Ideal for a living room or a bedroom
If a small sized bedroom belongs to a teenager or student there is a need for some work space all the furniture in this room must be compact and
20 Fantastic Ideas For Transforming Small Rooms Brightside

20 Fantastic Ideas For Transforming Small Rooms Brightside 20 Fantastic Ideas For Transforming Small Rooms Brightside

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4. As an alternative to your usual closet, consider сhoosing a built-in wall niche. Curtains as doors will let you savor the lightness of this interior design.

Want to create an accent wall but you don’t want to commit to a color or design? Try peel and stick wallpaper! A young family wanted to help give their sons’ bedroom a bit more personality and excitement, so they tried using peel and stick wallpaper – the result is amazing! Check out how they did it here.

White is a magical color for making small spaces feel larger. Use a stark white, mixed with other shades of white, like cream or ivory, to transform a tiny bedroom. Add pops of color or a pattern here and there to show off a bit of personality.

If you have a studio but wish to have the privacy of a bedroom, room dividers are a great solution. Make them dreamy and whimsical by using light-colored curtains or pieces of fabric and hang them with a drying line. Even if the curtains are see-through, it will still make the room feel a bit more intimate.

9. Create dreamy room dividers swiggle1 dot pattern2 homedit Source: homedit

16. Get creative with furniture placement swiggle1 dot pattern2 Happy Modern Source: Happy Modern

Are some of the rooms in your house or apartment quite small? It’s time to stop seeing this as a problem. You just have to know how to make good use of the space within it, and then even in the tiniest cupboard you’ll be able to live and work, socialise with friends and spend time with your partner in comfort.

18. Try peel and stick wallpaper swiggle1 dot pattern2 House Tweaking Source: House Tweaking

1. Three beds in one room swiggle1 dot pattern2 The Smart Local Source: The Smart Local

Creative designs like this one are a great way to save space and get practical use out of your furniture. What was once an area the size of a twin bed, now has two beds, a desk, a storage area, and a shelf.

12. Lift a bed for extra storage swiggle1 dot pattern2 IKEA Hackers Source: IKEA Hackers

Ever thought of transforming a closet into a sleeping space? Why not? If there’s enough room in a long closet for a twin-size bed or futon, add some shelves and a bit of LED lighting, and you have yourself a cozy little sleeping nook! The best part? It can be hidden away when the closet doors are closed.

10. White, white, white swiggle1 dot pattern2 Rom 123 Source: Rom 123

“Due to limited space and twins on the way ~ this family needed to convert this tiny guest nook into a full fledge bedroom for their growing toddler. The Goal: To make this tiny space a fun and cozy bedroom fit for a growing toddler. The Challenge: It’s a tiny TINY space!” it says on Pinterest. Find out how this family made this transformation.

In small spaces, high ceilings can be a godsend. Take advantage of the vertical space by building an elevated loft for a sleeping space or seating area. Jay Austin lives in a studio that is only 8-feet wide, but you’d never know it by his creative design.

Even a closet can be transformed into a functional bit of square footage.

7. Narrow room solution swiggle1 dot pattern2 Mommo Design Source: Mommo Design

Small studios can quickly feel cramped when there are multiple pieces of furniture inside. Help prevent a cluttered or claustrophobic feel by keeping decor and furniture in neutral colors. This will make the studio feel bright, airy, and larger than really it is.

This creative bed and study design is every teenager’s dream. Lucky for them, PB Teen sells this awesome “Sleep + Study Loft” in multiple colors for just $1,999. Not only is it perfect for a small room or studio, but it’s absolutely adorable.

While all-white or neutral-colored walls are great when dealing with tiny rooms and studios, it can often feel like the space feels like it’s lacking in character. Choose a patterned wallpaper and use it to create a beautiful accent wall.

6. Hide a bed in the wall swiggle1 dot pattern2 Habitissimo Source: Habitissimo

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Whether you live in a tiny studio or have a small room in a home – these 25 amazing ideas are incredible for transforming a small space into an inviting place to live, relax, and socialize.

24. Modular beds are great for households with multiple kids swiggle1 dot pattern2 Pinterest Source: Pinterest

3. Oftentimes, your bedroom also acts as your closet, and an enormous wardrobe eats up space. Choose a light-colored wardrobe to enhance the feeling of space in your room.

2. Don’t be afraid to use bright colors: vibrant walls, vivid pictures, colorful curtains or a blanket will lighten up your room. Make sure you know when enough is enough, though.

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In small rooms, slide a twin-sized bed underneath a desk to make the most out of the tiny amount of space.

2. Make a romantic lounging or reading nook swiggle1 dot pattern2 One Kind Design Source: One Kind Design

20. Have a desk double as a long side table swiggle1 dot pattern2 Amazing Interior Design Source: Amazing Interior Design

6. Minimalism is an excellent design concept for a small room. Keep only the most important furniture pieces and add some cool decorative elements.

Much like Murphy beds, bunk beds have come a long way since the standard twin bed over twin bed set-up. Instead, create a design that is practical, functional, and beautiful. This gorgeous design features a queen-size bed with a small staircase leading up to the second bed. Built-in drawers provide storage, and the lighting under the top bunk is a wonderful detail to add.

1. Avoid dark bedroom walls. Light paint or wallpaper will help make the room feel larger.

Murphy beds have come a long way since you’ve seen them in old television shows or seen them in centuries-old apartment buildings. A room could serve as an office, but it could also transform into a guest bedroom in an instant.

4. Neutral colors are your best friend swiggle1 dot pattern2 Moonday Source: Moonday

Modular and stackable furniture is a great choice for saving space while maximizing storage and functionality. This beautiful design features a bed and dresser elevated on top of yet more drawers. The longer drawer on the right actually pulls out to reveal another bed. IKEA has some of the best stackable and modular furniture at a reasonable price.

If bold patterns and colors aren’t your thing, minimalistic decor and furnishings can also create a welcoming and cozy living space. Creating a simple bunk bed with a sofa underneath using light colored wood, simple wooden ladder, and humble decor.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Living Impressive Source: Living Impressive

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3. Take advantage of tall ceilings swiggle1 dot pattern2 Dwell Source: Dwell

How you choose to decorate your small space can truly be a make or break for the end result. Don’t be afraid to show your personality by choosing fun colors, patterns, and pieces of furniture. Plants and flowers are also a wonderful way to bring warmth and life into your small space.

7. If a small-sized bedroom belongs to a teenager or student, there is a need for some work space. All the furniture in this room must be compact and multipurpose.

Just because you only have a small amount of square footage in a room, doesn’t mean you have to skimp on design. If you have a small room in your house or apartment that you’re not quite sure what to do with, these amazing ideas are sure to give you plenty of inspiration.

8. Hide a bed behind closet doors swiggle1 dot pattern2 Eco Fueler Source: Eco Fueler

19. A little room within a room swiggle1 dot pattern2 PB Teen Source: PB Teen

To give you some inspiration, we picked 22 of the best ideas for designing small living spaces. Each one is practical and easy to implement.

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Your bedroom must be cozy and comfortable because it is there that you’ll be getting most of your rest. Even a small-sized room can be transformed into your home’s best spot, and you’ll hardly ever want to leave it. We at Bright Side gathered these tips and tricks to help you perfect this special place in your house!

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5. Multi-purpose furniture can maximize space swiggle1 dot pattern2 EcoFueler Source: EcoFueler

Place a long study desk next to a twin bed so that it also serves as a side table. Turning an ordinary piece of furniture into something multi-use is always a great idea when dealing with a small space.

Mirrors have always been a great way at deceiving our eyes into thinking that a room is much larger than it really is. If you have a closet with sliding doors, replace them with mirrored ones to make the room feel twice as big.

Every square foot counts when you live in a small space. If you have the ceiling space, build a “second story” loft for lounging, socializing, or sleeping. Save the “downstairs” for the dining room or a workspace. Plus, you can have so much storage underneath.

9. Bunk beds will help when you have two kids living in one room. Modern types of these beds are very comfortable and great for space-saving.

Narrow rectangular rooms can be a bit tricky to work with; using the wrong decor or pieces of furniture can quickly make the room feel like a cave. Choose a long piece of furniture, like a daybed or sofa, that matches the length of the room but doesn’t take up too much width. Of course, neutral colors and making use of vertical space is always a great design tactic in a small room.

8. Kids’ and teens’ rooms will look nice with bright and colorful tones. In this case, you can use the most saturated colors.

If you have a small nook in the corner of your room that you’re unsure how to use, wallpaper and the right piece of vintage furniture can transform it into your favorite place in the house. One Kind Design shared this gorgeous design.

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11. Get clever with bunk bed designs swiggle1 dot pattern2 Eco Fueler Source: Eco Fueler

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5. For seasonal clothing, you can always mount a rack for commonly used items to be ready at hand. The ones you wear rarely can be put on shelves that match the color of the walls.

14. Build and stack furniture swiggle1 dot pattern2 Brightside via Interior Designs Suggestions Source: Brightside via Interior Designs Suggestions

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21. Use patterned wallpaper to create a unique accent wall swiggle1 dot pattern2 Rom 123 Source: Rom 123

This clever design idea is great for siblings that need to share a room. Two of the beds can be easily rolled and hidden underneath the third bed which is elevated up on a platform. The Smart Local has other great space-saving ideas.

22. Don’t be afraid to mix and match swiggle1 dot pattern2 Misguided Source: Misguided

17. Even the tiniest nook can be transformed swiggle1 dot pattern2 Project Nursery Source: Project Nursery

23. Simple choices can make big statements swiggle1 dot pattern2 Eco Fueler Source: Eco Fueler

13. Add a “second story” swiggle1 dot pattern2 Dwell Source: Dwell

Light fixtures, and where they’re placed, can have a major impact in a tiny room or apartment. Keep decor to a minimum and use small lamps or vintage bulbs to illuminate the room or highlight areas like a workspace or piece of art.

15. Lighting is key swiggle1 dot pattern2 Living Impressive Source: Living Impressive

IKEA Hackers has an awesome tutorial on how to transform three IKEA dressers into an elevated bed with lots of storage, not only in the drawers but underneath the mattress as well. Absolutely genius!

Purchasing a 4- or 5-bedroom home just isn’t feasible for many families, so often times, siblings end up sharing rooms which can create a challenge when it comes to maximizing space. Modular beds are a perfect solution. Appearing to be just one bed with “closed up,” the two drawers below pull out to expose two more beds on wheels.

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