28 best interior decorating secrets decorating tips and tricks from the pros
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20 Clever Interior Design Tricks To Transform Your Home

20 Clever Interior Design Tricks To Transform Your Home 20 Clever Interior Design Tricks To Transform Your Home

This trick works especially well for small studio apartments because transparent furniture creates the illusion of extra space, adding a light and airy feeling to your interior design.

13.The colorful cushions on the couch make it more cozy and welcoming. The number of cushions can be matched with the number of people who can sit on the sofa. Do not fill up with cushions, and avoid cluttering.

Having identical chairs around your dining table is an old-fashioned and boring way to go. Decorators now suggest bringing different chairs into the same design: the main trick is to make sure they all work well together. For example, they can be of the same color or have a similar design.

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You have various options to transform the house. Wall tapestry, beach towel, cushion covers, wall curtains, bed covers, quilts, wooden items, meenakari items and many more. These all are very cheap ideas to decorate the house, you can choose anyone product.

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Bright Side wants to share a few designer tricks so you too can do a home interior makeover and personalize it to your style.

1.Go with light shades of colors, like off white, or cream or pop corn white. Leave the ceiling white. Be your room large or small, this mantra works always. The lighter hues always make the room look bigger than the actual size.

A room divider is a great way to separate your space into several cozy areas. Besides, a divider does not have to be built from scratch: you can use a storage cabinet with open shelves.

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2.Place a designer mirror or even scantily corner designed ones. The light reflections through the mirror make the room brighter and bigger.

Always think of one thing, if you are living in a house you like, then you should also check that whether that house likes you also.

With a bucket of paint and a few wood blocks, you can transform the simplest furniture into a designer piece. It will also be one of a kind.

Paint the smaller rooms with lighter colorsGo for decorative mirrorsMix EverythingAlways slip in something comfortableWicker basketsStart with what you already haveHanging pot in the kitchenGo GreenWallpaper or Paint the bookcasesRugs

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14.Match the cushion covers, the carpets and the curtains. I mean you can select floral patterns for all or a ring pattern for all. You can keep the color complimentary.

These tips will really help to decorate your home. Get more details from one of the blog that I recently read: 10 Clever Interior Design Tricks to Transform Your Home –

This is just 20 ways, but here are some for you. Click the link and be a pro!!! 100 Home Decorating Tips to Decorate Home for Less

8.Paint the kitchen in light colors, and the cabinets and the drawers in deep brown or black wooden polish.

11.Lamp shades are MUST. You can buy long slender tripod stands lamp shades for your drawing room, and small chubby lamp shades for the bed room.

4.The curtains must be long enough to touch the floors, and wide enough so that the folds are visible even when they are drawn. Select deep colors of curtains which will go well with nude walls.

10.In the bathroom, use two sets of tiles, one for the floors one for the walls. The design must be simple, so that it does not give the idea that the tiles are competing for attention. Do not purchase multiple varieties of tiles for that space.

Interior Designers are professional expert who can give you the subtle advice for decorating and designing your home. But when it comes to DIY projects, you can obviously try out something on your own to add that personal flavor to your home. I will discuss some 20 clever tricks by which you can give the desired look to your home.

16.Give a personal touch to your space by keeping a family photo, or a collage, or a poster size photo covering one full wall. You can keep the pictures in small photo frames, and keep them together, creating an impression of a collection.

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20. This is most important, keep the home CLEAN and tidy. Nothing is better than a clean house.

To make your room colorful and exciting, it’s not necessary to paint every wall. Simply paint one wall, or decorate it with wood panels.

Simple fairy lights can be turned into far more than a source of light. For instance, they can become an unusual canvas for polaroid photos.

Plants bring life to the most boring home designs and also significantly improve the microclimate in a room. You can place them in different corners of the room or group them together on one shelf.

In addition, if you really love nature, you can incorporate it into your design. For instance, use wooden elements in your furniture, hang a wall mural with a forest theme, or build a hanging bed for an outdoorsy feel.

If you are thinking that where you will get beautiful home decorating items, you should go for handicrunch online store.

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18.The pendant lights are really classy and trendy. Use them. You can place chandeliers in the dining space and also sitting room, but make sure that they do not touch your head when you stand on the floor.

12.Add a classic look to your room by placing a regal or antique piece like a hookah pipe and a stand.

No need to hide your books in bookcases: their colorful spines will serve as a wonderful decoration. They can be showcased on the most unusual surfaces, even inside an old radiator.

19.Make sure the windows and doors are large, for the natural air and light to enter the rooms.

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A mirror made to resemble a window not only helps visually create more space but also makes a room lighter, especially if placed across from an actual window.

Slipcovers often get a bad rap but they are truly wonderful things. They can serve as a means of changing your furniture look to reflect the seasons. These easily removed coverings allow you to have a sophisticated look without constantly worrying about people dirtying or spilling on your furniture. Slip covers are ideal for rooms used frequently by children. Above the white slipcovered couches gives the air of a casual, comfortable, easy yet sophisticated elegance. These are some well-known interior design tricks that designers employ that you too can easily do with minimal effort and cost.

15.A flower vase is amazing. Keep a vase of fresh flowers in your room, as per your wish.

Professional designers have several simple tips on how to transform your home into a work of art affordably and in no time.

Houses will like the one who is living in it when that person keeps his clean and beautiful.

The space by your window is the perfect place for relaxing. It could be a storage bench or a full sofa, where you can curl up with a good book or nap.

6.Use up the wall in the kitchen. The kitchen wall cabinets with glass doors look classy, and you can show off your collection of beautiful dinner sets there.

7.Hang the kitchen utensils to make the counter tops clutter free. Use up the racks, rollers and drawers to stash the kitchen items. A clutter free kitchen, where there is open space is always beautiful.

17.Wall papers are excellent, but they can be costly too. Use wall papers for covering up the bank walls that is exposed through the book shelf. There are several 3D wall papers that are available in the market.

9. If you have a bar, or even a mini bar, do not hesitate to flaunt your collection of wines, scotch and vodka. The colorful bottles of various sizes look cool.

5. The fish bowl or some pots of indoor plants can add the touch of life into the room. The green potted plants are refreshing and sooth the eyes and the surroundings.

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Launchpad for Sketch is a plugin that allows you to export your Sketch design to HTML/CSS.

3.The floors need to be dressed with carpets or rugs. Choose the rug according to the size of the room. If the room is small, choose a small rug, if the room is large then select a bigger one. Select the carpet in contrasting colors of the walls. The floor attires must be complimentary.

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