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2017 the hottest home and interior design trends
10 Home Decor And Interior Design Trends To Look For In 20 Vogue

10 Home Decor And Interior Design Trends To Look For In 20 Vogue 10 Home Decor And Interior Design Trends To Look For In 20 Vogue

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“We are seeing a big return to bright and clear colors . . . people are so over gray, beige, and greige!”—Timothy Corrigan

“In new homes and apartments, traditional dining rooms aren’t being used like they once were, especially in homes and apartments where open-concept living/kitchen areas are the norm. To maximize usable space, many people are converting the dining room into a library or media room. Homeowners and apartment dwellers are finding ways to create spaces designated for reading and watching TV.”—Suzanne and Lauren McGrath

“Oftentimes, 20-somethings will either try too hard to be cool (with black pleather furniture, neon beer signs, and shag carpet) or just follow the trends. For example, the zigzag pattern is everywhere—on rugs, towels, and sheets. This design is what the younger generation gravitates toward because it’s what they see everywhere, but I prefer more classic patterns that will stand the test of time.”—Ashley Darryl, interior designer

“Chintz is making a big comeback. Using the same floral fabric on the walls, window treatments, and furnishings—think English country but updated. Lots of florals and colors that pop, like turquoise, apple green, and shocking pink.”—Kathryn M. Ireland

“Twenty-somethings don’t realize the power of framing artwork. Posters taped or pinned on the walls can look crazy unless you have that artistic eye.”—Danielle Arps, Dani Arps

“Twenty-somethings often have artwork that’s just too small for their space. It makes a room feel cramped, while oversize artwork above your sofa, or a large gallery wall, will help everything feel bigger.”—Alyssa Kapito and Vivian Muller, Kapito Muller Interiors“The biggest mistake I see is a refusal to decorate like an adult. Listen, Peter Pan, it’s time to grow up! Once you’re out of college, there’s no reason to have a futon. A well-coiffed bed says you’re mature, you have good taste, and you’re financially stable. Even if it’s not quite true, you can trick them with a Euro sham.”—Jonathan Adler, potter, designer, and author

“Green has been missing from the market lately. It’s a color that I love and will always use and I feel it’s making a comeback. What I’m hearing from some of the main fabric houses is that they are producing and incorporating more greens again. It’s such an important color because it brings nature indoors and into the home.”—Alex Papachristidis

“We’ll continue to see handmade ceramics dominate home accessories. In our tech-driven world, we all need handmade pieces in our lives! I expect to see these objects become even larger and more sculptural than before and in alluring, matte glazes.”—Peter Dunham

“Marie Antoinette said the only thing that is new is what has been forgotten, and trends are tied to that thought: something that has been forgotten that is being enjoyed again. I think old-fashioned chintzes are looking modern again, especially if used sparingly. I think pastels will trickle into fashion; they are so pretty and easy to live with. Sherbet colors: lemon chiffon, pistachio, lettuce, and delphinium blue are finding their way into my schemes. There is always a place for geometry in design. I am having a love affair with Cubism, and I see it in the works of Kelly Wearstler in a completely fresh way.”—Miles Redd

“Beige interiors are banished, making way for color and pattern, and the forgotten ceiling is now a decorating playground ready to be wallpapered, lacquered, gilded, or plastered with abandon.”—Martyn Lawrence Bullard

The 20s could be called the Odyssey years—a 10-year period of finding your way, metaphorically lost at sea. But honing your own interior design style—and putting together a well-proportioned apartment—has its own set of siren calls to be ignored, and stormy days ahead. So what are the most common mistakes that interior designers see time and time again? Below, 12 experts share their thoughts. Opinions differ on whether to invest now or later on signature pieces, while Ikea unsurprisingly raised strong emotions across the board. Perhaps that Ektorp couch has got to go, but do metals have to match? Read on to learn.

“The biggest mistake that 20-somethings make is not investing in pieces that they love! Filling an apartment with temporary furniture might make sense in the moment, but over time you’ll want to toss it all anyways. Better to slowly collect.”—Alexandra Kaehler, Alexandra Kaehler Design

Quick: Name the design trends you’ve been hearing about over and over again in 2017. It’s pretty safe to say that millennial pink will top that list, mid-century modern is still kicking around, and, for better or for worse, shiplap became something of an HGTV-ified cultural phenomenon the way chevron was once the pattern du jour. (Though perhaps it’s safe to say that something has peaked when there are T-shirts emblazoned with #Shiplap available for sale on Etsy.) So what 2017 trends are on the way out? “Industrial chic has been on its deathbed for a while, but now it’s officially dead and buried,” says Timothy Corrigan. “And mid-century modern is the next style to go.” Nick Olsen decries the end of ombré fabrics and carpets, while Kathryn M. Ireland says that “black and white is out—there will be a shift to dark blue and milky white.”

“They forget the importance of rugs. I can’t tell you how many homes I’ve been in that have bare, naked floors. I think most 20-somethings are intimidated by how expensive rugs can be and what a commitment they are, but don’t be scared! A rug defines a space and makes everything seem more cozy and comfortable.”—Orlando Soria, West Coast creative director for Homepolish

“So many cotton velvets are now available, with greater durability and in more colors than ever before. This dates back to the yellow velvet sofa seen in Jenna Lyons’s Brooklyn brownstone many years ago, but now a velvet sofa suddenly feels attainable, and necessary.”—Suzanne and Lauren McGrath

“In your 20s, you are often decorating your first apartment or home, and are excited to get it all together. Sometimes people make the mistake of purchasing before planning. My advice is to map it out. Create a rough floor plan of your space with accurate measurements and use it as you pick your key furniture pieces for the room. It will be your guide through the whole process and help you avoid a lot of frustrating errors.”—Becki Owens, interior designer

“I predict that classic, traditional design elements will be back in a big way in 2018! They’ve certainly never gone away entirely, but over the past few years, everyone has gone mad for modern. Given the uncertainty of our current political and social climate, it makes sense that people would gravitate to classic, sure-fire favorites to make their homes a true respite from the rest of the world. Get ready for antiques, traditional brown furniture, and printed fabrics such as floral chintzes to make their mark in the new year.”—Paloma Contreras

“Not keeping your home clean enough is a big one. Interior decorating is not really worth doing unless you like housekeeping. Also, I think a clean, well-kept house will make you see through the trees in the forest and maybe realize it is time to get rid of that chair you bought in college.”—Miles Redd, interior designer

“Gone are the all white subway-tile kitchen backsplash backgrounds. Today’s kitchens are designed with colorful, handmade ceramic tiles in a variety of colors and sizes, including squares. Tiles are thicker, and more rustic-looking overall.”—Suzanne and Lauren McGrath

“This year, I’ve noticed that the concept of a ‘decorated space’ is going out of style, and that will only become more prevalent in the year to come. People want their spaces curated and not decorated. The idea of a decorated home feels old-fashioned to a new generation of design enthusiasts. A series of collected objects as decor is the new approach.”—Ryan Korban

16 Interior Design Predictions for 2018 (And What’s on Its Way out)

“I think we’re going to see a lot of yellow in 2018, particularly an earthy, ochre-y yellow. It’s a shade that will brighten a room but isn’t at all that ’70s yellow we remember. It’s a modern neutral that’s far from boring.”—Peter Dunham

“Good lighting still remains key to making any room feel warm and inviting, but we think chandeliers are going to take a back seat to oversize pendants this year. Not so long ago, pendants were used in smaller areas such as an entry or over a kitchen island (in groups, at that), but expect larger-than-life pendants to work their way over dining areas this coming year. We still love our chandeliers, but the pendant’s single light source is a nice change.”—Jean Liu

“[This year] will be dominated by pattern. Tropical vibes will be seen as a mainstay in design across the board with ’80s shapes and overscale upholstery taking place of the more tailored mid-century shapes seen prominently in the last couple of years.”—Martyn Lawrence Bullard

“Buying investment pieces while you’re still living transitionally. If you are planning to move, avoid purchasing big, expensive pieces that may not work in your next apartment or home.”—Kate Arends, Wit & Delight

“Bad lighting. Swap out fixtures for brighter, more efficient lighting. Try a variety of fixtures—you want to have lighting at different heights for balance—and mix table lamps, floor lamps, sconces, and ceiling lights to create a warm and well-lit home.”—Casey DeBois, DeBois Design

“They think metals have to match, small-scale furniture will make a room feel bigger, and that cool tones always make a space seem cold—all not true. And their living room rugs are too small!”—Sheena Murphy, Sheep + Stone

What should we be looking forward to in 2018? Some of our favorite interior designers and decorators weigh in:

“While we consider white kitchens beautiful, timeless, and classic, we predict they have reached the peak of popularity. In 2018, look out for darker, moodier, dramatic kitchens that will wow you with their sultry and saturated colors.”—Jean Liu

“Details are becoming more and more important in home design. Whether it is wood marquetry, tassel fringe, or intricate patterns, details are playing a more important role in all parts of interior design.”—Timothy Corrigan

“Horrible throw pillows. I don’t even know where people get some of these. The ones I see are often flat and limp and look like something I’d use as a dog bed.”—Amanda Gorski, Gimme Shelter Designs

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