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20 Daring Dining Room Ideas Whet Your Decorating Appetite With

20 Daring Dining Room Ideas Whet Your Decorating Appetite With 20 Daring Dining Room Ideas Whet Your Decorating Appetite With

If medieval times are an era that speaks to you, then don’t be afraid to fully embrace the old world style. What’s great about this look is that it’s still considered gorgeous and very much in. Things like antique paintings and ornate wooden tables will really bring this kind of dining room together.  Check out other great ideas from Wendy Tomoyasu 

Now that you have seen a variety of dining room styles, it’s’ time to start renovating and redecorating! Whether you like lots of interesting decors, a simple table and chairs or something in between, there is a lookout there for you. I hope you have enjoyed reading this list and gathering ideas for your upcoming project. Please let us know what you thought!

Treat your dining room like the set of a stage, where your only boundary is your own imagination. Here are 20 delicious dining room designs that dish out the drama. But these elaborate tabletops were created for a worthy cause. Showcased in 2012 at the Portland Fall Home & Garden Show as part of Serving Up Style: Designers Fighting Lupus, Portland-area interior designers were called to the table (pun intended) to bring their best with all proceeds benefitting lupus awareness. Whether you’re supporting the cause or looking for a little inspiration, these dining rooms will have you coming back for seconds.via Pinterest

This style has taken the decor fashion world by storm. With so many different furniture pieces and color palettes to chose from, this is one of the easiest looks to pull off. The variety of materials and textures is what makes this design so unique and popular.  You can find this and other cool ideas from Studio McGee

The magic that exists in this kind of decor is the fact that nothing has to match. The farmhouse feeling is one of relaxation. This may be one of the most fun styles to do as you can just choose the antique pieces that catch your eye and mix and match from there!.

It’s easy to see that the designer of this dining room, Digs Inside and Out, is a firm specializing in both indoor and outdoor decorating. The space is filled with lush plants, fruit and flowers, coloring the room in warm, autumn harvest hues. Leafy accents and branch wrapped pendant lights are organic adornments not only inspired by nature, but made from it. A pair of high-backed, orange velvet dining chairs invite you to sit and feast.

For those fans of modern decor, this dining room is the one for you. The minimalistic decor is easy to do, and the color palette is simple. This is a look that can be pulled off by anyone. The concrete floors really tie in with the black and white furniture to create a stylish demeanor.

Even though there and endless variety of styles you could go with, sometimes traditional is just the way to go. It’s familiar and it has never gone out of style, otherwise, it wouldn’t be traditional, would it? A wooden table surrounded by wooden chairs is usually the staple when going traditional. And why not? It will always be a classy decor choice. We go this great pic from; check it out and others.

The Portland skyline (well, a mural of it, anyway) overlooks this rustic-meets-urban style dining area by The Room Stylers. The space itself is an ode to the city, capturing its charms and commitment to eco friendly living through the use of repurposed pallet boards and reclaimed decking. The large-scale vintage style mirror and city reflect Portland’s nightlife.

If you find yourself trying to redecorate in cramped living conditions, fear not! There is a way, and it is not as hard as you would think. This is a great example of how to have a cute, clean dining room that will fit in any space. You don’t need to sacrifice style because you have more space than you realize! Check out more ideas at

21 Daring Dining Room Ideas – Whet Your Decorating Appetite with Our List

There is definitely a certain charm when it comes to Moroccan styles. Rich colors and intricate patterns make this look incredibly beautiful and unique. This is definitely a good choice if you’re looking for something outside the normal realm of dining rooms. Photo courtesy of Gypsy Yaya

It’s no secret that white has taken center stage when it comes to redecorating homes these days; for good reason. It brightens up the whole room and makes everything just feel clean. What makes it great is that it’s so easy. Basically, everything can be white and it will still look good. See other ideas from

Bling can be elegant when done right, as evidenced by this sleek and classy dining room idea. Placing shiny metal and crystal accents in key spots, like the light fixtures, can add a pop of pizzaz without being too much. Think clean lines, neutral tones and some dazzle and you’re done. Find this idea and others like it here from

Kindly check out other similar ideas on Rooms for Rent Blog Post.

Green isn’t usually the color you think of when you want to add some pop to your design, but when applied correctly, it can come out really well! This bright and summery dining room is the perfect example to showcase the power of thinking outside the box. The gold accents against the white contrast very nicely, and bring the whole look together.  Courtesy of

This dining area dubbed “Once upon a time” was created by Said Interior Design with a combination of vintage and rustic furniture, and a table piled high and illuminated by a chandelier overhead by Canopy Designs in NYC. The room has a certain charm, oozing of “Thanksgiving at the hunting cabin.”

The merry-go-round theme is not lost in this playful kitchen, inspired by this fair favorite. The aptly named Merry Marry kitchen by Wendy O’Brien Interior Design reminds us of an antique sepia photograph, awash in muted browns and beiges, with a small “window” opening behind the table framing pops of vibrant color in the painted scene.

Take a walk on the wild side in “Jane + Tarzan’s Hollywood Retreat,” designed by Modurne Fine Furnishings and Funktional Interiors. It all began with a leopard and zebra print tea set, inspiring this amazing dining room with a black-and-white chevron print floor and wall – a sophisticated interpretation of the zebra’s stripes. Surrounding the dining table the chairs are to inspired by the long, lean legs of this exotic equine. Adding a touch of Hollywood, the graphic “Hollywoodland” wallpaper is complemented by the luxurious crystal chandelier dangling overhead.

A list of innovative design ideas, such as color blocking and rustic farm pieces, for dining rooms

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We love the sophistication of this dining room, but that’s not to say it’s subtle of simple. The room, by Pangaea interior Design features vibrant artwork and a color palette that melts into the rich red dining chairs, window treatments and the floral patterned rug underfoot. The pendant lights hang deliciously overhead, like ripe fruit dangling just within reach.

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc. brought some interesting characters to this dinner party. The bold chevron wall is fashioned of blue and yellow sticky notes, a pair of recycled bottle pendant lights, and a Lego rhino head proudly mounted overlooking it all.

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This rustic dining room is something from the Italian countryside, complete with wine barrels and scenery! The design by Myers & Associates, features a dining area / wine cellar, with the kitchen appliances tucked into a nook off the main room, hidden behind a heavy curtain when not in use.

This is easily a favorite when it comes to decorative choices. The antiqued pieces have a welcoming feeling that brings back memories of places like grandma’s house. What brings those sentiments into this decade are the more modernized design features in the table and chairs. With shabby chic, you can enjoy the nostalgia while staying current and fashionable. Check out other great ideas like this one from

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Making your dining room seem like it’s from a different country sounds difficult, but it’s not as hard as you think. You can feel like you’re in your own hacienda with this Latin American look. Pleasant pastel walls can be mixed with bright accessories to really bring the look to life. Check out other great ideas from

1  Dining Room Decor1.1 Farmhouse Fun- Be Laid Back About Your Deco1.2 Red and Teal-Unlikely Friends1.3 Functional-Small Can Still Be Cozy1.4 Gray- The Color of Elegance1.5 Keep It Traditional-And You Can’t Go Wrong1.

6 Keep it Light-Go With White1.7 Want Some Pop?-Go With Green!1.8 8.Classic Inspirations-Some Looks Never Get Old1.9 Black-Not as Depressing as You’d Think1.10 Modern-Easy to Pull Off1.11 Shabby Chic- Where Classy Meets Antique1.

12 Go Crazy-Go Eclectic1.13 Mid Century Modern-In with the Times1.14 Mexican-Go International1.15 Love Game of Thrones?-Combine Past and Present.1.16 Rustic Modern- Yes It’s Possible1.17 Go Big-Or Go Home1.

18 Japanese- Bring Some Eastern Style West1.19 Minimalistic-Clean and Easy1.20 Moroccan-Unique and Magical1.21      21. A Little Bling Goes a Long Way

Asian culture has enamored us for centuries. If you’re looking for a dining room to remember, think about adopting the Japanese style of sitting on the floor. It may seem a little unorthodox, but so is everything fun. This may not be a great idea for homes with elderly inhabitants for obvious reasons, but it’s perfect for young couples. Cushions are much cheaper than chairs.  Find other great ideas like this one from

A light dove gray is the perfect color if you are looking to go for a modern and elegant dining room. Back in the day, elegant meant that you needed as many baubles and decorations as you could fit, but now simplicity reigns. That’s not to say you need to go minimalist; things like the detailed wall and lovely lamps lend a certain dignity to the tone of the room. You can see other ideas like this courtesy of taylor morrison Instagram.

With some colorful accents, such as the light fixture and area rug, the overall dark tones seem more modern and luxurious than ominous. Check out some of these cooling ideas.

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The dining room is a place where families and friends can get together over one thing everyone loves; food. If you’re looking to fill the large space in your home, consider making it one large dining room. You’ll never run out of room, and a long table looks elegant and luxurious. Check out other great ideas on Pinterest

If it’s drama you seek, check out this dining room by Jonquil-Design. The shimmering chandelier overhead is inspired by tree branches, shimmering with tiny icicles in the moonlight. The black drapery gives the space some essential intimate, upping the romance factor, while drawing attention to the interesting lighting elements – the true showpiece here.

This artfully illuminated dining area will whet your appetite for whimsy. Designed by Art Institute of Portland and IKEA Portland, the space – aptly dubbed “Appetite for Wonder” – is awash in glowing pinks, blues and greens. Colorful furniture is complemented by fantastical elements like “clouds” overhead, tufts of grass and twiggy branches, bringing a bit of the “enchanted forest” indoors.

This design by Stephanie Dyer Interiors takes a while to decipher, but what we’ve got here is a complex blend of shape and pattern, done in a trendy palette of greys with pops of yellow. The ottoman poufs are as interesting to look at as they are to sit on, encircling a platform dining table that connects with the raised floor. Suspended from the ceiling, the staggered cluster of pendant lights makes a modern focal point. The angled walls add interest and intimacy to the otherwise cool design.

Designed by Interiors by Blackwood, this dreamy dining room really takes the romance of fairytales to the next level. Inspired by a favorite childhood book the designer had growing up, this dining room design features magical castle walls, an enchanting swirl of butterflies overhead, and a grassy floor underfoot set with a romantic picnic for two.

Bathed in the signature Tiffany & Co shade of blue, it’s only fitting that this dining room by Urban I.D. Interior Design is adorned in shimmering mirrors and crystal galore, and ultra feminine chandelier overhead, and a portrait of Audrey Hepburn herself displayed on the wall. Though the space is called “Dinner at Tiffany’s” we think it would make a fabulous setting for any meal – breakfast, lunch or dinner!

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For all you minimalists out there, you can extend your style to the dining room as well. Or if you are looking to make this your new look, it’s super easy to do! The design is simple and so should the furniture be. Pull off the look with neutral colors and clean lines. Check out other great ideas from UP Interiors 

This dining room by Terrance Mason Interiors has an extravagant air about it, and a grandiose title to match – Lost & Crowned. The designer was inspired by the concept of antique objects and the stories behind them. Walls are treated with old newspapers and splashes of regal purple. The gothic-style dining table and chairs feature intricate carving, and it’s all topped off with a custom-made wooden cog chandelier – the crowning glory of the space.

This green dining room by Looptworks is a breath of fresh air. The design’s outdoor aesthetic is complemented by its eco conscious agenda, made using “upcycled,” reclaimed and salvaged materials. Love the chandelier, with its trail of blooms and hues.

This is a style that probably doesn’t even seem like one at first. After all, the words are complete opposites. Yet when you blend the two worlds, it results in a beautiful look that can match any household decor. Enjoy the rustic side with some wood pieces and neutral tones. But also make it modern with clean lines, sharp edges, and geometric shapes.  Find this and other great ideas courtesy of  Williams Sonoma

A soft blue and white room is something old yet so comforting and familiar. It can also match with lots of different styles, like rustic country, or high-end chic. These complementing colors are incredibly versatile and will make your space nice and bright while also feeling cozy and welcoming. This and others can be found on Hadley Court- Interior Design Blog.

Are you tired of looking at your boring living room? Do you want an upgrade, but don’t even know where to begin? Now you do! We have provided a great list of awesome dining room decor ideas to inspire your own home. The dining room is one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s where you have family meals, play cards, and basically bond with everyone you love. So make the dining room into a place you will love to go to, and where you will enjoy entertaining guests.

Why follow the norm when you can decorate your house however you like? If traditional doesn’t suit you and modern bores you, then consider a more eclectic design. Find whatever decor pieces interest you and reflect your impeccable taste, and create an unforgettable room that will leave dinner guests talking. Check out other great ideas from Architecture Art Designs and

Diane Keaton Interiors is blurring the boundary between dinner time and bed time. While not your conventional dining room, this space delivers the simple luxury of breakfast in bed. And why not try dinner in bed too? Offering the ultimate in cozy comfort, you can put your feet up and relax. The beach theme is always in the background – from suggestive elements like and the weathered wood furniture and the straw hat hanging on the door, to the more obvious mounted fish, framed seashells and sand toned background.

This isn’t a color combination that is often, or ever, seen; but it is surprisingly attractive. Although it’s quite feminine, this look is also very modern, even eclectic. For those of you who like to go above and beyond the norm, this may just be the dining room idea you have been looking for. Find this and other similar ideas at

Co Co Designs took a daring approach to this dining room, which teeters somewhere between artwork and eating area. Outfitted with luxurious armchairs and pillow-topped bench in a deep red hue, this room design not only serves up decadent dishes, but a rich look and feel too. A little piece of Mexico’s Museo Soumayo surrounds the space, inspiring the penny-tiled half wall.

If someone were to tell you that black walls and black chairs would look great in a dining room, you would probably scoff and walk away. But seeing this picture may just change your mind.

This 1970s inspired dining room Jason Ball Interiors, aptly dubbed “Yesterday Once More,” features the color combo of orange and brown, wood walls, and a retro dining set in a retro shade of avocado. In spite of its classic elements, the space has a modern edge with a cool chandelier and white planters mounted to the wall. Check out the TV – this little blast from the past adds authenticity and kitsch appeal.

With a motto that reads, “Everything old is new again” on their website, Abode Design brought that 1960s “Mad Men” aesthetic to life in small but potent doses in this eclectic dining room, where brick wall prints, collections on display, staggered lanterns suspended from the ceiling, and overlapping rugs underfoot all add authenticity and flavor to the dinner table.

This worldly dining area by Ida York Interior Design has some unexpected, though welcome, elements. A mix of patterns, textures and materials gives it a “collected” look, perfectly suited to its title, “Where to next?” At the heart of this dining room design, a hot air balloon illuminated the tabletop while lending it an intriguing theme and centerpiece.

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