and colors to complement a room’s motives.

Designer Spotlight: Rafael Pelli   Rafael Pelli is an innovator and pioneer in the field of sustainable design. His integrated design approach has led to important precedents in high-rise residential, public university, and commercial buildings. In 2000, Rafael…

Similar to art museums, a gallery wall is best viewed at eye level.

Designer Spotlight: Kengo Kuma Kengo Kuma is regarded as the quintessential Japanese architect of today, an artist who deftly combines traditional building crafts with modern materials and technology. He is also a prolific author who has published literary works since…

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Geometric designs embody shapes and lines to form modern designs that invoke sheer creativity, particularity, and an energetic atmosphere.

Having accent walls in a room is a bold statement of expression. It evokes a balance of colors and patterns without being too exaggerated and plain. An accent wall also gives focus to certain features of your home and highlights it among the other elements in a room.

Line up plates of different color schemes and sizes to form a centerpiece in the living room or anywhere at eye level. Discover the art with the things you currently have and hidden beneath cupboards.

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Sticking with the traditional living room style of having wide sofas and loveseats at the center may hinder you from discovering the space-saving wonders of sofa-less rooms. In small spaces, a pair or two of lounge chairs with a coffee table in the center can do the same trick. Tuck cushion pillows in seats for a welcoming mood.

Eliminate space restrictions with armless seats to provide more opportunities for shared seating arrangements and comfortability for every occupant. Place armless seats away from the wall and into the centerfold for continuous connection and immediate movability.

Designer Spotlight: Craig Copeland Craig Copeland is an architect, sculptor and industrial designer who is the Associate Partner in the New York City studio of Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, and founding partner of Situcraft in Long Island City, New York. Born on 14…

Build a large storage wall that can shelter as many decorative items and daily tools for immediate access.

Kenneth Cobonpue’s Hedera Fuses Nature With Prefab Home Design

Similar with the art gallery, lining up decorative plates into a wall is another step ahead in interior designing. A wall of plates can also showcase your resourcefulness and creativity as you can make use of barren plates and revamp it to be hung on walls for people to see.

Similar to designing walls, you can place patterned and colorful curtains in rooms to add a cheerful effect, together with heavy drapes for rooms needing absolute separation.

12 Hottest Outdoor Trends You Must See – Pavilions, Lighting and More Outdoor living design can be exciting and challenging at the same time. Just like interior design, outdoor trends are changing from time to time depending on what’s new. As a homeowner, there are…

Paint your bookshelves with bright colors to make the objects within pop out and enliven the room quarters. Bookshelves are the simplest way to start, as it only requires the background to be painted to highlight its contents.

Adopting a Zen-styled home with a touch of contemporary can make your home an establishment of peace and rejuvenation.

11 Genius Home Décor Hacks You Must Know The fun part in owning a house is being able to decorate your space as you please. Whether you live in a traditional or prefabricated home, your space demands your attention. Often, we consult with interior designers since they…

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What Makes Prefab Homes Ideal in the Philippines [with Infographic]

Appreciate your high ceilings and windows by hanging drapes as high as the ceiling permits. Curtains are an opulent piece of décor that can improve a room’s mood and space volume.

Filipino-Designed Customizable Prefab Homes by BUDJI+ROYAL With great emphasis on customizability and functionality, Filipino creative and innovative firm BUDJI+ROYAL ARCHITECTURE+DESIGN creates two groundbreaking projects that set a new trend in the prefab housing…

Secure a storage wall for your shelving needs, instead of buying cupboards for each supply department. Storage walls are great wonders, not just for your need for space, but also as a decorative body. Putting up decorative paraphernalia such as vases, books, appliance sets, and even your awards is a great way to express your sentiments.

Rocks may be a design feature as old as time, but time and time again, it evolves into the interior and exterior pieces that highlight a room. Having rocks as the sound basis of your walls is a brilliant choice, as rocks are durable, can be relaxing to look at, elegant, timeless, and gives your interior look the same quality with your exterior designs.

The Rise of the Prefab Market Around the World [Infographic]

Designer Spotlight: Tom Dixon Whenever Tom Dixon sets his heart on something, he simply does it and comes out successful. Most of his feature biography attempts to explore the complex facets of his expansive career—highlighting how his eccentric and anarchic mind…

Revolution Reinvents Modern Modular with Paulo Mendes da Rocha & METRO

Designer Prefab Communities: A Game Changer in Property Development Prefabrication of homes may no longer be a fresh concept in the market, but a designer prefab community definitely is. With the real estate sector now experiencing a momentous resurgence, the prefab…

Prefab vs Modular Homes: What’s the Difference? Prefab homes and modular homes are becoming more popular through the years, yet we often confuse one for the other. Read on to understand the nuances between the two. Prefab or prefabricated is an umbrella term for…

Stack wall arts and mix colors of varying tones on your couches and pillows. Place area rugs of different lengths and a white patterned wallpaper to optimize the overall effect of the color tones and elements in the room.

Bright pillows, despite its size, can uplift a room’s mood with its presence alone. Plain and white furniture is the perfect stage to uphold the decorating charm of bright pillows as it provides an opportunity for contrasting colors to work out together.

Commonly placed on windows and doors, you can experiment by placing little pieces within ceilings and shelves for a more classic feel.

For bedrooms, full-length mirrors are a common attribute, as it’s needed mainly for walk-in closets. For an additional feel, mirrors have its own styles as well such as vintage, oriental, or minimalist. Regardless of your choice, mirrors are definitely an addition in every room.

Revolution Precrafted Joins FIAC 2016 with Jean Nouvel’s Collectible Home

Give emphasis to your windows by linking complementing drapes as a finishing touch to the overall look of your living room. Keep in mind that drapes must match a window’s stature and the room’s size. Customize the way you hang curtains, it can be inside-outside, one-sided, or match it up with blinds and panels to suit your living room’s needs.

Leaving out sofas in the living room picture can save you a large amount of space that you can use to establish a bigger and a spacious feel of the room for your guests to move around comfortably.

Area rugs are commonly found in living and dining rooms where most people gather together and have discussions. Consider placing area rugs on hallways and entryways to give visitors an aerial view of your home.

Outline and structure your ceilings and walls with stripes patterns and accents to have a great impact on a room’s inclusive space. In most cases, vertical striped walls assist in making a room look taller than it really is, and horizontal striped walls establish a wider length of the room.

The Truth Behind Prefab Misconceptions Time, together with the advancements in technology, has done significant improvements in prefab—from construction to materials and design. Excellent quality, durability, aesthetics are now given a premium to raise the bar in…

Depending on your resources and skills, window seats can be made with some spare wood and cushions.

A little color brings an extensive impact on the overall atmosphere of the room—eliminating sluggish blank spaces and replacing it with bursting cheer.

Comply with color blocking trends to spice up your living room’s space. Paint your walls and format your floors in varying colors to discover a new pattern of color schemes that can suit your tastes. It can be a mixture between neutral, bold, and quirky. It’s a great method to test colors to revamp your living room.

An indoor treehouse is a playful addition to the kids’ room and when you lack exterior space. It can also act as a storage facility that needs to be found immediately, instead of storing it in the basement.

Painting only a half of the wall is a stylish contemporary trend that can be incorporated with minimalism, as most half wall design enthusiasts prefer to use grays and whites over other colors.

Despite its appeal, hanging pots may perturb some due to its downfalls such as blocking the lights, and hanging utensils too high may disturb cooking. Nonetheless, hanged pots can make your kitchen a state of its own art spontaneity.

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Living rooms are the heart and soul of every home. As a space that can serve as a lounge room, workspace, and entertainment room, it comes in all shapes, forms and sizes.

Compose your living room with bold patterns: from the pillows, decorations, wall colors, seating, and curtains to solve space issues in tight rooms. Inviting bold patterns points the eyes to dwell on the style schemes instead of the limited space they’re in. Giving your living room an extended feel despite its limits.

A gallery wall is a perfect piece of attraction to put up in your home for a daily source of inspiration and motivation. Setting up a striking gallery wall depends on three things: a collective testimony of your life interests, a lively layout of frames, and the positioning of each frame.

Inspirational Quotes from Famous Architects, Artists and Designers

White is a staple color that evokes both luxury and simplicity in one hue. Inexpensive furniture can be a game changer when painted with white, whether it’s glossy or not, as the color can impact visual changes and people will not spare even one thought that your furniture wasn’t of high caliber.

Bathrooms shouldn’t always stick to its signature white colors. Instead, make your bathroom stand out by painting it with modern blues. Blue colors will make bathtubs, toilets, and cabinets stick out, making your bathroom another warm room in your home alongside others.

Give your living room pure blooms by growing and providing natural greens within the corners, beside or at the back of chairs, and on top of tables. Plants have their own designing charms that can equal the same features of wallpapers with regards to adding comfort, intensity and mood in the room.

Play and mix with colors, and observe if it can be on par with the different elements of your living room.

Contemporary roof windows pave the way for skylights and unaltered air to enter your home in a stylish way. Installing roof windows with the right angle will be a nice routine to wake up to, as you see the sunlight and the night skyline.

As one of the first stepping stones of a home’s interior, colorful rugs will pave the way for atmosphere escalation.

5 Big Trends Shaping Real Estate in 2017 The real estate market expects a bright future ahead. So as we enter 2017, the preparation for some changes brought about by global events and market shifts in 2016 becomes imperative. In 2016, we saw a lot of foreign investors…

You can also explore on subtlety for an interesting color scheme and accentuate spaces and color flows between objects and walls.

7 Home Design Mistakes You Could Be Doing (With Solutions!)   Giving your space a makeover can be both taxing and rewarding. It takes time and energy, but when done right, the result gives your interiors a brand new look. While decorating your interiors is highly…

Regarding opportunities for space utilization, adding mirrors placed opposite of the entry door and across windows is the perfect trick to create the illusion of a bigger room. This reflects external views which invite light to open up the area. Attach a mirror together with a well-patterned wallpaper to form a centerpiece.

10 Things Your Interior Designer Won’t Tell You There’s a lot that goes on beneath the surface when a homeowner and an interior designer engage in a home project. An interior designer may appear calm, provide you with creative home design ideas, and tell you that…

Customize each piece of furniture to save more space without sacrificing style and usability. Multifunctional furniture is a focal point of contemporary design, as maximizing space is of high importance to give way for creative living rooms. Have storage cupboards and coffee tables be an all-around alternative for seating and counter purposes.

Apply these design ideas from Revolution as an accepted challenge. Turn small living room spaces into a big table of design innovations to maximize space and come up with flexible styles to make your living room an embodiment of the perfect room.

18 Big Design Ideas for Small Living Rooms Living rooms are the heart and soul of every home. As a space that can serve as a lounge room, workspace, and entertainment room, it comes in all shapes, forms and sizes. If you’re looking for a way to maximize your small…

Decorate your living room in a way that visitors will not realize the lack of spaces and restrictions present in the area. For small spaces, the trick is to lead the eyes to the total appeal of the room and away from the discrepancies.

Designer Spotlight: César Pelli Cesar Pelli is an Argentine-American architect hailed as one of the most acclaimed architects of the 20th century, having won over 200 awards for his work. Born on October 12, 1926, and raised in Tucumán, Argentina, he grew up in a…

If you’re looking for a way to maximize your small living room, here are big design tips from Revolution.

The Rise of the Prefab Market Around the World [Infographic] In recent years, the prefab home market has shown a steady rise due to its advantages—energy efficiency, faster construction time compared with stick-built homes, transportability, and more. This growing…

Dress small rooms and cramped spaces with light colors to make it appear bigger than it actually is. While dark colors are a top favorite when it comes to most interior design trends, the hue and saturation influences add to the room’s already limited space.

Leading the eyes above to the topmost parts of the ceiling with the help of a gallery wall can reward living rooms with a fuller feel and an imposing view.

Setting up an indoor treehouse may be a grueling task, but DIYs from cardboards and bunk beds can be practiced as an essential introduction for a more established treehouse.

Geometric designs rely on everything fluid—from fluid models that seem to have a life of its own, fluid colors and textures, and a fluid movement that never fails to attract attention in a geometric-styled home.

In your search for the finest home designs, let Revolution guide you with essential design tips to get you started. Here are over 20 smartest ways to give your home interiors a significant upgrade.

Designer Spotlight: Marcel Wanders Marcel Wanders is a world-renowned Dutch product designer, interior designer, and art director who first gained widespread recognition in 1996 for the iconic Knotted Chair. That piece was a fusion of high-tech materials mixed with…

5 Creative Ways to Customize Your Home The most exciting part of buying a new home is when you finally get to move in and start decorating. Customization is one great way to give it your personal touch. Don’t hesitate to upgrade the look of your home with these…

Philip Johnson’s Glass House Reimagined with a Prefab Home Seventy years ago, Philip Johnson became a revolutionary of his time by designing one of the pioneering symbols of contemporary architecture. His Glass House, which was originally designed for his master…

A symmetrical room promotes an orderly style of harmony, which always prevents a room to look uncluttered and unorganized.

Designer Spotlight: Ron Arad Ron Arad is a familiar figure in the art and design world. He launched his illustrious career in 1981 with the creation of an unusual piece of furniture called the Rover chair. It was a fusion of two ready-made items or “found objects”—a…

Oversized mirrors can be bought in standardized forms or can be customized. Remember to angle mirrors beside or across entryways to upgrade a room’s feel and as a cover up for a room’s lack of decorations.

Draped kitchenware is not just for decorative means, as hanging pots and pans beneath your kitchen’s ceiling is an effective way to declutter and provide more storage space.

Throughout decades and generations, home interior designs have been diversifying where each style offers an experience distinct from the other. Trends come and go, but the practice of designing your space will stand the test of changing times. When it comes to upgrading spaces whether it’s the traditional type or a prefab home, there are no limits – only widened horizons.

Window seats serve as a smart storage and a second reception for bedrooms and veranda lounges, as it is the sweetest spot to relax and rest in between short hours and breaks while the skyline observes at a standstill.

Decorative wall mirrors can alter your home’s overall atmosphere as long as it’s properly maintained and positioned at the right angles. Before purchasing mirrors, think about its role in your home. Small-sized mirrors work best for added decorations, while big mirrors are a great asset in every entrance way, as it invites light and becomes an immediate resource to tidy up before leaving.

A vintage bathroom is a stylish venture, as you can stroll around secondhand and thrift stores that often sell vintage items for half the price. You get to save and have a whole new bathroom experience for reserve.

Go green, not just with your lifestyle but with your home as well. Invite the outdoors inside your home’s corners by placing as many potted plants and trees as you can within rooms not only for its aesthetic appeal but also to help in air regulation. Green plants can also contribute to a room’s overall color, structure, and atmosphere.

Curtains are a convenient alternative to walls when dividing and adding room spaces without sacrificing your right to privacy, light entryway, and room ambiance. These are also an interesting feature to your home that contributes a sense of creativity and comfort even when drawn.

High-gloss paint can give full restoration on chipped and barren furniture with a few coats. Painting with high-gloss, while it seems simple enough, still requires attention and proper handling.

Space-saving stairs were first introduced by Japanese architect, Kotaro Anzai, to maximize storage and room space. As told by Anzai, space-saving stairs can be achieved by dividing the remaining areas to be used for interior storage.

Organize your living room in a balanced arrangement: set up equal sizes and shapes of artworks, corresponding color schemes for pillows and seating, and analogous wall colors to top the technique off.

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Designer Prefab Homes: The Next Big Thing Prefabricated homes are nothing new. In fact, they have come a long way since the early 1900s, and the days when these are thought as “trailers” are already gone. The prefabrication of homes off-site has become one of the most…

Homes are the universal embodiment of life stories shared between closed and open doors. Thus, the design of your abode is a significant complement to your home living experience.

Zen-styled homes are inspired by Japanese gardens, usually associated with being a place for retreat and meditation. Allot a specific space in your entryway where you can put a spot of puddle to achieve a calming feel into the house.

Some things are meant to be together, and in interior designing, mixing old and new elements is a trend that will always be appreciated regardless of time and style.

Color blocking is an effective method to figure out spaces among the other elements of a room. Concentrating on a particular room entry and painting it with another color can lead eyes away from other elements and focus on the accented entry instead. Hence, an opportunity to free up space in other aspects of the room.

Spicing up a room accompanied with traditional objects and contemporary designs has a story or two to tell, and it’s best to relive such thoughts on a classic frame.

10 Zaha Hadid Designs That Will Stand The Test Of Time Zaha Hadid built amazing structures and left a legacy. Hadid’s recent passing is a big loss to the architecture world, and it seemed like the industry lost a beam that had supported it for years. The founder of…

Mount wall lights on the ceiling or at the top part of walls where hidden and significant areas need to be illuminated. As a decorative bonus, flair your wall lights with curtains and décor accents to attract attention.

Prefab vs Traditional Homes: What’s the Difference? Owning a property and building a home for one’s family is every person’s dream. If you are a prospective homebuyer, you need to know the different options available to you once you decide to buy a house. These days,…

5 Reasons to Love Designer Prefab Homes Home is where the heart is, so the saying goes. It’s where everything starts – where you build your dreams, your aspirations, your family, your life. Today, people don’t just look for a home that can provide a space to live….

MODERN PREFAB IS THE NEW MOBILE HOME The popularity of prefabricated homes has a great story to tell. Through the years, it has been making its own mark in the real estate scene given its practicality, sophistication and livability. Its recognition began as soon as…

Inspired by traditional Japanese architecture, stairs with built-in cabinets have been of great interest with most interior designs as an answer to most homeowners’ need for space and minimalism.

  Kenneth Cobonpue’s Hedera Fuses Nature With Prefab Home Design   In today’s modern age, the fusion of nature with prefab home design is a rare find. Only artists with a deep understanding and wide expertise in nature-inspired designs can pull off a project…

Arrange multifunctional furniture a few meters away from the wall for easy access, and a pair of two to four seats for a homely feel.

Stained glass is a standard light bearer that can inflict colors and traditional adaptability with each shape reflected. Gathering its stylish roots from old buildings and churches—the wonders of stained glass in a home are reminiscent of history and style.

If you’re aiming for a unique feel for your home, apply unusual elements to stray from the usual flow of housing components. In such cases, bathrooms are a perfect opportunity to dress up with unexpected themes.

Provide an illusionary feel by ‘floating’ your furniture as an added appeal to most minimalist designs. This interior design trend has become a topic of interest, as hovering furniture suggests that a house is lightweight and has maximized spaces.

Here’s the catch: bright and colorful pillows can never get out of style. You just have to change them seasonally and pop in different colors and patterns now and then for full effect.

Apart from the gravity-defying aspect, it also stabilizes housing features that are often concentrated upon such as beds, tables, cabinets, and seats.

8 Must-Read Articles About Prefab Homes Prefabricated homes or simply prefab homes have been a popular choice among homebuyers nowadays because of the numerous benefits that come with it such as faster build time, sustainability, and the ability to relocate anytime…

Rooms with two-toned walls are pleasing to the eye as you get to see the best of both colors. This designing trend is also of great relief for most homeowners, particularly those who have high ceilings, as it’s easier to paint and you can experiment on the boundaries to give way to the next color. However, be wary of picking colors as it may turn out unappealing.

Ed Calma Designs a Cut Diamond-Inspired Prefab Home   A Filipino architectural virtuoso is raising the bar in prefab home design in the Philippines. Multi-awarded architect Eduardo “Ed” Calma of Lor Calma & Partners is a visionary who believes that houses can…

Rugs are a decorative tool that can enhance a room’s length and introduce a bigger feel of the entire room because of its adorning patterns and textures that serve as a balancing element to a room’s substantial space.

Setting up this type of wallpaper can be a trial and error method, you’ll need to find a pattern that you’ll stick with throughout the deal, mix patterns of all sizes and forms, and balanced color picks to achieve a specific type of feel in the room: pastel colors for a calming effect, while bold colors for a vibrant effect.

Why Buy Prefab for Your First Home? In the past, the term prefab conjures images of nondescript houses that are lined up next to each other. That’s not the case anymore. The prefab industry has evolved dramatically over the years with more architects, interior…

Cover your living room’s walls with a wallpaper that has running and continuous patterns to establish a bigger feel of space within. While it may seem contrasting to have heavy-textured wallpapers, it produces an opposite visual effect in the room.

Magnify vertical ceiling spaces by adorning it to the brim with a diversified gallery wall of your own choosing. Tall ceilings and vertical spaces improve a room’s overall impression by granting a higher feel of the room.

20+ Interior Design Ideas to Upgrade Your Home Throughout decades and generations, home interior designs have been diversifying where each style offers an experience distinct from the other. Trends come and go, but the practice of designing your space will stand the…

A living room must always come with a mirror or two in tow, regardless of its shape and size. Position an oversized mirror beside your windows to induce an imaginative feel of a larger space. Mirrors also attract light, which makes a room airier and reduces lighting costs.

    What Makes Prefab Homes Ideal in the Philippines The Philippine real estate market is on a steady growth with condominiums, subdivisions, and townhouses sprouting everywhere. With so many types of residential properties to choose from, it’s hard to…

Buying a House? 9 Tips for Homebuyers Not everyone is keen on investing in a new home. Some people may feel comfortable renting an apartment while others live with their families. However, there comes a time when you have to be on your own and purchase a residence….

Installing wall-mounted lights can grant you direct and adjustable control over a living room’s lighting. It can also act as dividers. Wall-mounted lights bring a new stylish fad on its own as it can complement a ceiling’s texture and a room’s overall illumination by not giving up space, in contrast to light stands and floor lamps that occupy a certain space in your living room.

Inspirational Quotes from Famous Architects, Artists and Designers Designing your own space can be daunting. Not to mention, the wide variety of design inspirations, materials, and philosophies can be overwhelming. To guide you in your journey, here are inspirations…

Designer Prefab Communities: A Game Changer in Property Development

Neglecting ceiling designs can be considered as a pitfall if you’re new to interior designing. Ceilings overlook the entire room, and it’s one of the main attractions that can make eyes look upward and marvel on its structured beauty. Enhance your ceiling by designing it with wood patterns, light fixtures, and colored tones to influence the room’s entire atmosphere.

Revolution Reinvents Modern Modular with Paulo Mendes da Rocha & METRO Two of the most respected names in global architecture collaborate with Revolution Precrafted again to advocate modernist architecture. Paulo Mendes da Rocha and METRO Architects joined hands…

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