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20 Best Apartment Decorating Ideas Stylish Apartment Decor

20 Best Apartment Decorating Ideas Stylish Apartment Decor 20 Best Apartment Decorating Ideas Stylish Apartment Decor

Wallpaper is trending right now, and it’s no wonder. The addition of print, pattern, color, or design on the walls can completely transform a space. Like this nature-centered, airy design on this small powder room, which is now not seen as “small” but rather as “elegant and luxe.” Speaking of elegant…a chandelier in the powder room definitely ups the glamorous factor big time.

Shiny, metal objects are not just desirable to raccoons. They should be used in most, if not all, apartment decorating ideas. We’re not talking about spraying down the place in gold leaf, of course. Tasteful, strategic metal surfaces will go far in brightening up the apartment by reflecting and bouncing light around. Look for a shimmery kind of lamp, a shiny lighting fixture, or some other kind of metal-surfaced object.

Area rugs are another critical component of helping an apartment feel more homey. In addition, because apartment life isn’t known for its quietness, area rugs will help with acoustics and sound issues. And if those two reasons aren’t enough, area rugs provide visually interesting layers to the space, which ultimately feel more sophisticated because they add depth that’s multi-dimensional.

In many cases, apartments serve as transitional spaces where independence and adulthood is part of the learning game. Add grownup sophistication to an apartment by making wise color choices. By beginning with a neutral foundation and then incorporating optional pops of colorinto your apartment color scheme, you will have a timeless look, always in style, and be well on your way to a more mature space.

You can’t deny the appeal of a work by an acclaimed artist when it hangs in a chicly spare gallery. But once you get it home, how do you actually live with it? How do you highlight a dramatic statement piece in a room that must also accommodate something as run-of-the-mill as a morning cup of coffee? The answer — in this ethereal Miami Beach condominium expertly calibrated by Madrid-based interior designer Luis Bustamante — is very carefully, with complementary furniture and minimal design distractions.

The work of Laurann Claridge, a Houston fashion designer, this light-filled penthouse is an ideal backdrop for crisp furnishings and glamorous accents that marry classic and contemporary. As soon as she bought the space, in came custom-made cabinetry, fine millwork, and plentiful gray-veined white marble (she is absolutely mad about grays).

No matter what else you do in your apartment decorating, you should deck out your bed. While other people may or may not actually see your bedroom, the point is to create a space that you personally love and can retreat to. Choose great quality linens, soft throws and pillows, and a duvet that makes you breathe a little easier every time you come into your personal room.

APARTMENT DECORATING FURNITUREMovable Furniture…Away from Walls.

With a rich, painterly palette, designer Miles Redd transforms a Manhattan apartment into a welcoming family home with a magical, dazzling disposition. The white ruffles of the master bedroom’s curtains catch the light just the way a dressing gown might.

Textiles heir Pierre Frey transformed his 18th-century apartment into a bright, open space. It so happened that the apartment he once occupied over the Frey corporate headquarters had again become available, as did neighboring offices and the attic on the floor above. Frey snapped up the properties and began blowing out walls and ceilings. The charming and character-filled home features rough wood benches in the marble-clad kitchen.

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If your apartment comes furnished with pieces that are not to your taste or color scheme, consider incorporating slipcovers into your basic décor. This can do three things – it can immediately change up the color scheme (if it was distasteful to you before), hide the ugly furniture, and save your budget.

Just as was discussed in the Apartment Decorating Plans section about incorporating metallics, mirrors hanging in an apartment are a wonderful idea to expand the space. If you can, hang a mirror (the bigger the better!) opposite a window to bounce light all around the room. Because light = spaciousness. And because a mirror like this abalone shell mirror is a showstopper in and of itself.

Living stylishly and comfortably in an apartment, a condo, or even an older home with a small footprint can be quite challenging in today’s “more is more” world. Challenging, but certainly not impossible. The trick is to make your limited space feel (and, in some cases, actually be) bigger than it physically is.

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Refresh your apartment décor with luxe inspiration from these 11 stunning apartments around the world.

Showroom owner, George Cameron Nash, turned a Texas apartment into a private sanctuary. Even the master bathroom exudes peacefulness. The Regency mirror is antique and the sink is from Kohler.

Floating shelves are those shelves that are mounted on the wall but no mounting hardware is visible, so they look like they’re just floating there. They provide storage without the heaviness of other traditional storage pieces, such as bookshelves or armoires. They are visually lightweight, which makes them ideal for apartment. They can be used anywhere, really – even in the kitchen or as nightstands.

The first fact in apartment decorating is that you need to have a clear idea of what you are and are not allowed to change in your apartment. Discuss with your landlord, and be sure to respect his/her guidelines. The fact is, although it is your apartment, you don’t own the place. Ultimately, your apartment decorating strategies must be in-line with the property owner’s policies. That being said, you can often negotiate decorating ideas with your landlord beforehand.

Due to its likely small square footage, an apartment simply craves storage solutions. As the resident, you’re going to have to sneak some storage in. This can be done in a number of ways. Opt for double-duty furniture, where the piece does more than one thing or offers more potential storage space than other similar pieces (e.g., a storage ottoman, a coffee table with shelving, bins or baskets under benches).

After trading SoHo for Park Avenue, the owners of this spacious apartment enlisted Harvard-educated designer Celerie Kemble and architectural firm Lichten Craig to blend the best of both worlds. The living room is a landscape of 1940s French furniture, vintage Karl Springer ottomans, even an antique Swedish daybed paired with pink Lucite drinks tables. “This mix is so full of happiness,” says Kemble.

Apartment decorating will often be temporary, due to the inherent nature of the housing arrangement. It makes sense, then, to explore temporary decorating options. Self-adhesive options are available for many decorating media (e.g., wallpaper, artwork, faux surfaces), so the fact – and good news – is that renters have more decorating freedom now than they’ve ever had.

Having furniture that can move around, and move around easily, is a must-have in small apartment décor. Buy furniture with casters, or add casters onto some existing furniture pieces, allows your apartment the flexibility to be rearranged to accommodate more or fewer people. In this way, you can move furniture out the way or roll it into your space, whichever direction your particular lifestyle requires at that moment. Whatever you do pull all your furniture away from the walls (even if just a couple inches) for an immediate sense of openness.

Green plant life has the magical ability to transform even the tiniest space into a freshened, airier venue. These could be potted countertop numbers, larger floor plants next to the sofa, or if there’s simply not room for that, consider a hanging plant that takes up zero horizontal surface space. The plant will look great and exude positive energy.

This is one of the first apartment decorating tips we want to offer. Because no matter where you live, no matter how large or small the space is, having great window treatments automatically creates a sense of home. As you’re choosing your window treatments, one idea is to spring for a curtain color that matches your walls. This creates a seamless surround in the space, and when a room isn’t visually broken up by lots of components, it will feel larger than it actually is.

As we’ve discussed previously, more light generally equals more airiness. And bigger windows equals more light. But what if your apartment windows aren’t all that big? You can fake it. By installing the curtain rods at near-ceiling height, you can add vertical dimension and make your windows seem taller, even if they aren’t all that tall. Similarly, choose a curtain rod that extends past both sides of the window panes so the curtains hang wider and don’t cover any of the window, which now looks wider as well as taller.

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Another apartment fact is that ceilings are not traditionally very high. In fact, apartment ceilings are often low. Although this can’t be changed architecturally, one decorating trick to overcome this is to add vertical pieces or stripes on the wall planes (e.g., on the walls themselves or on window treatments) to visually lengthen the vertical direction. This tends to make a lower ceiling feel higher than it is.

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Make your decorating real estate get a huge bang for its buck. A unique, funky piece in a small apartment should carry more than its share of stylistic weight. Choose something relatively small but with plenty of personality, such as this helmet-wearing goose lamp.

It would be a shame, in a space where square footage is at its premium, to waste an inch. Corners can be tricky to maneuver, but they are often a fantastic space to squeeze in an extra something in your apartment décor. A corner bookshelf is an easy, out-of-the-way solution for more horizontal surfaces, or an accent chair with a reading lamp for a cozy relaxation corner.

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Anyone who knows this Atlanta-based interior designer might find such a game plan hard to imagine. Mimi Williams is one of the city’s top-tier antiques dealers, with more than 35 years of collecting under her belt — and five storage units filled to the brim. For years she lived in historic Ansley Park, where she transformed the interior of a three-bedroom Craftsman home into a model of American Federal style. “I erased all the moldings to impart pure lines and symmetry,” she explains.

This can be accomplished via a number of apartment decorating ideas and strategies, most of which are easy yet impactful. This article aims to introduce the full spectrum of apartment decorating – facts, colors, plans, furniture, tips, and trends – to inspire and guide you to greater apartment décor. Let’s do this.

While you don’t want your furniture to be weak or falling apart, you don’t necessarily want to stock your apartment with huge, solid, chunky pieces, either. The latter is not only space-inefficient, but it’s also visually overbearing. Instead of one made out of heavy wood (even if it’s gorgeous), opt for a coffee table with a glass top or slim legs to keep the space from feeling weighed down.

Swap out builder-grade, generic, blah or tacky lighting for some tasteful, stylish, and unique lighting fixtures. This instantly upgrades the entire space, and a brighter space is always more inviting than a dark one. Plus, you can switch them back when you’re ready to move on to your next place and bring the fixtures with you, if you want.

As has been mentioned, it is such a good apartment decorating idea to choose hard-working furnishings. Stools become both side tables and extra seating. Benches become bookshelves or even additional desk space. This Naidei daybed, for example, transforms from couch to bed beautifully. When each piece can serve multiple functions, you’ll find that your apartment is furnished with everything you need…in half the number of pieces.

When London designer Veere Grenney discovered this grand residence, built on the banks of the River Thames in 1879, most of its Arts and Crafts heritage had vanished. Still, he saw the rich potential within. Collaborating with paint guru David Oliver, Grenney turned its enfilade of rooms into their handsome home, creating a modern aesthetic with intriguing allusions to an earlier era.

The fact is, that while small spaces like apartments can be challenging to decorate, they are the perfect canvas for doing something utterly big-and-bold. It’s harder to feel overwhelmed with design-bigness in a small space, so we say go ahead and wallpaper the bathroom.Use that funky piece in the entry. Choose the cowhide Cappellini S-chair. Just (once again) check with the landlord to make sure it’s okay to do anything that physically changes the apartment.

Furniture options designed for smaller spaces abound, and you should definitely take advantage of this as you opt for scaled-down furniture in your apartment. This doesn’t mean you can’t have comfortable things, of course. Just opt for renditions of, say, an upholstered chair that are slimmer than traditionally.

It was in the late 1980s when designer and contributing editor, Susan Gutfreund, and her husband, John, moved into the grand Hotel de Bauffremont on Paris’s Left Bank. A serious Francophile, Susan, turned to designer Henri Samuel and architect Alain Reynaud to return the apartment’s soaring rooms to the 18th century and decorate it with Continental treasures.

One way to make smaller spaces feel brighter and, consequently, larger, is to be strategic in your use of color. Generally speaking, light colors in softer hues tend to bring a more spacious sensibility to cramped quarters. Consider lighter colors on your apartment floor and walls, where possible. Temporary solutions might be area rugs and self-adhesive wallpaper.

A stately Chicago apartment comes to life with rich colors and historic details, thanks to designer Alessandra Branca. She transformed the top three floors of this 1930s skyscraper into a stylish cosmopolitan pad for the owners who were new to Chicago from the suburbs. In the living area, the bergeres are upholstered in Claremont damask and the Regency-style sofas are in Clarence House fabric.

Fresh paint is the very first plan you should make in your apartment décor. Actually, the second – the first plan should be to discuss with your landlord things you can and cannot change. Paint, if at all possible, is one of the first decorating tips for freshening up any space, but it’s particularly useful for apartment décor, where the lives of multiple tenants tend to wear more on the interior surfaces.

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This is a tale of transformations. When an empty nester living in a traditional house in a rural Boston suburb decided to move back into the city, she made a second unconventional choice tapping Los Angeles designer Richard Hallberg to bring a late-1800s Back Bay brownstone into the 21st century.

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