20 living room ideas inspiration for everyone
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20 Design And Decor Ideas Everyone’s Talking About This Week

20 Design And Decor Ideas Everyone’s Talking About This Week 20 Design And Decor Ideas Everyone’s Talking About This Week

A New Yorker Actually Brought So Much Sunlight Into This L.A. Bungalow

No frames, no nail holes—just your art on an exposed brick wall in seconds

There Are So Many Patterns in This Chicago Apartment—and it Works

Jobless Handicapped Dad Surprises His Daughter With A Small But Selfless Gift And Now The Internet Can’t Stop Crying

Some of these interior design ideas are grand, sweeping, expensive installations, but for those of us without the money to spare, there are smaller ideas too that are still doable and will give your home a unique and personal touch. And for those of us who live in city apartments, there are also plenty of ideas that will help you save space!

Warning – viewing some of these images may make you feel dissatisfied with your current home!

Supermodel Josephine Skriver and Musician Alex DeLeon Give Us a Tour of Their Modern Nashville Home

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These ingenious home improvements run from pools and aquariums to cleverly-hidden storage spaces, multi-purpose furniture and… cat transit walkways. Maybe you’ll recognize something that you’ve always wanted to see, or maybe the pictures will get your juices flowing and inspire you to come up with or even build something new.

A Big Kitchen, Dining Room, and Bedroom—All in a Studio Apartment?

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Given how much time most of us spend at home, it’s a shame most of us live in small, boring homes or apartments. If home is where the heart is, these interior design ideas will ensure that your heart stays happy!

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See how a genius sliding screen transformed this 290-square-foot home

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(These icicles formed inside a building in Chicago due to bad cold storage maintenance.)

These $2 Magnetic Hangers Allow You to Put Art on Any Surface

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A Sharp West Hollywood Flat Where Art—and a Few Surprises—Steal the Show

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If you have a cool picture of a brilliant piece of interior design that you think should be on this list, then be sure to add it! Upvote your favorite ideas as well.

We’ve all got some sort of idea of how our dream home might look. Some of us have just got to have a pool, while others want clever modern design, sustainability, or integration with natural elements. No matter what it is that makes your dream home unique, here are a few examples of homes where people have been able to realize some of their greatest home design fantasies.

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The Top 5 Things We Want to Copy from Glossier’s New L.A. Store

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22+ Stunning Interior Design Ideas That Will Take Your House To Another Level

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